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The Girl Who Grew Up in Midnight Castle    Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/26/18 by Desertdruid (stillDruid); 29599 views.
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Today Mom was in town getting groceries, and Dad was in the castle making sure "that it didn't fall down around our ears". Marty was over at the castle, but I noticed that he didn't go in. I had been wondering about the pretty lady and the knight in the castle so I asked old Salty about them.  

"So you can see them too? Huh." said Salty. Well the pretty lady was actually a vampire but a very nice vampire. Her name was Anabel. She would be a good friend for you to have in the castle as I cannot leave the Inn. The knight was a werewolf but again a very nice werewolf. He was called The Iron Knight. There are some others in the castle that were not so nice. But you come and ask me about them as you meet them. You can trust both Anabel and the Iron Knight. I thanked him for the information, and sat and thought about the pretty lady, Anabel, and the nice looking man, the Iron Knight. 

Then I thought about Marty. What could he possibly have seen that would have scared him so much. Certainly the sight of a pretty lady and a man would not have provoked such a reaction in him. I have to find out what he saw.
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It was my 7th birthday, and we invited many of my friends to the Chunk and Cheese for the party. We had a great time eating pizza and playing games for several hours. At one point I noticed that a few of Marty's friends were over in a corner and seemed to be scaring some of the girls. I decided to go over and see what they were saying. As I did, I noticed that some of the girls gave me a strange look, as if I had two heads or something. When I listened to what the boys were saying, I understood why. They were telling the girls that the castle was haunted and that if you went inside it, as they did, they would see a great big monster with fire coming from its eyes, and really big, sharp pointy teeth. I told them to stop telling monster stories, and that they were scaring my friends. When I looked at Marty for help, he merely shrugged his shoulders and walked away.  

I had told him that I had seen the pretty lady Anabel and the Iron Knight when I went into the castle, and how pretty the castle looked then. He looked at me as if I was crazy and just mumbled, "that isn't what I saw". I am going to make him tell me what he actually saw that day. He has to tell me tonight. 

The rest of the day was so much fun, opening presents and playing games with some of the kids from my class that I had not seen since school got out more than a month ago. I went to bed that night happy that the party had been such a success and totally forgot about Marty.
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The next day, I was with Dad in castle when he broke through a false wall in the castle entry. Behind that wall was the really big door. It was locked with 8 chains and the biggest lock I had ever seen in my life. That lock would take 7 keys to open it and we only had 4. As I looked around for other keys, I saw an entryway into what I thought was an ice world. There, I was startled to see a very large man, well he was sort of a man, with big pointed teeth that went not down, but up. That made me think of Marty and the stories that his friends were scaring the girls with, at my birthday party yesterday. I decided that this man, or whatever he was, was not large enough, or scary enough, to make Marty, and those friends of his, look so white and totally freaked out. Then I thought about the huge door with its chains and many keys and wondered if his monster was behind that door. But. if that was where it was, how did it get out of it's locked space? I decided that I needed to talk to Marty, but I wanted to check with Old Salty first. 
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Salty told me that the man-thing was actually the Mountain Troll Rustle. "A Troll? Aren't they small and mean looking and live under a bridge?", I asked Salty. "No, not all trolls are like that.", he said after he recovered from a huge belly laugh. He told me that Rustle was a Mountain Troll, and that the "room" that Dad had broken through to, was actually called Ice Rock. Although, he told me, it wasn't always cold. I was an addition to the castle that my Uncle had made. "You will see many strange additions, Caroline. And your uncle also had a spell put on the castle, so that no teenage boys would come in and destroy the castle. It is like the castle is protecting itself." he explained. "As far as what Marty saw, I believe I know what it is, but you will have to get a description from Marty, before I can say for sure." At that, Old Salty disappeared as my Mom came into the room. "Marty is looking for you outside, Caroline. And don't go far, dinner will be ready soon.", said Mom. So I went outside looking for Marty, and a description of what he saw.
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I joined Marty at the picnic table on the side of the Inn. As I sat down, Marty said that he would tell me what he saw, as long as I did not laugh at him or call him crazy. I promised that I would do neither. 

