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Started 4/22/18 by whitebutterfly54 (redbutter54); 92357 views.
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Arabella also heard the Chamberlain is back to himself again.  “I really wonder who did that.  I thought my spells were reliable!”  She doesn’t really care about the Chamberlain since the Knight is beginning to trust her.  “Now, I’m sure I’ll see my…soon-to-be-my Knight more often!”  The Knight and the Witch spend more time together, where he often opens up to her.  “You know, I like being with the Knight.  It’s just a pity he thinks about Anabel so much.”  The Knight is so sensitive and he shares his sufferings and his feelings about Anabel so freely.  “I would like to be with him forever!  And Anabel is so vulnerable while she is unconscious.”  Sure the Knight will be happier with her, the Witch decides to do something.  “I want the Knight to be mine.  I know it sounds selfish, but well, I am.”

Detective Norman Hayes says the investigation requires magical resources and senses victory is close.  “The Chamberlain says he has already located the criminal!”  The circle of suspects has narrowed and it’s clear the murderer has left magical tracks.  “He’s no ordinary man.”  Detective Norman suspects “the murderer is a werewolf or a vampire.”  Anomalies have been found at the crime scene and the Chamberlain performs an analysis.  “A murdering ghost!  Now there’s something you don’t see every day.”  The detective admits “I’ve never had to arrest a criminal before!  I hope the Chamberlain will help us.”  The Innkeeper, Jeronimo ‘Salty’ Took, turned out to be the murderer!  He didn’t even resist arrest.

Rudoguil the Stony thinks it’s too bad that Ragnus is against the search in the ancient subway.  “Ragnus can’t get in our way.  We’ll open the gate anyway!”  Is Ragnus fearful of finding the old king thereby threatening his power in Cloud City?  Rudoguil the Bloody shows up with renewed vigor “feeling that I’ve slept a million years.  So much to do!”  “My people helped me steal the map of the subway from Ragnus.  I believe he must be puzzled.”  Ragnus really shouldn’t have meddled and got in the way.  “Mere blackmail brings amazing results.  Some of Ragnus’ people are not so loyal to him!”  Rudoguil the Stony appears, feeling so dizzy and wondering where the ancient map of the subway came from.  “One of Ragnus’ people offers us free information.  Odd, but I’ll take it!”  A lot of invaluable information on the Exodus was found in the rune priest’s notes, but Ragnus’ information was encrypted.  “He definitely has something to hide.”  There’s a lot of information on the old king – Franmar.  “Franmar had his reasons for the gnome exodus.  Even though many hate him for that.”  Rudoguil suspects that Ragnus is worried about his status in Cloud City. 

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LEVEL 37 cont.

Ragnus doesn’t want to reveal the truth about the previous king.  “Knowing the truth gives you an edge.  You can prove it or distort it.”  He’s sure the truth about King Franmar could hurt many.  “And I’m not talking just about myself.”  “I won’t let Rudoguil tell everyone about Franmar.  Even if he finds out something.  It’s too dangerous.”  The trial of Jeronimo, the innkeeper, concluded not long ago and he admitted his guilt.  Jeronimo committed all those murders to frame Chris the Assassin!  “A blind man in love!”  There is trouble ensuring Jeronimo’s security in Cloud City Prison.  Many gnomes whose relatives suffered want the Innkeeper dead.

The Lost Fairy is shocked by Jeronimo’s acts and strongly disapproves of what he did, but is very worried about him.  “I’m sure Jeronimo is no cold-blooded murderer!  It’s his unrequited love for Valeria!”  She hopes Jeronimo can be rescued, “from himself.”  The Fairy sends Jeronimo a message in Cloud City Prison that there are people willing to help him.  Jeronimo must get his body back, but for that “I need some water from the Elvish pond!”  But that task won’t be an easy one with the war raging there.  “We should get into the forest and find the pond.  Oh, and come back alive.”  “I never liked those werewolves!  They smell like wet dog.”

Henry the Archeologist knows entering the forest is a risky idea.  “Hm, that fairy figured out how to return Jeronimo to his body?  She deserves my help!”  Henry thinks he can arrange a truce in the forest, since many creatures are willing to help.  Unfortunately, “the truce failed.”

