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Started 4/22/18 by whitebutterfly54 (redbutter54); 55505 views.
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The expedition crew has hit the road and the Ruler of the Islands is sure they will come back with a part of the Time Slipper.  “Now we must be patient and wait for news from the crew.  “Soon we’ll find out the result of their journey.”  The Ruler of the Islands announces the expedition was a success!  “Here’s the long-anticipated part of the artifact.”  You are awarded the World Foundation, in the shape of a turtle; it holds the world’s most powerful artifact, which cannot stand without it.

Since the Time Slipper is so ancient, perhaps the location of its parts can be found in a fairy tale.  And the perfect person to ask is Hansel.

Hansel says “Even here in Fairy Forest we’ve heard about the scandal at the Grand Joust.”  He wants to help with information about the mysterious artifact, but fairy tale residents have been plagued by a terrible disease.  “Our mages and sorcerers have tried, but they can’t solve the mystery.  You’re our only hope!”  Hansel describes a disease with strange symptoms “as though someone stole people’s joy and happiness.”  Hansel’s mages believe that fairy tale residents are sensitive to magical fluctuations and “this disease might be related to the events at the Joust and has clearly appeared for a reason.”  Hansel knows his predictions are scary, but “all of this is already happening and we must find a way to deal with it!” 

Hansel believes the strongest spell can remove the dark influence, but some ingredients are missing.  While Hansel and Gretel need to create the spell “that will protect the fairy tale world from this evil magic”, Hansel insists “We should talk to my sister.  She is better suited to create the spell that will deal with all of this.”

Gretel’s welcoming invitation, “We keep meeting under sad circumstances.  Hopefully your next visit is for happier reasons!”  Gretel’s helpers are looking for ways to lift the darkening moods, but the sadness cure has so many ingredients.  Gretel hates “seeing people so depressed in fairy tale country” and offers to ask around about the Time Slipper in exchange for help with the sadness cure.  Gretel’s combat spirit is in full force, “No matter how dire the situation, I’m always ready to walk the path of adventure!  Hope you’re in a mood to combat evil as well.”  However, Gretel does have some distressing thoughts.  “Freezing the fighters may only be the beginning.  Fluctuations in the magic streams are negatively affecting the fairy tale people.  Can you feel it?”

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LEVEL 94 cont.

After all of your hard work, it’s time to cure this horrible affliction.  Gretel says, “The sun is shining.  A new day awaits!  We cured everyone and broke the connection with the magic fluctuations!”  Even though everything’s back to normal in fairy forest, the frozen fighters of the Grand Joust and these fluctuations are clearly connected.  Gretel is sure Hansel heard the good news about the cure and urges you to return to him for help.  Hansel is very thankful his people have been cured and “asked everyone about the parts of your artifact.  They’re still recovering, so there’s not much news.”

Hansel offers a bit of history on the Time Slipper, “You may not know, but fairy tale residents helped the Titans create the artifact.  We put our magic and kind intentions into it.  Unfortunately, nobody from our world saw where the artifact parts were hidden.”  It took a lot of work, but Hansel finally found one of the artifact pieces.  He notes “Without your help, our world would have sunk into total sadness.  You’ve earned this reward.”  You receive the Fire of Life, the sun lights up every day and brings new colors to our lives.

It seems time will start up again once the pendulum swings and the Knight and Fire Conjurer will be free.  Maybe Anabel can help find the villain who did this. 

Anabel’s grief is palpable.  “I don’t have words to describe how scared and worried I am.  It feels like bad luck follows my Knight wherever he goes.”  Determined to stay calm and help however she can, Anabel wonders “Why would someone tamper with time to make the fighters freeze in the middle of battle?  Who would do such a thing?”  Anabel heard tales of the Time Slipper, “After the Titans created it, they realized that it was too strong.”  Struggling to remember the rest of the legend, Anabel finally continues, “The Titans hit the Time Slipper with a giant hammer, shattering it into several pieces.”  Legend says one of the parts was given to the mages in the Northern lands, where it was buried under the thickest ice.  Another part was hidden under the golden sands to the east and yet another “part of the Time Slipper is off in faraway lands.  I don’t think any ship created by humans can reach it.”  Anabel can’t seem to get grim thoughts out of her head.  “Has the Knight been cursed with bad luck?  Why do these things keep happening to him?  No matter, I must try to stay positive!”  She ends with “We’ve endured a lot together, you and I.  I’m sure that we’ll be able to get through this as well!”  Anabel suggests the Eastern piece should be your next target.  “Have you already talked to the Storyteller Cat?”