His voice got very low, and I had to lean toward him in order to hear him. He said that when he opened the door and walked in, at first he did not see anything. It was too dark. But all of a sudden a great big monster appeared directly in front of him. The first thing he saw was a huge gaping mouth with giant sharp pointed teeth. There was fire coming from both of its eyes, and its mouth. The roar that accompanied the fiery eyes and mouth was deafening. "But that was not the worst part." he said quietly. And with the fear of remembering in his eyes, he told me that the monster had giant tentacles, like an octopus only much, much larger. It was when that thing rapped one tentacle around him, and pulled him towards the monster's mouth, that he really lost it. He started screaming and didn't think he would ever stop. I told him that none of this was heard outside the castle and for that he was grateful. He told me that even now, after several baths, and scrubbings, he could still feel the cold slime of those tentacles on his body. As he told me what he had seen, I thought that had I seen what he did, I would have been very afraid also. I did not comment on his tale, as I remembered what Salty had said about the castle protecting itself. We sat there together, both of us silent, until Mom called us in for dinner.
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After dinner, I kept trying to get a word with Old Salty, but as my parents were both around, we could not speak to each other. Sometimes I could see Salty standing there behind the counter, polishing his glasses, when my Mom or Dad would almost walk right through him. I was dying to tell him what Marty saw, so I could find out what it was. I also wanted to know where it was, because that was something I did not want to run into unexpectedly. 

I could not talk to Salty all night, so I went to bed and thought about Marty's monster. I fell asleep and dreamed that I could talk to this thing. How anyone could talk to a monster like that, I thought, I just don't know.  

In the morning, I went to the castle vicinity and talked with Anabel for the first time. She was not only very pretty, but also, very nice. Anabel showed me a spot on the huge statues of the castle guards legs that would make them stamp their weapons on the ground. The first time I did that, my Dad came running out of the castle thinking that the walls were falling down around us. After I showed him where to activate the statues, he laughed, but told me not to do that anymore. He said that some of the walls inside the castle were not very safe yet, as there was more work to be done on them. 

As I talked with Anabel, she told me where to find the stones for the magic cupboard inside the castle entry. She also sent me on a scavenger hunt for items that she wanted. Some items were inside that scary coffin that must have been left over from a Halloween from long ago. Then she sent me to the overturned carriage for some other items. One of them was this stone with strange markings on it. She told me to hold onto that for the magic cupboard. 

I had not seen Old Salty all day as Mom has been inside the Inn, getting more of it cleaned out. I thought I heard her talking to someone and looked inside but could not see anyone but Mom. When I asked her who she was talking to, she merely responded, "No one dear. I have been checking off my list of things to do". That struck me as odd since I could not see a list anywhere.
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I was finally able to talk to Old Salty about Marty seeing that horrible monster. When I described it to Salty, he kept nodding his head. He told me that there was a lake deep inside the castle, Mirror Lake he called it. That is where Marty's monster lives, he told me. My eyes grew wide with horror to know that the monster not only is real, but lives in the castle. When Salty saw me shiver, he told me that it would be quite a while before I would actually see this monster, a Kraken he called it. I would be ready for it long before that time came, he said. "Ready for a Kraken," I thought," how can you get ready for a Kraken?" He laughed and cryptically said, "You will see". "Go see Anabel", he said. "She wants to introduce you to her Knight." With that, Salty disappeared. 

So off I went to see Anabel. I was going to ask her about the Kraken, but before I could, she had introduced me to the Iron Knight. He was very nice, but all he could talk about was Anabel. "Would you go find this item for Anabel", he said. Then it was go find another item and another and another until I was ready to leave the Knight. I think I found him a bit boring, even though he was pleasant and good looking. 