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Anabel’s mind, while still foggy, is slowly beginning to understand what happened.  She drank a cup of wine, “but the wrong cup”, felt sick and fainted.  “I think the witch had something to do with it.  She made the potion I drank.”  Confronted with betrayal, “I saw the witch and my Knight sitting side by side, holding hands!  I can’t forgive the Knight.”  Anabel is tormented by the unpleasant memory of her Knight and the witch…together.  It’s all she can think about.  She tries to calm down a bit, but “it’s so hard to tear someone you loved from your heart.”

Valdo appears in Far Metro Station and introduces himself as a treasure hunter.  “I usually work alone, but I wouldn’t mind help!”  He really needs to fix the dark and lonesome metro station.  “I’ve spent some time exploring.  I heard you are friends with the Rudoguil gnome.  Is he searching for the hidden treasury?”  Valdo has some information on the treasure and the old king and “I’ll be happy to help you and Rudoguil.  Together, we’ll achieve my – err- our goal!” 

Lord Chamberlain says this wasn’t the best time for you to visit, such a sad time.  “Arabella’s behavior worries me.  Her interest in the Knight won’t end well.”  He tried to talk sense into Arabella and was hoping all this was just a passing fancy.  “I was so angry, I told Arabella the truth – she is my daughter!”  The Chamberlain asks you to check on Arabella to find out how she is.

Arabella was dumbfounded by the horrible news the Chamberlain is her father.  Out of the blue, the Lord Chamberlain meddled in her relationship with the Knight and now says he’s her father!  “My mother and I were impoverished, and he did nothing when she was dying!  I was hungry and cold, but my so-called father looked away!  I will never forgive him!”  Arabella doesn’t want to hear another word about her father and turns her attention to fighting for her happiness.  “Anabel is in the past.  Moreover, I have a plan!  My new father won’t stop me!” 

The Chamberlain understands what Arabella must be feeling, but she had to know.  “I admit my mistakes.  I was a bad father, but I can be different!”  He decides to dedicate himself to solving family issues.

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LEVEL 38 cont.

Ragnus needs your aid in resolving some issues around the City.  “Jeronimo is in prison, but there is still call for revenge!  The killer must be executed.  But it’s not that easy.”  The main difficulty is, of course, Jeronimo is a ghost.  “How can you execute someone already dead?  I have some idea about how to punish the ghost, but I’m not sure yet.”  A crowd has gathered around the prison and something must be done.  Ragnus managed to soothe the angry crowd by promising to punish Jeronimo soon.  “The citizens are quiet now, but it won’t last long.”

Anabel can’t keep still and is overwhelmed with grief.  “I can’t make myself forget my Knight.  My feelings are too strong.”  “The Witch is meddling with my Knight.  She can’t have him!”  Anabel needs to know what happened between the Knight and the Witch because she just can’t believe he’d betray her.  “I can’t speak calmly with my Knight – I need a specialist.”  Please talk to Detective Norman Hayes – “It’s life and death!”

Detective Hayes is currently looking for the rascal who covered the walls in nasty words.  He confirms that Anabel asked him to follow the Knight, but first he has another task to finish…”Another smuggler of pearl crawfish is behind bars!”  The detective respects the Knight and is conflicted about spying on him.  But since the Witch is involved, he decided to go ahead with the job.  After getting several things needed before delving into the Knight’s case, the investigation gets underway.  “Anabel will soon know all the information about her dear Knight!”

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Anabel knows the detective is a professional and “He’ll be able to tell me who my Knight really loves.”  There is an air around Anabel of tense expectation, “I can’t wait any longer to learn about my Knight and that witch!”

Lilian, the lonely noviciate appears in Dream Palace.  She offers blessings to you and says after she takes her vows, she will be Sister Lilian.  “I am in need of a guide in this strange place.  Please accept my gratitude.  I am glad to have a friend in these lands.”  Her heart is at peace, but she still strives to achieve full balance.  “Your help will let me put my thoughts together for my mission.”  In return for a small favor, Lilian will tell you her goals.  “You’ve earned my trust.  You will know soon what I need.” ***Sister Lilian transforms into Lilian, soldier*** 

“My true vocation is destruction of the undead and any evil to humans!  I am a soldier, pursuing the powers of darkness!”  “No evil can be left unpunished.  My mission is to unleash my righteous anger!”  She continues to explain that when she was a child, creatures of darkness attacked her village and killed her entire family.  “I survived and dedicated my life to serving the powers of light.  Holy soldiers gave me the power to render justice.”  “My family’s killers were not human.  And they live around here.  Can you help?”  One of the castle citizens is implicated in the murder of Lilian’s family, but it’s not easy to find the criminal.

