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Halloween Event Friends for IOS   Friends

Started 4/23/18 by TinyFaerie; 36507 views.
Oodie (Oodeveer)

From: Oodie (Oodeveer)


Hullo!  I’m sending invites to both ID’s!  See ya soon!


From: AnnaLeaJo


I second AuntieRoo’s most kind dispositionrelaxed

I get so nervous at “To Gift or Not to Gift” during events that I usually mess it I already did for this oneunamused

I’m still learning this forum structure & I’ll look back at my new FE friends posts & see if they specifically requested to not be gifted but definitely PM me to stop if I keep on doing it or just put me in the trash...speak_no_evil


From: Fallonit


No worries, relaxed  With so many new friends I may need to consider gifting in alphabetical order in order to make sure i get everyone. 


From: Elsaemerald


I don’t have any hard rules but if a friend sends me a gift I reciprocate if I can regardless of whether they are an event friend or a long time close buddy. I have many good friends that started out as event friends so I’m happy to always leave that door open. Some friends gift every day some it’s once every few months — like just giving a wave to say “I’m here”. 

And, have no fear, AnnaLJ, I’m not putting you in the trash monkey

Invited you...glad to have you as a friend!


From: madelineL



I am also a bit confused on the seasonal gifting etiquette. I was not expecting any gifts from anyone seasonal. I would like to reciprocate if I have the items they are looking for. If the person would rather not receive a gift, they also can pm me, I don't mind. I would rather do what they prefer. I did make a spreadsheet as suggested earlier in the forum. It is working, thank you so much for the suggestion. 

If im doing what a friend would rather me not do, please pm me so I can add it to my spreadsheet to keep you happy ;)


Hi Madeline, I have added you to my SE only (meaning no gifting) list. Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes I get confused who needs help with pets & who just wants HOS access. It's not just the hair getting grey - it's the brain cells! If I forget & send you a gift, please don't worry about it - it's probably either 4:AM & I can't sleep & can barely see who I'm gifting, or a senior moment. 


From: madelineL


No problem, I am still new to the game. I'm sure I'm messing stuff up and going to send stuff to people that are on the seasonal list. I am really sorry to those that I do. Anyone can pm me, I'll make sure to highlight them on my spreadsheet, hopefully that will keep me from doing it again. 

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Aurora (Aurora378)

From: Aurora (Aurora378)


To Friends of Metro:

Thank you so much for adding me as a Fall Event friend, with no return gifting expected. Normally, I would just not send gifts to keep the whole issue simple. But "Metro" is a third game that I've started, and at Level 13, the only way that I can craft the Fall pets is to send gifts in order to earn the postcards. There is no obligation for you to return these gifts.

However, I am also playing the Castle Challenges, so on swapping days, I am happy to swap, for example, as I just did for the Ginger once I got with the program and remembered to do so!

Bottom line: gift or don't gift ... it's your choice ... no obligations! Have fun stormin' the Castle!

Aurora/Z4L, aka Zest4Life/Metro