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Started 4/22/18 by whitebutterfly54 (redbutter54); 88424 views.
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Hoping the intention is not to steal the treasure but to render help, the Fire Elemental continues.  “My fire essence tears me apart from inside.  My inner flame was meant to protect the mountain, but because of human greed, I could end up destroying everyone.”  The Fire Elemental remembers it was a fine day until the miners caused overwhelming anguish of the mountain.  “When the miners found out about the limitless treasure, greed took over.  They decided to take everything for themselves.  The ancient spirits tied my spirit with the mountain, so when the miners reached its core, I was filled with pain.  My wounds are so deep that I’m barely able to hold off my fire.”  While the shamans’ intentions were good, they only weakened the mountain.  “My molten fire could cause the mountain to erupt at any moment!”  If that happens, everyone and everything in the castle would be destroyed.

“Only the Chilling Belt can stop it, but there may be a temporary way to calm it.  An ancient stone flute from the mountain depths can buy us some time.  Ancient spirits foresaw this possibility, so they created a unique stone flute covered in gems.  However, I’m having a difficult time remembering where it is.”  The spirits’ powers helped the Fire Elemental remember the calming instrument is in the mountain’s treasury hall.  But the hall is vast and full of unusual artifacts.  “Time waits for no one, and the fire burns inside me still.  My wound has made me so weak, but I know we’ve almost found what we’re looking for.”  While the Fire Elemental is successful in locating the artifact part, there is still one obstacle protecting it.  “Your efforts bought us some time to search for the Chilling Belt components.  I’m trusting you to complete it.”

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Helma, the Shaman Outcast knows the elemental suffered because of human interference.  “Even though we knew the prophecy, we couldn’t protect him.”  Helma must find out where the shamans kept the artifact needed to pacify the mountain.  “When I was little, I saw an old shaman talk to the spirits.”  He “used an ancient peace pipe to communicate with the ancestors’ spirits.  The artifact should be in the old shaman settlement.  I’ll go – only shamans can enter that sacred ground.”

Helma found the settlement and the artifact, but there’s a complication.  “The artifact is sealed in a case made by the royal artisans.”  After succeeding in the task to open the seal, the Polar Bear artifact is yours.  It adds power to the belt and allows the wearer to hold off flames.  Helma says “I knew you’d manage to succeed.  Now the artifact is yours.  Use it well.”

Poor Ludwig Milton, Skeleton Knight, doesn’t have the strength to move.  Helping Shadow lift that terrible curse took a lot of effort, leaving Ludwig gravely weakened.  The powerful effect of the curse left behind painful consequences, but Ludwig believes there’s a way to recover from it.  “I’m not about to die, but we should still make haste!”  Ludwig remembers “a potion maker mentioning that the potion of a thousand lives can remove a curse’s effects.”  But the potion is as powerful as it is rare, making its ingredients almost impossible to find.  And in his current state, Ludwig can’t remember all the ingredients.  “I can’t move, so I must rely on my faithful winged companion again.  He’ll find out how to brew that potion from that potion maker himself.”

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Fortunately, “my raven returned with the good news.  Now that we know the proper ingredients, we just need to find them.  Fern butterfly wings are the most common ingredient.  Don’t worry—Their wings will regrow.”  Ludwig reminds that “little victories add up to large achievements.

Continuing the hunt for ingredients, “a laughing mushroom’s tears are very rare but highly effective.  Many have tried to grow them, but they only grow in the wild.”  Ludwig’s raven found a glade full of laughing mushrooms and collected their tears.  “The last and rarest ingredient is the light of the rising moon.  It’s almost impossible to catch.”  But the raven managed to trap the light in a silver lantern after flying high above the mountain.  “The potion maker said that we must brew the ingredients in a sand dragon’s scales at the temperature of the sun.”  The potion is ready and Ludwig Milton is on the road to regeneration and recovery.  Feeling strong enough to continue with the task at hand, Ludwig found the next part for the Chilling Belt is kept in the glaciers of the sky birds.  He decides to send his raven once again and hope for the best.  “The sky birds aren’t friendly, and fought my raven.  Now, it’s my turn to care for him.  My raven managed to get the part you need.  Help me heal him, and we’ll be even.”  With Ludwig Milton and his raven healthy and strong, “you deserve this artifact.  Now, go and save our castle.”  You are presented with the Stormbringer, the beat of these wings is strong enough to cause a blizzard.

Professor Pinfeathers knows that while we’re one step closer to salvation, some magic would help.

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Nala is plagued once again by experiments going sideways, but trying is what gains experience.  Nala wanted to help, but it seems her experiment resulted in an unfortunate transformation.  “I wound up creating this scarecrow...hey, have you seen my cat, Potts?  Oh no, don’t tell me this scarecrow is my cat!  Oh no, Potts!  What have I done to you?”  Apparently, Potts jumped right in the middle of the spell Nala was casting to stop the Elemental.  Sure her cat isn’t enjoying his current state, Nala finds the counterspell.  “Maybe you should stand back.  I don’t want you to end up like Potts, too!”


Reversing spells doesn’t always work, but Potts is safe and now it’s time to save the castle!  Nala knows she’ll succeed this time...eventually.  “I think earth magic might help us, but I haven’t tried it yet!”  But Nala begins feeling something’s not right, “I feel my body starting to solidify.  I can’t do magic if I get turned to stone!  But I won’t give up yet!”  Acting with urgency to lift the spell before she can’t move at all, Nala finds a potion to keep from turning into stone.  But a key ingredient is missing.  Nala feels the completed potion working as she feels her joints loosening.  “Whoops!  This potion keeps things from solidifying by turning them into liquid!  This calls for drastic measures.”  Nala sends her extra fast messenger snail to ask a shadow mage for help in stopping the liquid curse.  “At least my magic finally accomplished something!  The snail brought the reversal spell.  The solidifying spell requires a torch, some tinder, and matches.  Does that seem strange to you?  Oh well, it’s our only option.”  Unfortunately for Nala, she begins to feel like the Fire Elemental himself.  “You can’t see it, but I’m burning up inside!  But don’t worry – I know what to do now!  I learned this spell in my first lesson.”

***END OF UPDATE (Nala says “I’ve invented a new spell!  I just need to figure out what it does.  Come back later.”)