The Automaton (sometimes called the Mechanic) needs important components quickly.  Repairs are complete and all systems function normally.  “Beginning data analysis.  Beginning Franmar King search.”  New information confirmed that the Gnome Emblem is the key to the treasury.  Automaton says the connection with Master Rudoguil is missing, and asks you to pass this information to him. 

Rudoguil the Stony appreciates you’re a “loyal ally.”  And the Automaton brought good news.  “If we reach the treasury, it will be a step towards discovering the truth!”  Rudoguil the Bloody shows up, yelling “May a troll devour me!  Where am I?  Where are my belongings?”  He insists on talking to a goblin friend.

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LEVEL 39 cont.

The Lost Fairy is so worried about Jeronimo’s fate.  “The poor innkeeper is completely alone in that prison!  They won’t let me talk to him!”  Those wild gnomes are demanding revenge, “I understand but my heart is with Jeronimo.”  The hardest thing is that Ragnus, forced to do something, has promised to punish Jeronimo.  “I must figure out a way to save the kind innkeeper.  I don’t know how to save Jeronimo.  I need advice!”  The Fairy decides to meet with King Oberon and ask his advice.  “The King of Elves is kind and just.”  There’s a werewolf attack in his forest but, hopefully, he will find time for us!”  The Fairy thinks it’s unwise to go to the King empty-handed, and asks your help getting some gifts.

Lilian is on her way to discovering the killers and she needs your help.  “The amount of evil here is unbelievable!  Werewolves, vampires, spirits – This land is cursed by darkness.”  But every dark cloud has a silver lining, and that would be you!  Even though Lilian is absorbed in the investigation, she sometimes thinks about Chris.  “Chris is a great man!  I’m so distracted, I’m constantly thinking about the nice man under the mask of a coldblooded murderer!”  She really should concentrate on her mission, but wonders what Chris Arwin thinks of her.

Chris Arwin the Assassin is extraordinarily tired after the constant training.  He comments about meeting an interesting person – a soon-to-be nun named Lilian and wonders if you know her.  “When I saw Lilian for the first time, I felt right away that she is my soulmate.”  Chris finds Lilian’s reserved and mysterious nature very attractive.  But “Lilian is keeping a secret.  I hope she will tell me what is bothering her.”  Chris is so distracted; Lilian, Valeria…he must get back to training!  Battle skills always help him put his thoughts in order.

Lilian is so happy Chris thinks well of her.  Many locals do not.  “When I met Chris, I felt at once he is my soulmate – but we need to get to business!”  She has new information about the murderer, but must prove it.  “I will do the rest on my own – or maybe Chris will help.

Valdo says you are the only one who can help him.  “Did I tell you I know every underground passage?  Maybe I’ll show you!”  For a moment, his attention is on the rarest gem that will bring so much money.  Suddenly realizing you’re still there, “So, show you the map of all the underground caves?  Not so soon!”  Anyway, Valdo wanted to show you the map, but a goblin took it.  It seems Rudoguil is interested in some special items from the gnome treasury, but Valdo hasn’t come across them yet.  “I decided to help Rudoguil, and showed him the direction to the treasury.  At least I hope so!”

Rudoguil the Bloody, “Hail!  Valdo claims to know the way to the treasury!  Old Bloody is fully equipped, but delayed by an annoying incident.  “The guards of Cloud City dared to stop me!  I taught them a lesson, but now I’m in trouble!  I will buy them all when I am back to the city!  Don’t worry, you’ll get your share.”

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Rudoguil the Stony had a strange dream where he was attacked by mechanical scarabs while on the way to the treasury!  “It was real after all – how can that be?”  Some of his memories begin to drift back as he tries to get his thoughts in order.  “I am sure I saw someone – Valdo!  He got me on the wrong track.”  Good thing for Valdo Rudoguil came across some gold, but Old Bloody still intends to punish that crafty goblin.  “You earned your reward and that rascal earned his punishment.”

Valdo says “I assumed the location of the treasury.  Maybe I was mistaken?”  After all, mistakes happen and no one was hurt.  “I’m glad Rudoguil is okay, but he could pay more attention!”  It seems Rudoguil gave Valdo some of the “ordinary gold” he found and Valdo rushes away to hide it. 

