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Started 4/22/18 by whitebutterfly54 (redbutter54); 131531 views.
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Update June 27, 2022

Level 115 cont.

Olympe the Harpy believes she found materials of sufficient quality for the strap but must confirm that with the elder.  “Hmmm.  The elder says there was an intricate design worked into the inner layer”, so Olympe adds that design plus a few final touches.  “The strap is ready!  I’ll say it one more time – respect the power of the artifact.  Now go free Ronan!”  The Durable Strap is the reward and the completed All-crushing Hammer goes to Bound Ronan at Cliff of Lament and frees him from his chains.  (The new Primary Quest Object is rewarded, the Spindle of Time.)

Professor Pinfeathers announces Ronan is free but hopes there will be no ill effects (hmmmm).

Young Chamberlain, still standing in Throne Hall, has a little problem and is in desperate need of help.  “The little problem is…I’m still little!  Something is wrong.”  Young Chamberlain is angry Salty won’t let him into the Inn.  “He says I look too young.  I can’t take it.  This lack of growth is unbearable.  There must be something we can do.  What are my options?”  But there are no good choices.  “Stay a kid forever or…take a wild chance.  Heavens, what a predicament.  See—I even talk like an adult!  With this kind of misfortune, who knows, I may even fall back into old, underhanded habits.”

But that was just frustration talking and Young Chamberlain assures there’s no cause for concern.  “There’s no need for that look – I don’t intend to endanger anyone else.  But I do need help.”  Then Young Chamberlain has an idea.  “There is one solution I can think of, though it involves fiddling with time a bit.”  The first thing needed is the very essence of fate and, fortunately, Young Chamberlain knows exactly where to find some.  “Here it is, the first part of the artifact.  Please find the others quickly, I can’t stand to be a kid much longer.”  The Thread of Fate is rewarded.

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Some of the Chamberlain’s old friends may be able to lend a hand, and the first one is Anabel.  Anabel in Tiara liked the Chamberlain as a kid, but “if a friend is in trouble, there’s no reason not to help.”  Anabel reasons that “what we’re really looking for is the time that he’s lost.”  Remembering something important, Anabel says “I’ve heard of a people with the power to bend time to their will, though…that bloodline has ended.  Fortunately, I know a vampire in possession of a bit of their blood.  Could it be used in an artifact?”  It took some time to find the vampire in his hidden haunt, but Anabel was successful in getting the blood.  “But it’s not ready to be used yet.  I’ll prepare the blood, and once ready, you’ll be able to bend time at will!” 

As promised, a bead of solid blood is delivered and Anabel says, “Soon we’ll have Chamberlain back to normal!”  The Gem of Destiny is rewarded.


Another of Chamberlain’s old friends, Warrior Knight, wonders the reason for such look of concern.  “Ah, Chamberlain.  All of us were turned into kids, but he alone could not be restored to old age.  It’s quite odd…for some reason, what happened to us affected him differently.”  (***See Note)  The Knight knows of the artifact and is aware it’s missing an important part.  “The task is not without danger.  Something must be found to contain the threads of time.  Uncontained threads could create infinite timelines—and infinite Chamberlains!  Multiple Chamberlains in our timeline wouldn’t help him, or us.”

Warrior Knight knows of a yarn spinner in town who might be able to help contain the threads.  “Here, this is an enchanted whorl—it’ll keep the thread spinning in the right direction, and the artifact safe to use.”  The Guiding Whorl is rewarded. 

***Note:  Error in Storyline - AnnaDownes brought to my attention a discrepancy in the explanation of why the Chamberlain remained a child while all other characters returned to adulthood.  After finishing the June 27, 2022 Update, the following is my synopsis:  Warrior Knight says (Level 116) when the Castle residents were turned into kids and then back into adults, Lord Chamberlain was the only one who remained a child.  I believe this refers back to Cursed Adora when the dark magic soaked Dreamcatcher (Level 79) not only failed to make her young again, thus breaking the curse, but changed the Castle’s residents into children.  They remained children until the Time Clock went to World’s Edge (Level 80), lifted the curse from Adora and all the Castle residents were returned to adulthood, including Lord Chamberlain.  In Level 81, Lord Chamberlain was an adult standing in Throne Hall when he apologized for his imprudent and childish behavior when a child.  In Level 82, Lord Chamberlain disappeared from Throne Hall and his wife, Gabrielle, subsequently reported he had been murdered by the Ghostly Messenger (Adrian).  In Level 86, Storyteller Cat sacrifices one of his lives to resurrect the Chamberlain and this begins the very odd storyline when Gabrielle appears in Throne Hall holding the Baby Chamberlain in her arms.  In Level 87 Baby Chamberlain grew to Little Chamberlain and in Level 89 became Young Chamberlain, as he is now.  So it seems the storytellers either forgot the levels dealing with the Chamberlain’s murder or discounted them entirely.***

