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Friends of TinyFaerie   Friends

Started 2/15/19 by TinyFaerie; 23214 views.

Wonderful news! I’m so happy for you. Hope you have many enjoyable years stormin the castle!


From: SharpEye1


Yay!  I'm so, so happy for you, my friend!  Good luck at your Mom's.  Although you get to spoil her, I also know it has it's own challenges  living there!  Happy Mother's Day to you and your Mom!   Luv ya, Ada heart_eyesheart_eyes


From: TinyFaerie


Not anymore Ada I don't put up with that. I already called the cops on my nephew  once. He had a fit about something the other day and made him leave.

We are getting the house in good shape. Will take a little time but can't wait for it to be done. I have a lot more money since I don't have to pay rent and just 1 bill to pay that is less than   200.00. The rest of the family is pitching in


From: Wineoclock


Such goods news all round xxx Take care love Pearla blush see you in the castle 


From: TinyFaerie


Okay my friends my health has taking a trip down south. I just got out of the hospital because I had a small stroke on my left handed side. I also now have seizures which have caused me to fall and hit my forehead on concrete or this last time the bare floor.. This is permanent brain damage.

I'm going on medication for it which I will strictly keep up with. Actually my family will be taking that over.

I need everyone prayers as normally I am pretty healthy except the COPD But I have quit cold turkey so that irritation will no longer be a problem  

OMG, I'm so sorry.  At least the stroke was small and is manageable and I hope the medication helps.  I'm sending all best wishes and prayers your way.  Good grief, just when things begin running a little smoother.  But so glad you're able to be here.  I see that as a big plus!


From: AuntieRoo


Aww...TF I am sorry.

hopefully the medication will help to control the seizures.

Sending my very best wishes


Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom)

From: Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom)


Sending you my thoughts and prayers.  Please take care of yourself and stay strong.


From: SharpEye1


Ah, my friend!  I was worried about you, wondering why I hadn't seen you in the forum lately.  I'm putting you on the prayer chain for the best possible health outcome!  Please keep us posted on your progress!  Luv ya, Ada heart_eyes

Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)


My dearest  TF, 

I am so sorry to hear about these new health issues that you now have to handle. cry

My friend, you are strong muscle, resilient, and with a large and giving heart heart!! Take these new meds to aid with the seizures. There are OT and PT things to do if there was any weakness done to the left side of your body. If you need help finding out about any of them just PM, and I will help assist. 

As always, you, your loving Mom, and the hopes that your family is surrounded by peace, good health, and an abundance of love two_hearts is a continuous prayer that is at the forefront of my mind. pray

Please be good and kind to yourself, this healing may take a bit of time. But with all you have going for you...your wings are going to be stronger then ever!! Right now they just need some extra TLC, and lots of prayers!! That my sweet friend, you know you have from all of us!! innocent pray

Love and hugs ~ Debbie kissing_heart