Valeria feels very close to Chris and doesn’t want to let him down.  “Chris is spending so much time with Lilian.  I might be a tiny bit jealous.  Actually, I am jealous.  There!  I admit it.”  She heard rumors Jeronimo was accused of murder, but can’t believe he’s really capable of that.  Valeria wants to visit Jeronimo, but she’s afraid “Chris will go to Lilian while I’m away!  I mean – I like Chris, but I care for Jeronimo, too!”

Detective Norman Hayes spends a lot of his time spying on the Knight.  He spots the Knight talking to a strange man in the tavern.  The detective suggests eavesdropping, “and don’t forget the password:  Saw-fish.”  “I’m making a device which will help us hear what the Knight is talking about.”  The Knight’s conversation included talk of tournaments, hunting, dragons and ale.  Not a single word about Anabel!  The detective decides on a stakeout to see whether someone visits the Knight at night.  The Witch didn’t come to visit, but a check of his quarters reveals the Knight has disappeared!  He’s been abducted!  “I saw traces of a struggle in his room.”  Anabel must be told at once.

Anabel is beside herself at this horrible loss, “Why didn’t you tell me my Knight was missing?  We have to find him!”  Struggling to process the information and knowing every moment counts, “No time to talk!  I need to find my beloved.”  “The Witch must have used a love potion on my Knight!  I need an antidote.”  The entire castle is looking for the Knight and Anabel urges you to move “faster than an Elven arrow!”  Perhaps a search spell can help? 

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LEVEL 40 cont.

Meantime, Detective Hayes has several leads in the Knight’s abduction.  Since you have the makings of a great detective, he asks your help checking them out.

The Automaton senses a suspicious place, a strange stash in the wall.  “Ciphered message found.  Need resources to read.”  Deciphering activated, waiting for results.  “Need to restore railway road.  Help, human?”  The deciphering is complete and the text says “Master Valdo works for Rune Priest.”  The message also says the goblin should stop Master Rudoguil.  “Need clarification.”  Is Valdo really a double agent?  “Go to Master Rudoguil.  Tell truth about goblin.”

Chris the Assassin has just found out about the Knight’s abduction.  “Abductions are rare these days, especially when a Knight is involved.  The criminal must be fearless.”  The detective apparently asked Chris to help in the investigation and he has leads already.  “It seems to me that Norman and Anabel had false information.  I know where they are keeping the Knight!”  The abductor surrounded the lair with traps and Chris needs your help dealing with them.  “It won’t be a problem now to save the Knight!”  “I made it!  The Knight is saved!  He was poisoned, but doesn’t know who did this!”  He could be the victim of the spell of forgetfulness and Chris has some disturbing leads.

Valdo, feeling he has been slandered, says “Hold your horses!  I’ll prove I’m not guilty.”  Apparently, when Rudoguil was caught by the scarabs, Valdo was busy exposing the wall.  “My innocence is obvious.  I just need to prove it to Rudoguil.  Hah, you see!  The explosion proves my innocence.”  Valdo doesn’t believe any suspicious information found by the Automaton and says he can find something even more suspicious.  “I have information about the illegitimate daughter of a gnome banker!”  Valdo seems sincere, “So you still believe him – and not me?  Is it enough proof of my innocence?”  Still not totally trusting Valdo, “I did help Ragnus, but I didn’t know about your search then!  I meant well.  Do you believe that?  I’m truly sorry.”

Anabel has planned a welcome home celebration for her beloved Knight.  “My love is free!  I must hold a celebration in his honor!  Nothing is too good for my Knight.”  Anabel was so happy to see her Knight again, she forgave him instantly.  Dismissing the thought she may have been to blame, “I might have been wrong.  Ah, I’m sure I wasn’t!” and sure in her belief “It’s clear my Knight loves me and only me!”  Now that the Knight is safe, the criminal must be found.  “We will smoke out the Witch!”  Anabel wants evidence of the Witch’s guilt, but what if she didn’t kidnap the Knight?  “Who else would have done this?”  Anabel is inpatient for answers to all her questions, but for now, her Knight is back and her happiness is nearly complete.  “I won’t let anyone take away my Knight!  No Witch can stop my love!”

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Chris Arwin is glad the Knight is safe, but the investigation isn’t over.  After narrowing the circle of suspects, he thinks he knows one of the abductors.  “Could it be?  Lilian is behind kidnapping of the Knight?  I know it was Lilian, but I can’t just give her away to Oeland.”  Chris is sure Lilian had her reasons for kidnapping the Knight, but he must know the truth!