The Storyteller Cat is full of joy meeting you again.  “By my whiskers, it’s been ages since we last met!  It’s a pity that you bring such sad tidings.  Interrupting the Joust is a very serious thing.  I don’t think something like this has ever happened before.”  Storyteller Cat knows a cunning plan is needed to find the pieces of the Time Slipper.  He’s collected some information that might help and begins studying.  “Books, scrolls, ledgers, notes, and letters – we’ll examine everything step-by-step.”  There’s no way to know for certain, but studying might reveal hints of the artifact part’s location.  Storyteller Cat chuckles at the thought that sometimes “a cat isn’t exactly a cat” when so much time is spent reading, “I’m more of a bookworm than a cat now!”  Even his fur is shinier.

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LEVEL 94 cont.

Storyteller Cat is so proud of himself, rejoicing in the knowledge of where to look for the White Moon (The world’s moons are silent and inseparable.  They light up the night sky with soft light).  “I am the smartest cat in the world!”  But there’s been a change in the magical currents.  “Shadow has re-materialized in our world!”

Shadow, in Creepy Street, sees how much he’s hated.  “But if you want my information, you’ll have to tolerate my presence.”  Shadow says you have no idea what evil awaits and he’s here as a messenger of the coming storm.  “I’m called “Shadow” for a reason.  I come from the Dark Side, from a world that is the complete opposite of yours.”  Shadow enjoys the tension as he continues, “The Dark Side also has its rulers, its powerful wizards and sorcerers.  They’ve been trying to find an entrance to your world for so long!  And now I’m here, the first messenger of the coming changes.”

Shadow goes on to explain, “I was sent here to learn how our magic works here and how it influences your world.  My liege will arrive soon.  I doubt you’ll like him, either.  He has plans to make some…changes around here.”  Shadow laughs at your anger and unfriendly look.  “You don’t know what the reforms will be like.  You might even enjoy them.”  He engages in irrelevant intrigue by feigning sorrow for the frozen warriors who he can’t help…or can he?  And all the time wasted on the plan to unfreeze them.  “Let’s return to the Dark Side.  You should meet my master, who invented this brilliant plan to infiltrate this world.  We call him The Lord of Darkness, and soon you will as well!”


Shadow says your “hostile looks grow tedious” and wonders if “you realize that all of this – the frozen warriors and long conversation – was just a trick to waste your time!”  Shadow bids you farewell having fulfilled his task and earning his Master’s goodwill.

Storyteller Cat knows Shadow cannot frighten him away from his search.  “I’ll need magical tools and equipment.  This part of the artifact is buried in the center of the largest desert.  I’ve sent a crew to find the part – hopefully they bring us what we need.”  The wait becomes tedious and there’s no doubt the ancient ones did their job well when they hid the artifact’s part so far away.  Finally, the wait is over and the next part is in Storyteller Cat’s paws.  The reward for one final task is the White Moon.

Anabel said something about one of the parts to the Time Slipper being overseas.  If you can endure an old salt’s muttering, you just might find it.

The Lighthouse Keeper is glad to see you.  “It’s been ages since we last talked.  What’s new in the world?”  Although the Lighthouse Keeper did hear about the strange duel, he had no idea the Knight was involved.  “I’ve lived a long life and acquired a great deal of wisdom.  I’m glad to share it with you.  Maybe it’s better that the Joust went wrong.  The warriors are still alive, and a common enemy will pull us together.”  There’s a hard task ahead and the Lighthouse Keeper fears any stories about the Time Slipper are long forgotten among the sailors.  While he asks around, maybe Valkyrie has some useful information.

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LEVEL 95 cont.

Valkyrie needs a little help since there have been plenty of problems in the North lately.  “Can you believe that someone stole our dogs?  Each of these clever animals is like a family member to us.”  Valkyrie assembles a search party after the hunters saw dog tracks in the forest.  “I suspect Shadow is behind this!  What does he want from us?  A war?  We’ll give him one for touching our pets!”  The search parties need special supplies since magic was used to move the dogs so far that it’s almost impossible to get them.  Valkyrie explains “Most of our dogs were originally found injured by the wild forest beasts.  We nursed them back to health.  Our dogs are strong and proud animals.  We love all of them, and we’ll continue the search until we find each one!”  Valkyrie is adamant about the thief, “Shadow’s treachery knows no bounds!  If I find out he was involved, I’ll take his head.”

