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Started 4/22/18 by whitebutterfly54 (redbutter54); 124590 views.
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Level 115 cont.

Han believes the Champion was a master of magic as well as a great warrior.  “He cast a powerful concealing enchantment.  Great magic inevitably leaves a trace.  The Champion’s spirit has in some way marked the artifact.  Most likely, what was left behind was a trace of his greatness.  If so, I should be able to locate it with little trouble.”

The part, while easily found, was magically sealed.  To open it, Han must be found trustworthy.  “Spirits be blessed!  I focused on the object, and the seal simply vanished.  The magic must have deemed me worthy.  Well done, friend.  Here you are, and may this help bring balance to all.  (You are rewarded with the Unifying Grip.)

To learn about protection – who better than a people who have been living in secrecy for ages?  Olympe, the Harpy, in Mountain Ledge, poses a question.  “I know you’re one for perilous adventures, so I must ask…are we in trouble again?  It’s not that I don’t like adventures, but safety is my priority.”

Olympe knows of Ronan and isn’t so sure it’s wise to free him.  “The length of his captivity…who knows how it has warped his mind.  What if he’s dangerous?  It’s imperative we discover why Ronan’s chains can’t be broken by any other tool.”

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Level 115 cont.

Aware of Dolores’ belief the chain is composed of a rare metal, Olympe nonetheless feels that can’t be the only reason for its strength.  “Yes, there’s something else…a mysterious seal on the chain.  Where did it come from?  It’s a unique alloy of metal and magic.  What mind came up with this?  Only the coven of mages could have conceived of such a thing.”

While Olympe understands why the mages used spectral protection, the technique has its flaws.  “Mainly, spectral protection cannot be undone – only broken by a powerful artifact.”  Probing further, Olympe says “we’re lost in the mist of the known.  The magic we speak of is ancient – far too old for any human hand.”

As luck would have it, harpies live far longer than humans; the lives of some harpies span millennia.  Olympe discusses this type of protective magic with the elder and shares, “The elder spoke about the ancient battle in which the All-crushing Hammer was used, and revealed a surprising secret.  The Hammer’s power lies not in its strength, but in its effect on others – the hearts of foes turn cold with fear, and magic from any other source is silenced.  With the flick of the wrist, you can make enemies flee and render powerful magic meaningless – it seems best that you can only do this once.”

The elder revealed the last item needed is a leather strap.  But not even the finest leather can endure the ruin of time.  “On that note, I have some good news…harpies excel at leather craft, among other things.  As long as we can find suitable materials, creating a new strap should be a snap.”