Lilian says it’s not the best time for a visit.  It appears Lilian has a heavy heart, “You want to know what worries me?  I can’t tell until I know you won’t betray me.”  Whether for reasons of purity or tyranny, Lilian admits she was the one who abducted the Knight.  “I found out that the one behind my family’s execution was Oeland.  I abducted his son to lure him into a trap!”  But fate is cruel and Chris stepped in the way and released the Knight!  “Even if Chris hates me and becomes my enemy, I won’t give up on my mission of avenging my family!”  “I need to leave now.  If Chris betrays me, the entire pack of Oeland’s wolves will be after me.”

Chris is solemn over Lilian’s confession.  “I didn’t expect it to turn out like that!  What Lilian said is very serious!”  Thinking over Lilian’s words, Chris is uncertain what to do.  “I’m not feeling well.  Perhaps I put too much of my soul into my melodies.  I need something restorative.”  Chris says it suddenly becomes clear why he always thought Lilian looked familiar.  Lilian is his sister!  But he won’t tell her just yet because he’s unsure how she will react.  While happy to have met his sister, the dilemma is what to do next.  “Sooner or later, the Detective will get to the truth about Lilian.  Oeland appears to be my arch-enemy, too!”

Arabella absolutely hates Anabel.  She thought it was finally getting better but she must calm down or she will destroy someone!  “The Knight was released, and he ran into the open arms of his blonde bloodsucker vampire!”  “My happiness was so close!  And now – nothing!”  Filled with blind jealousy, the Witch vows “I will wipe Anabel’s smile off her face!”  She decides it’s time to make an important announcement.”  Arabella continues, “Curious to know what I told Anabel and my dear Knight?  I told them that I’m expecting a child!  I wish you could see Anabel’s face!”  Pregnant?!  “My dear Knight is going to be a father!  Anabel will have to give him up.”  Something happened that doesn’t happen very often…the Witch is in a good mood.

The Underground Treasury is unlocked and inside is the old gnome King Franmar, encased in rock crystal.  The gnome’s face looks like he wants to warn you, but of what?  Perhaps Rudoguil knows something that can help.

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LEVEL 41 cont.

Rudoguil the Stony can’t believe you saw King Franmar with your own eyes.  “I must look for the ancient Underground Treasury immediately.”  After returning from the Underground Treasury, Rudoguil remains shocked by what he saw!  “The gnome imprisoned in stone is Franmar, the old King of the gnomes!  He was the one who organized the Departure, and saved our people.  All gnomes believe Franmar went missing after the Departure, but no one knew exactly where he went!”  Rudoguil tried releasing the old king from his stone prison, but the stone is enchanted.

The crystal stone encasing Franmar begins to heat up.

The ghost of Jeronimo Took, standing in shackles in Cloud City Prison, “I’m so glad to see another living soul!  Although, of course, I’m not.”  Salty, complimentary to his jailers “I have to hand it to the gnomes – they managed to sentence a spirit to prison!”  It’s good to have some fun, but he wouldn’t escape even if the gnomes released him.  Salty’s feels he’s been too evil and believes he deserves his punishment.  One thing worries him though…he’d like to leave a last note to his beloved!  Having true vision for the first time, Salty says “My life is starting to pass before my eyes – and my life after life, now that I think of it.  My mind is flying above the clouds, free as a bird.”  Waiting seems to be the hardest part, “It’s torture waiting for the gnomes to do away with me – nearly as bad as hearing the Gnome Choir perform.”  But he believes he’s ready to face his destiny. 

Lilian, acknowledging she stirred up a wolves nest, asks your help in covering up her tracks.  “Revenge is my sole obsession.  No one can stop me, not even Chris.”  Oddly enough, Chris doesn’t feel like a stranger.  “It’s not an easy task to get close to Oeland without drawing too much attention.  Perhaps Norman can help.”  

Detective Hayes would love to help Lilian, but has so little time.  After thinking about it for a moment, perhaps he can help.  “The case of the Wild Hunt Diamond is coming to a close.  The butler turned out to be the abductor!  And now I have time to help you.”  “What is it that Lilian wants from me?”  “Lilian has been in Cloud City for a while – she might have been seen by many people!”  The detective has a plan and knows how to hide Lilian from Mr. Oeland’s sleuths.