Finally, almost all of the dogs have been found.  “Some are injured, and all of them need a bath.”  Valkyrie’s magicians need help using a magic ice ball to track the thief; the sooner their work begins, the sooner the thief’s identity becomes known.  Valkyrie thanks you for returning all the dogs to their owners, “My dog, Thunder, was one of the first dogs we trained.  Now that they’re all safe and sound, I can’t wait to give him a giant hug.”

Valkyrie’s suspicions are confirmed, “With the help of the ice ball magic, we saw the thief – it was Shadow!  We’ll never forgive him for doing this!”  Valkyrie agrees to look through their stores of knowledge for information about the remaining part of the Time Slipper.  But those stores of knowledge are rather large so it may take a while.  Valkyrie and his assistants “managed to learn that one of the artifact parts, the Galactic Cluster, was sent away on a ship built by the Titans.  However, we don’t know its fate.”  But Valkyrie is sure the Lighthouse Keeper can find more information about it.

The Lighthouse Keeper thinks a moment, “Of course!  Old John Lonely Heart recalled parts of an ancient legend.  It was about a ship called the Titans’ Fury, a good ship with a sad fate.  The Titans’ Fury was supposed to hide the Galactic Cluster at the farthest edge of the distant sea.”  The Lighthouse Keeper pauses, wishing out loud he were one of the Fury’s crew, despite its grim fate.  “As you’ve probably guessed, the Titans’ Fury sank into the icy sea after crashing into a huge iceberg.  Legends say the ship was cursed.”  The artifact’s final part is lost deep in the icy seas, but Lighthouse Keeper found a wizard who should be able to help his crew sail out and retrieve it.  “Our ship, the Brave Rosetta, and the crew are ready to go.  Let’s wish them good luck.”

Hopefully, the wind and seas have been kind to the brave little ship.  The Lighthouse Keeper says “Still no messages concerning our ship’s fate.  I fear we may be waiting for some time…

***You’ll have to wait – the ship will return in a future update!

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Update February 27, 2020

LEVEL 95 cont.

A messenger has just arrived and the Brave Rosetta was spotted passing a nearby port and is returning home!  The Lighthouse Keeper says “We succeeded!  I’m proud of both Brave Rosetta and her crew – she’s a daring and nimble ship.”  The final piece to complete the Time Keeper is in the hands of the Lighthouse Keeper and he yearns to hold it a little longer.  “Touching the Galactic Cluster is almost like touching a legend itself.”  Finally, the Lighthouse Keeper hands over the Galactic Cluster, “Take this and remember to not let Shadow’s lies confuse you.  We can handle anything together.”

****Time Keeper goes to the Jousting Field, time shifts and the battle between the Fire Conjurer and Knight ends, the Fire Conjurer remains alone at the Jousting Field while the Warrior Knight reappears alone at Frosty Fort.

You receive the Sealing Staff which, according to the legends, will seal any door or portal forever.

The Warrior Knight only has hazy recollections of what happened.  “My memories are jumbled, and pieces are missing.  What’s happening to me?”  Concentrating on refreshing his memory has no effect, so the Warrior Knight decides to send homing pigeons to the herbalists of the Northern Islands.  “Perhaps they can make an elixir that can restore my memory.”  The Knight is tired of writing but finally finishes the letters to the three herbalists…“The sisters, Silva, Sylvia and Sylvestra.  They don’t get along, but I need their combined knowledge.”  Now that the letters are done, the Knight must find suitable gifts for each of the three sisters.  “Let’s start with Silva, the eldest sister.  She likes small, beautiful things.”  While waiting for Silva’s reply, the Knight knows cleaning will make Sylvia, the middle sister, happy.  So he busies himself with that chore.  The third sister is described as the happiest herbalist.  “Sylvestra’s the youngest and pickiest, but I’m no knight if I can’t find something to appease her!”

Unfortunately, the three pigeons were sent with three different directions.  But the herbalists decided to unite, “Good news!  The herbalists are willing to come together to make the Memory Elixir.  I’ve sharpened my sword and oiled my armor.  I’m ready for anything.”  Some important ingredients aren’t available where the herbalists live, so you and the Knight set out to find what the sisters need.  The Knight is very pleased, “You’re a true ally!  As reliable as my trusty shield.”

Talking about the Time Slipper, the Knight says “The artifact you used to rescue me and the Fire Conjurer rewinds time.  It’s a miracle that anything remained in my memory at all.  I don’t know if there’s another knight in the world with a more eventful life than mine.”  News from the herbalists finally arrives, “Three potions are on the way – the components of the Memory Elixir.”

