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I need the power of everyone’s prayer again :-(   Messages from the Heart

Started 10/10/19 by TJ (StarBlazes); 7711 views.

From: Randytb


Dear TJ

 am so sorry to know what you and and fur baby are going through.

Be strong for him for they feel your pain worry and your stress.

Sis and I are going through a he** of a week ourselves right now so I know that your heart is breaking.

As many here know we have a rescued  white faced Boston Terrier  S nookie she is 9 we have had her since she was two.

She was very badly treated caged and beat on by a Bull Terrier.

She is spoiled rotten and gets table some table food but NEVER PORK because I almost lost a fur baby when I feed him pork chops,,, and the shards almost killed him but my vet saved him kept him over night on IV and feed him Vaseline  yes Vaseline  best thing for cats or dogs for hair balls or blocked intestine so you know I always have a jar here.

What I am getting at is I know exactly what you are going through because since Saturday we are going through it and it is my fault.

I got the New BBQ pulled Pork  from T.H and sis did not like it so yes idiot me gave the other one to Nookie and a few hours later it hit me WHAT HAVE I DONE???

She was so sick and so weak I was sure she was going to die and of course the vets where closed.

To make this short giving he Vaseline then special food for her intestines and plan boiled chicken and rice and rice water one table spoon every two hours she is doing much better and getting stronger so have faith keep strong and if you have to give up a leg to save his life as hard as that would be it would save him time here is the real killer so check and recheck and go with your heart.

See if your husband can fine *** Doc Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet * or The incredible Doctor Pol.

Doctor Pol has a three legged cat he calls his couch potato and lives in the clinic as the official watch cat  missing a leg does not effect nor slow him down.

Sorry this was so long but I wanted  you to know you are not alone and do not blame yourself  you did not do this to hurt him.

Sis Snookie and I and all the MC family are here for you and in our prayers



From: oiuoiu321


Randy, try not to blame yourself.  Memory plays odd tricks sometimes. 

A few months ago, I forgot that I was allergic to raspberries and was eating a bowl when I started to feel sick and only then remembered!  Fortunately it won't kill me, just make me miserable on the bathroom floor for a couple of days, but still, you'd think I'd have remembered, but no.

It was really frustrating to have poisoned myself, but memory can do that.  Glad to hear your care and attention are having results for Snookie!


From: Randytb


Easier  said then done oiuoiu32

But she is getting around a bit more and like the princess she is gets feed by Daddy on Mommy's bed and eating better and more .

This is going to take time but I do not care she is 9 now and  being sick when they are older takes longer but I am in for the long haul.

Good Lord woman do we need to send you a Label maker  so you can label them * POISON*

Thank you and take care


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From: Randytb


TY just poped in to see how you and Mini are today


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From: Randytb


I am in no shape at the moment to find where to add a new discussion but seeing it is part of these ones it belongs

                                ******** THE LOSE OF OUR HERO********************

Donna and I are devastated to  say on Saturday July 10 2021 at 7;30 pm our hero died.

We are proud to call him our brother and our hero because hw wa.

He lost his 20 year  battle with Cancer being the main sickness.

See Danny was a New York firefighter and trained to become a First Res ponder  in his company and on the day we shall never forget they got the call that a plane had hit the first Tower 

Danny and his company were the first res-ponders on the scene and the first to enter the Tower.

They pulled out as many as they could find fighting the fires and that horrific cloud of toxic  fumes Danny and his fellow firefighters took of there masks to give oxygen to the many they found and lead out.

They were ordered out as The second Tower was hit many had to be dragged out they did not want to stop.

He became so sick he had to retire way to soon and his 20 year fight began.

He was the last firefighter from his Fire House to succumb 

He passed away taking a nap with his wife of 50 years and now is pain free and has rejoined his Fire House in the sky


Dear Randy:

 Reading this, brought tears to my eyes and  the rush of memories of 9/11. I was glued to the TV every day watching all the first responders rushing TOWARDS those buildings, helping with evacuations. 
and all the days afterwards, there is no way to properly thank them for everything that was done.

My thoughts and prayers for you and Donna over the loss of your beloved brother , Danny.tuliprainbow

So sorry for your loss. Danny sounds like a wonderful man and a true hero. 9/11 was devastating to so many and the loss of those who put their lives on the line that day some 20 years later is heartbreaking. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. 

Oh Randy, I'm so incredibly sorry to hear Danny passed away.  So, so sad.  Like many others, I too was glued to the television set on 9/11 and will never, ever forget watching and listening to those firefighters fighting their way TOWARDS that horror.  It definitely takes a special kind of individual who pushes aside the danger and risks everything to help anyone in need.  I have watched every single year, almost 20 years now, the memorial shows on September 11 and cried my heart out every single time.  It is absolutely gut-wrenching, but it's my way to acknowledge all the lives lost and the heroism observed that day.  And all the days, for 20 years that followed, for the first responders dealing with devastating illnesses, all the while navigating the sometimes frustrating maelstrom of medical coverage.

My heart goes out to you and your family and Danny and his family.  I will include all of you in my prayers.  God Bless You.


From: SharpEye1


Dear Randy,

My heart goes out to you and Donna and I'm keeping you all and Danny's family in my prayers.  I've also sent you a PM, so just let me know if there's anything I can do.

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So sorry for your loss.  Your brother truly was a hero on that awful day.  Take care and thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. disappointed_relieved

Pat rose