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Innkeeper “Salty” Took is next on the list of friends who might help.  Salty insists rules are rules, “Of course, Chamberlain gripes about not being allowed in here, but he’s just a boy!  There are some rules I just don’t break.”  Salty knows another part of the artifact is missing and recalls a tale about it.  The “artifact bends the essence of time and weaves it into threads of fate.  You’re missing a spool—where’s the thread supposed to go?”  Taking what he describes as a sophisticated approach, Salty admits already having the missing item in his possession.  “I have the item you need – given to me by none other than Chamberlain himself!  Though I doubt he remembers.  When we were both kids, we took turns flying a kite.  He forgot to take back the spool, so it must be around here somewhere.  It’s essential that the spool contains the right essence—without it the artifact will be a dud.  Luckily, Chamberlain left his mark on this one!”  The Spool of Purpose is rewarded.

Professor Pinfeathers says the Chamberlain has been lost in time, but he’s been a child long enough and the time’s come for a solution.  Gabrielle, alone, appears in Throne Hall where Young Chamberlain once stood.  Gabrielle extends warm greetings after so much time between visits.  “You’re here because of Richard, yes?  Richard doesn’t deserve this – he needs help now.”  Gabrielle acknowledges good progress on the artifact, but there’s still something missing.  “It’s quite clear what you’re missing – the balancing stand.  I believe I can procure one.”


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Update August 30, 2022


According to Gabrielle, the next artifact part was taken to the tallest tower, the Stargazing Tower.  Looking around, Gabrielle doesn’t initially see the artifact part.  Then she finally spots it; someone used it to prop open the tower door.  She hands over the artifact part, grateful for the chance to help her dear Richard.  (Rewarded with the Balancing Stand)  (Gabrielle disappears from Throne Hall and Young Chamberlain reappears.  The completed Spindle of Time goes to Young Chamberlain in Throne Hall and changes him back into Lord Chamberlain.  Receive the Scales of Balance (The balance of magic has broken throughout the castle.  Only this artifact can restore it.)

Lord Chamberlain

(Gabrielle rewarded you with the Balancing Stand, the final piece to the Spindle of Time.  Gabrielle disappears from Throne Hall and Young Chamberlain appears.  The completed Spindle of Time goes to Young Chamberlain in Throne Hall and changes him back into Lord Chamberlain.  Receive the Scales of Balance (The balance of magic has broken throughout the castle.  Only this artifact can restore it.)

Drake, alone in Forbidden Tower, feels as though he took for granted his hearty dragon’s roar.  “Love seemed a more than worthy reason to transform into a human, but was it a mistake, I wonder?”  He doesn’t fully regret becoming a human, “but it would be nice to transform back into a dragon from time to time.”  Drake hasn’t been able to find any rest because “dragons weren’t meant to dwell in frail human forms.”

While Drake can transform back into a dragon at any time, he feels his fragile human body won’t survive it.  “I need something to fortify this body for the transformation – I can’t risk leaving Adora forever.”  Drake thinks through many options, but the only one that makes sense is asking Adora for help.  “I’m afraid to tell her.  I don’t want her thinking I want to remain human at all times.  I need to be honest with her – that’s what lovers do, right?  I think she would understand.”  

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Lady Adora, alone at World’s Edge, hasn’t seen Drake in a while and wonders what he needs.  “Something has been on his mind for a long time, but he hasn’t been able to tell me.  He doesn’t have to hide anything from me.  I can accept any truth.”  Adora accepts that Drake wants to return to his dragon form from time to time.  “Did he think I would love him less for that?  That desire is perfectly reasonable.  Besides, who am I to keep him from it?”  Adora understands Drake is afraid his human body won’t be able to handle the transformation and vows to help him, whatever it takes.