The Warrior Knight finally has the three potions for the Memory Elixir…”The herbalists provided instructions on how to mix them.  Now we pour the black potion into the red one, then add the green one.  Or was it the reverse?  Hmmm, maybe you should come back later.”  The brew was bittersweet, “I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but this elixir tasted awful.  I’m regaining my memory, though!”

The Knight’s memories return in chronological order, “I remember something unusual.  During the Grand Joust, the Conjurer and I were about to battle when an ice-cold wind blew through.  I saw a figure in the wind of a man not of our world.  I don’t know what he wants, but he has wicked intentions.  I’m sorry, that’s all I remember; an icy wind and a vague figure.  Perhaps the Fire Conjurer remembers something more.”

The Fire Conjurer is aghast the Grand Joust was interrupted in the heat of competition.  “The Mistress of the Northern Islands must have been furious.”  Unfortunately, the Fire Conjurer's memories appear jumbled too but warming up her magic might help.

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The Fire Conjurer’s vague memories are becoming clearer, “I remember the chilling wind and the mysterious figure.  My fire magic let me peer into his dark essence, and I saw no kindness within.”  As a miraculous coincidence, the Fire Conjurer can help with a part to the Sealing Staff.  “The part you’re looking for is a powerful Black Crystal.  I’ll send my strongest mages to split off a piece of the ebony meteorite.”  The chosen mages of the Firstborn Fire set out to retrieve the Black Crystal, leaving the Fire Conjurer filled with excitement and suspense.  “I worry about the ones I sent for the Black Crystal.  It’s no simple task.”  At last, the Fire Conjurer received word from the mages through the Flame of the Sacred Fire that their mission was a success.  “The Black Crystal will be yours when they return.  Use it wisely.”

The Warrior Knight is glad the Fire Conjurer’s memories mirror his own and she was able to help with an artifact part.  Suddenly, the clouds part and a new town comes into view.

In the Square of Titans, past Titan Town Gates, appears the Guardian Titan…“Greetings, mortal!  So, the frozen clouds dissolved and revealed our sacred town of Titans to you.  I’m the Guardian Titan, the keeper of the ancient town of Titans.  Its true name is lost to the sands of time.”  The Guardian Titan continues, “My people simply vanished one day, as if  we never existed.  I’m merely an astral projection that remains here, guarding empty walls for eternity.  Only wind moves through these streets now.  No voices, no bustle.  Just utter quiet.”

The Guardian Titan says the clouds revealed this town to you for a reason.  “A portal has opened between your world and the Dark Side.”  Carefully considering his next words, the Guardian Titan continues “He calls himself the Lord of Darkness, and Shadow is his sidekick.  His evil plots may already be influencing your world.  He’s one step ahead, but we can still stop him.  The Guardian Titan relates that same portal appeared in his lands when his people vanished.  He doesn’t want your world to suffer the same fate.  “The Titans didn’t act fast enough to save our lands.  You must not make the same mistake.  The Lord of Darkness forced me to spend millennia in solitude.  I will savor my revenge.”

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LEVEL 96 cont.

Just then, the Guardian Titan sees the Sealing Staff and notes he might know where the next part lies.  “I may be an astral projection, but I can help.  The Twisted Cobra is somewhere in the titans’ ancient treasuries.  No luck in searching the first treasury, but there are so many artifacts, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.  But just like a magnet would make it easier to find that needle in a haystack, the Guardian Titan creates a special mirror to show exactly where the artifact lies.  “The mirror works!  It showed where the Twisted Cobra lies, but that wing of the treasury is in ruins.  I’ll have to clear the debris.”  This has been a learning experience for the Guardian Titan; even astral projections tire and suffer from dust allergies.  After removing the last of the stones, the Guardian Titan sees “golden doors lie ahead.  The riddle on them is our last hurdle.”

While the Guardian Titan’s astral projection isn’t the same as a real body, his mind is strong and he solves the riddle.  The Twisted Cobra is yours.  “It’s impossible to measure the cost of saving lives.  Come, assemble the artifact and seal the terrible portal forever."

