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HOSs and ZZs .... in Excel Spreadsheet   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 7/28/19 by AEGram; 16744 views.
In reply toRe: msg 15

From: AEGram


The HOS/ZZ excel spreadsheet has been updated on post #1 of this thread.


From: THEdella


May I suggest that you also add that for those who do not have, nor want to buy, Microsoft's Office Suite (which includes the Excel Spreadsheet) that offers a free office suite named "Open Office" that is free to download and use, no limitations and fully functional.  I have used it for years with no problems.  If you download and install it, then when you click on any Microsoft item in their "Suite", then you can choose to have Open Office open it and then you can save it and it will show with an .ods file extension.  Wonderful free project they have been developing for many years.  Check it out for yourself if you want to before posting it.  I think I originally found it when I was using a Win 7 machine.


From: AEGram


I have the Microsoft Office products because I like them and are familiar with them.

I cannot recommend what I don't try, but your recommendation will suffice for others to decide for themselves.

Thanks for offering an alternative so more people can open the spreadsheet on the first post of this thread.