The day was totally brightened up when Dad put lights in what I thought was a magic cupboard on one side of a doorway. It was a cupboard of sorts, only shaped like a gargoyle. Dad put the lights in his eyes, so it looked like it was staring at you. Marty was a little creeped out by this, until I put the special stone in the spot on the gargoyle's stomach. That's when the stone disappeared, the doors opened, and a different item was inside. Marty tried it with a stone from the driveway and it did not work. I showed him the overturned carriage, because that is where the stones with the special markings were. He was delighted when the gargoyle worked for him too. Dad is now putting lights in that lantern on the other side of the doorway. I can't wait to see that all lit up.
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I was just poking around that scary casket with the Halloween skeleton in it and saw the most beautiful statue of a cat. It was dirty, but I wanted to take it for my bedroom. I know that Mom can help me clean it up. Then I decided to look at some of the items in the broken well. There was an identical statue! Cleaned up, they will make beautiful bookends in my room. 

After Mom and I cleaned and polished the statues, I put them in my room and then wanted to go to the castle to see how Dad was doing with the lighting project he was doing. The first thing I saw was this beautiful lantern all lit up. As I was looking at it, a butterfly came and landed on the lantern. Oh no! The lantern ate the butterfly! After it ate the butterfly, it opened and gave me an item just like the magic gargoyle cupboard did. But it ate a real butterfly to do it! I just sat down and cried for the butterfly. The Iron Knight knelt beside me, trying to comfort me. He told me that my Mom or my Dad could either make a spray that would keep the real butterflies away, or a screen that would serve the same purpose. Then he told me of what he called a winged amulet. It was in the shape of the butterfly and I could find some of them in the overturned carriage. I think I may have to change my opinion of the Iron Knight. He was very kind to me, and understood why I was so sad over the loss of the butterfly. 

I ran to the overturned carriage and found the winged amulet and brought it back to the lantern. It did just as the magic gargoyle and took the amulet and gave me a different item

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This time the lantern gave me this ugly looking black eyeball looking thing that had what looked like seaweed around the outside of it. I don't know what I can use that for so I just put it in my keepsake chest. Last time it gave me a round disc with a hole in the center and little vampire bat on it and little spikes around the edges. That too, went into my keepsakes. 

When Dad broke through to the Ice Rock, I was afraid to talk to the Mountain Troll Rustle. I decided that it was time to check out Rustle. The first thing he said to me was "Hi. I'm Rustle. You're probably smarter than me, but I'm a lot uglier." I had to laugh at that and decided that I liked Rustle. After talking to him for a while, he decided to have me help him make some items. First he sent me to the coffin, what he called the crypt, to find a torch. Then I was to take the torch to the burnt tree next to the crypt and look inside for a ring that he called a Nocturnal Ring. To me it was just a ring with a pink stone in it and another bat on the front of the ring. They sure have funny names for things here at the castle. Then I had to find a key in the broken well and open the chest that was across the walkway from the well. Rustle called it the Rock Garden. I could not see where he got that name, I didn't see a single flower in that garden. Inside the chest was what looked like a flower but it had a black rose in the center of it. Rustle insisted that it was called the Midnight Rose. Then I had to spend a little of my allowance for glue so we could put the Nocturnal Ring and the Midnight Rose together to make what Rustle said was a Vampire Sign. I thought that was a pretty creepy name for such a pretty ring, well, except for the open mouthed vampire bat that is.

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For several days, there was a very strange looking raven that would fly in and sit not far from me. This raven was strange looking because he had a bow tie around his neck, a top hat on his head, and he wore an eye piece. Now, I have heard about ravens picking up shiny items, but I never saw one wearing a top hat! This raven would try to talk to me and every time he did, I would get up and leave. This time, I decided to stay and hear what he said. He told me that to get another key for that great big lock, I would have to help Rustle, The Mountain Troll, get the items that he wanted. Then Rustle would give me a key. So I went back to Rustle to find out what else he wanted. 

This time, he wanted what he called a Demons Seal. For that, I had to find another torch from the coffin/crypt. I asked him why I couldn't just use a flashlight, and he told me that if I did, the magic would not give me what I wanted. So I found the torch, and then went to what I liked to call the Butterfly Lamp, but he called it the Astral Lamp and got one of those rings with the hole in the center with the bat on it. Rustle called this item a Demonic Ring. Now, I had to take my torch to the Burnt tree and find an eyeball called a Demons Eye. Then Rustle and I put these two items together to make the Demons Seal.