The search to complete the Sealing Staff leads to the High Mage of Frost in the Ruler’s Study.  He muses nothing is nicer than snowflakes dancing in the frosty air until he hears your news.  “The Knight and Fire Conjurer felt an icy cold?  I know a spell that has that effect.  The cold you describe is the breath of the Dark Side.  If the Lord of Darkness is here, his army won’t be far behind.  An army of Shadow Beasts doesn’t sound good, does it?  Let’s find a way to deal with this.”  There is a new lead that might track a henchman of the Lord of Darkness.  But a ritual must be prepared for the search.  “I’ve made the frosty patterns on the floor.  Next, I must place the items in different parts of the pattern.  It’s very complicated.  My work isn’t for everyone.  As they say, if you can’t stand the cold, stay out of the freezer.”  The High Mage is almost ready for the ritual, but he must gain strength before casting the most powerful spell.  “I spent all of my magical energy searching for the henchman.  Go speak with him.  I must rest.”

Shadow, still lurking in Creepy Street, realizes this could be a very unpleasant encounter.  “You must be tired of seeing my face!  What do you want from me?  Information?  This will be interesting.  Do you think we’ll become allies?  Or dare I say, friends?”  The Dark Side is a chilly place, so your cold glare has no effect on Shadow.  Or does it?  “I can’t believe we once helped each other.  It was a while ago, and I admit I’m partially to blame for it.  You want me to be “good” again?  I’m not sure about that.”

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LEVEL 96 cont.

Memories of the past resurface, “As you know, I once ruled the world of the dead.  After the Bone King stole my throne, I fled to the Dark Side in a weakened state.  I was a semi-transparent shadow when the Lord of Darkness found me.  Almost completely gone.  He pulled me from the edge and sent me here.  It was good to be back in the natural light of the sun and the moon.”  Shadow has spent his entire life waiting, waiting.  He continues his story, “I tried to live in peace and be helpful, but one day I learned of my master’s sinister plan, and I started doing my part to fulfill it.  I wanted to feel the joy of truly living again.” 

Shadow explains how he missed the feelings and sensations of life and the sweetest sound of all, the sound of his own name.  How he would love to hear it again.  Shadow continues, “I didn’t plan on becoming your opponent, but the Lord of Darkness fulfilled his promise to restore my human body and looks.  The Lord of Darkness simply wants power over this world.  Nothing will change.  He’ll make my wishes come true, so I plan to help him.”  Shadow reminds you it isn’t personal; just the only way he can get what he wants.  After all, “You have your interests and I have mine.  Fight hard, and don’t give up.  May the strongest win.  That’s all I have to say.”

The High Mage of Frost agrees to provide further assistance as long as it doesn’t exhaust him again.  He believes he can help with the Sealing Staff.  “The Horned Tip is hidden atop the ancient snow-covered mountain.  It isn’t easy to reach.”

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Trying to focus through the hypnotic effect of the sunlight on the snow, the High Mage decides to create a small portal to the mountaintop, but his magic power still isn’t strong enough to open the portal.  He decides to meditate, but needs his magical energy restored faster.  “Don’t laugh, but I’ll make an aroma candle.  Its fumes will fill the room and restore my magical reserve.”  The High Mage assembles the recipe, the candle mold, the herbs and flowers and wild orange.  As his lungs fill with the delicious fumes, he feels his strength returning.  “The portal is open and my assistant has gone through.  Here’s the part for your staff.  Don’t let us down.”  (The Horned Tip takes its place on the Sealing Staff.)

At the Gates of Atlantis, the Genie is glad to share his knowledge.  He has hundreds of thousands of stories, but needs to search the depths of his knowledge for information on the Lord of Darkness.  “You’ve chosen a dangerous rival in the Lord.  He is the master of shadow and nightmares and his power is immeasurable.”  Finding more hidden knowledge, the Genie continues…”A long eclipse is coming.  It will give him strength.  An eclipse this long comes once every 400 years, always in a clear, cloudless sky.”  Time is running short and the portal must be locked before the eclipse.  Better to deal with the Lord of Darkness alone than his entire army.  The Genie senses the cold touch of an unpleasant presence, “I planned to talk more about the shadow creatures, but it’s best not to think about them.  You will close the portal – I believe in you.”

The Genie’s mind wanders in search of the Staff parts, but they don’t want to be found.  Then, the Genie feels a response.  “I sense warmth, the scent of eastern spices, and the sound of purring.”  It’s time to visit the Storyteller Cat.

