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Glitches/FE   Technical Issues

Started 10/20/19 by BJApple; 492 views.

From: BJApple


I have read through to see if others have mentioned 2 problems (Android/Kindle)

#1. When I try to see the item in the center of the new room (cool pumpkin)there is a blank space.  One other friend has actually bought it (I think) and it is blank. Is it just my game or a wider problem

#2.  I have been kicked out of the game several times when catching the newest ghosts...twice when making progress on achievements.  So aggravating!

I wondered if it was a server issue or an actual glitch.

BigFish has already issued a statement that the missing pumpkin in the new room is a display error, & they will issue a fix for it. 

I haven’t had it actually crash on me since the 1st download attempt, but it does freeze if it lose connection even momentarily. 

In reply toRe: msg 2

One thing I noticed - definitely not a problem that needs fixing! - once you make the butterfly in the new room HOS fly away, in subsequent rooms, it won’t be there. But if you tap on the spot where it should be, it appears & flies away!


From: BJApple


Thank you for the information on the missing piece!!!  I haven't had any problems with the room itself that I know of.