“Stargazing is our first step to finding some guidance, but you must believe it can help.  It is written in the stars that numbers are the key to solving this problem.”  Lady Adora is a skilled mathmagician and dabbles in the art of arithmancy.  After crunching some numbers, “The answer is…zero?  What could it mean?  Nothingness?”  After thinking about it for a moment, Adora finally gets it.  “Zero is the mark of the divination orb.  I need to use it to figure out how to help Drake.”

Adora isn’t sure what she saw in the orb, but it looked like ancient paper.  Examining the ancient scrolls, Adora realizes, “The power is not in the paper but in its text.  I’ll check the library.”  She found a scroll that mentions some magical clothing that might help.  “It’s called dragon hide, but it’s not made of dragon skin.  It’s the compressed magic of a dark dragon.”

The scroll reads “Indestructible material that overcomes painful transformations.  Suitable for shape-shifters.”  To make sure the dragon hide is good enough for Drake, Lady Adora decides to test its properties.  Satisfied it should work perfectly, Adora must find a jacket made of dragon hide.  But dragon hide is exceedingly rare and the last dark dragon died thousands of years ago.  “A caravan of merchants passed the castle not long ago and one of them had all sorts of clothes.  Perhaps I should check with them.”  The merchant is selling so many clothes, but after digging through piles, Adora finally finds the jacket.  Now she just needs to pay for it.  “The merchant is asking an arm and a leg for the jacket!  I think I can bargain with him though.”

After the deal is made, Adora says “Haggling is easier if the seller learns that you have a lot in common.”  Unfortunately, the jacket is very dirty and needs to be washed.  “Go tell Drake I have something he wants…and tell him I miss him.”

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Drake knew all along Adora would be understanding and helpful and he’s grateful for the dragon skin jacket that allows him to painlessly transform into a dragon.  “The jacket is made of indestructible matter – why didn’t I think of that?”  But now that Drake has the dragon hide jacket, something odd happened.  “Now that I can turn into a dragon at will, I’m not sure I really want to.”  He promised to visit Adora, but first wants to help with the next artifact part. 

Drake recognizes Midnight Castle has become unbalanced.  “I know a man of great knowledge and nobility, who seeks balance and harmony above all else.  This man created an artifact that keeps the world in balance.  Our world was nearly at peace, barring a few minor troubles.  And then – well I’m sure you’ve noticed the recent rise in villainy and unrest.”

“And it all began because of my choice…to become human.  Since I lost my powers, a wave of villainy has risen against the castle.  Now that I can freely return to my true form, those devils will surely learn their lesson.  Of course, we must also repair the mechanism I broke by becoming human, if we wish to return balance to the castle.”

While he greatly respects the man that made the artifact, Drake says “but it was an impossible choice – either let the mechanism break, or my own loving heart!”  Drake doesn’t understand how the artifact parts became so scattered, but he has a lead on one of them.  “The piece calls out to me – perhaps it is the voice of my own wrongdoing lodged deep within it.”

Drake spies the artifact part stuck within the Hall of Justice and wonders if he needs to become a dragon to force it free.  “That said, if I transform in that hall, I might just bring the whole building down.”  After thinking for a moment, Drake uses a staff as a lever and pries it free.  (Rewarded with the Holder of Wrongs)  “One piece, but it’s a start.  Ask around – perhaps others have sins to confess…”

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Level 117

Adrian, almost forgotten at Temple of Justice, harbors a deep emptiness within.  “I’m disgusted by what I’ve done…how can I truly, fully repent?  The rising tide of my remorse threatens to drown me.”  (Personal note:  That last line is so reminiscent of the very smart dialog of the past.)  Being of service to the castle might ease Adrian’s pain; otherwise, he’s destined to just fade away slowly.  Wondering who can prevent his ponderous perishing, Adrian already knows the answer.  “I suppose I know who might help, but I’m quite ashamed.  Will you go to him for me?  (Visit Lord Chamberlain)

Aware that his son is afraid to approach him, Lord Chamberlain finds Adrian’s guilt quite understandable.  “We’ve all felt such remorse, haven’t we?  I once tried to take the castle myself…the regrets still sits heavy in my gut.”  No one is sinless, so why should Adrian’s shame keep him from visiting his father?  When told that Adrian is fading away, Lord Chamberlain boomed “You should have led with that!”  Lord Chamberlain is familiar with remorse eating someone from the inside out; “I once knew a mage who created the world’s most powerful wand, and a war started because of it.  He was so filled with regret that his heart stopped.”

