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Identifying new ghosts    Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started 10/19/19 by Desertdruid (stillDruid); 2358 views.

The new Bat ghosts are pink & triangular like Siamese cat faces with wings. 

The Lanterns are easy to spot - they're golden & look like lanterns. 

The Owls are tricky - they’re black & look just like the black cat ghosts, only wider. We’ll probably all waste a bunch of ghosts traps trying to catch these & getting cats instead.  


From: mdpetdoc


For me the easy way to distinguish the cats from the owls is the dark black spots in the trail of the black cats. 


From: SharpEye1


Here's a screenshot of the owl ghost...not sure how visible it will be for you.


From: moonflower61


I went through a lot of my ghost traps last night as it was hard to tell the difference between the ghosts , so any tips definitely help. I also added the trap to my wish list because of this, can never have enough ghost traps. Happy ghost hunting all! Red Rider


From: TinyFaerie


I doing okay on the owls and laterns but that bat is throwing me for a loop. Good thing I have lots of ghost traps


From: moonflower61


Yep, those black cats and owls are a bit tricky.


From: Wendulka


I caught a lot of black cats, trying to get 3 owls. Very annoying

Not sure if you can see this, but the owl ghosts have owl eyes and the cats have cat ears. That’s how I tell them apart. Thanks for the tip on the bats, I haven’t found any yet!

Good catch, I never noticed that. The new Owl Ghost doesn’t leave a trail. They just seem to be in a grey cloud.

Now that I’ve had more opportunity to observe them, I’ve noticed:

The Owls have round eyes & ears that go to the sides.

Cats have almond eyes & ears that form a “V”. 

I hope that helps someone tell the difference. 


From: AEGram


I've also noticed that the cats have a very, very black surrounding. The Bats look quite similar, but they don't look so "catlike." After much studying, I was finally able to tell the 3 (owls, cats, bats) apart.