In the Palace Square, the Storyteller Cat is busy ridding himself of all the sand blown in by the windy weather.  “I’ve never felt such a cold and unfriendly wind in this part of the world.  Something is wrong.  It makes me nervous.”  Storyteller Cat just heard the Genie’s news about the dangerous upcoming eclipse and thinks he knows how to help.  Inspecting the Sealing Staff, Storyteller Cat remembers a story his grandpa, the Scientist Cat, told him.  “Grandpa says Grandma can create a Runic Ribbon!  That’s one of the parts we need!  My grandma is a seamstress, but she’s also an expert magician.  She can charm anyone!”

Grandma Cat begins crafting the ribbon cloth but she can’t leave the loom, not even for a moment.  If she does, the ribbon won’t retain its magic.  When the ribbon is finished, Grandma needs special paint for the runes.  “Next, Granny will read a spell over the ribbon in the light of a special candle.”  Lastly, a single Unicorn Tear completes the task.  Storyteller Cat hands you the Runic Ribbon, “Here it is!  The result of my grandma’s efforts!  I hope it helps you defeat the Lord of Darkness!”

The Genie is glad Storyteller Cat could help with one more part of the staff and fills in its history.  “The Silent Mage created this staff during the last long eclipse.  It has a permanent connection to the Moon.  The Silent Mage accidentally opened a portal to the Dark Side with a spell.  When he realized his mistake, he sought a way to lock it forever.”  The Genie continues, “Memories of the past and visions of the future weave like two snakes.  We found the way.  We found the Sealing Staff.  You will lock the portal if you can handle its power.  Let the staff’s magic guide you through your trials.”

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LEVEL 97 cont.

One more important person to see is the Ruler of the Islands.  The Queen greets you with “May your path be lit by the moon and Northern stars.”  But she’s concerned about the unusual cold touching her Islands.  “Does someone intend to take my realm?  They’ll have to go through me first!”  The Ruler of Islands suddenly becomes a contentious ruler, “My heart grows cold, as if covered by ice.  The Northern Islands are mine, and the Lord of Darkness will not have them!  My fury is without limits!”  One of the most important responsibilities of a Queen is the protection of her people.  The Ruler notes, “Our loyal dogs are growling at the sky.  They sense the impending darkness.  A foreboding silence hangs over my lands.”

The Queen’s astrologists calculated the eclipse’s approach and suggest using protective runes.  The Queen notes, “No mere eclipse can break our spirit!  All forces are focused on placing the protective signs around our territory.  They should repel the shadowy creatures.  It’s hard to be a queen, but it’s my duty to take care of everyone.”

Just then, the Ruler’s mages report “our enemy wishes to speak to us!  You’re reliable and clever, will you be my ambassador?

The Lord of Darkness, standing in the Ancient Garden, introduces himself.  “I am the Lord of Darkness.  I’ve waited centuries for your moon to enter the right phase – when the long eclipse would make me most powerful.  When I felt the call of the dark moon, I tried the portal to your world, and it opened.”  The Lord of Darkness said his horse, Nightmare, would turn your blood to ice.  But the horse brought him through the portal without fear.  “I have many devotees.  My army stands ready at the threshold of the portal.  They can’t follow me through…yet.”

The army of the Lord of Darkness also feels the call of the dark moon and they can be heard roaring at the portal.  But there’s still time until the eclipse.  The Lord of Darkness says you’re the least of his worries and continues about his horse, “Nightmare beats her hooves, and the ground shakes.  It’s hard to imagine a more majestic animal, although I’ve never seen a dragon.”  But says he would never exchange Nightmare for any dragon.  Focusing back on the present, the Lord of Darkness says “The long eclipse is soon.  The dark moon will give me the power to bring my army to this land.  You should be happy.  I’ll make this world even better.”

The Lord certainly isn’t going anywhere for now, “I seek power over the living and dead, everywhere the sunlight falls and everywhere that exists in complete darkness.”  He asks what you want, but really doesn’t care.  “You shall all become my servants, bowing to me and my power.”  The Lord of Darkness senses your doubt in opposing such evil, “You’re a stubborn one, and you have fury in your eyes.  I wonder how you’ll fare against my will.  Have you listened to anything I’ve said?  Prepare for a new future.”

The Ruler of the Islands is convinced these are all empty threats from the Lord of Darkness.  She doesn’t recognize your staff, but promises to ask the wise ones of the North about it.  “It’s called the Sealing Staff, and one of its parts is rather close by.  It’s buried amongst the debris of the ruined castle in the woods.  The fire that destroyed the castle couldn’t be extinguished, even when the mages used magical water.”

The Ruler believes only you can handle this task and appreciates your promptness, noting “Never lose that – it’s a valuable trait.”

*****The adventure will continue in a future update!