With a flash of hope, Lord Chamberlain says “I have a ring that dispels regret.  I just have to remember where I put it…”  Chamberlain jokes “Now that I’m old again, my memory isn’t what it once was.  But at least they’ll let me into the tavern again.”  Hoping to find a mention of the ring’s location among his records, Lord Chamberlain can’t believe he was once so childish.  “What a rascal…it seems my younger self drew pictures all over my records.  They’re nearly unreadable!”  Unfazed, he attempts to read his divination cards, but “It seems no matter how I lay out the cards, they give the same answer –look behind me.  I’ve got it!  The cards are guiding me to the cupboard behind me.”

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In the cupboard, Lord Chamberlain finds a music box that played such a potent lullaby, he almost dozed off.  The ring wasn’t there, but another item of great value was…a locket!  The only thing left to do is open the locket, but Lord Chamberlain can’t remember how to.  He tries using the most powerful spells he knows before resigning himself to fetch the instructions.  “Perhaps I should have read the instructions before locking the locket.  Who reads the instructions after buying a magical object?  The instructions say that the locket is opened by a simple word.  But what word?  I tried a few less…civilized words, but those didn’t work.  What is it then?”  After all that, it turns out the word was “please.”

“My son is welcome to come and take the ring.  But I must warn him not to wear it for too long.  Delay and kindness are not complementary.  Why?  If worn too long the ring will take any and all regrets!  Not a healthy condition.  Tell my son to come visit me soon!”

 Adrian is so relieved he can talk to his father without feeling crushing fear.  “I feel strength slowly fading from the ring my father gave me, but it will take some time to overcome my regrets.  There is a voice in my head…some kind of summons.  I must heed it.”  He wonders why the missing artifact calls out with a steady voice, then realizes…”the castle’s balance is faltering.  It would make sense that I’m partly to blame.”

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Following his heart, Adrian searches the castle’s lost and found for the missing artifact part.  “The balancing mechanism was supposed to be indestructible, but no one foresaw the untimely convergence of these ill events.  I’m quite relieved to know I wasn’t wholly to blame!  Still, I must rectify what I’ve done.”

Although the item that calls to Adrian from the lost and found seems intangible, he thinks he can still find it.  “Ah!  I know a spell to summon ethereal items like this one.”  Unfortunately, the room’s caretaker says mages spells are forbidden in that room.  “The room is full of magical items, so there’s no telling what danger any given spell could trigger.  The caretakers keep records of everything that comes into the room.  That could be useful.”

While pondering how nice it would be if someone kept records of everything everywhere so nothing ever went missing, Adrian locates the item in a corner with a whole pile of other items.  “The item I’m looking for is…well, literal emptiness.  But I can tell that I almost have it!  At last!  I’ve found it but I’m exhausted.  Thank you.  I hope my help has earned me some redemption.  I feel at peace now.”  (Rewarded with the Holder of Emptiness)  (Adrian disappears from the Temple of Justice and reappears at Mountain Top wearing what appears to be priest’s robes.)

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A new character, the Shaper of Worlds, appears at the Flying Treehouse.  “Welcome, my friend!  I’ve been expecting you for a long time.  Do you know who I am?”  He claims he knew you were coming because he has a map of the castle grounds that displays everyone’s location.  “I should introduce myself.  I’ve known you for ages, but my name is Michael.  You may know me as the Keeper of the Castle, but the elders call me the Shaper of Worlds.” 

There’s a reason why the elders call him the Shaper of Worlds but he doesn’t actually create worlds.  “No, I’m not a god…just an ancient expert in artifacts.  In fact, I created most of them when the history of the castle began.  There’s nothing divine about what I do.  I just follow the rules of magic, and the world seems to shape around me.”

But Michael is also known by another name…”Some also know me as the creator of balance.  Magic is chaos, in its very nature, but I know how to control it.  I created the Scales of Balance to protect Midnight Castle if magic was used improperly, but several incidents occurred at the same time, shattering it.  I could do only so much alone, so I founded the Council of Elders.  I’m sure you’ve met some of its members in the past.”  (Personal Note:  I remember the Genie and Bone King were members of the Council of Elders of the United World of Magic.)