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Friends disappearing   Technical Issues

Started 11/11/19 by Abel123; 975 views.

From: Abel123


Today when I started gifting, after 2 gifts, "please wait" appeared and did what I usually do, signed off and restarted.  Then half of my friends disappeared, the last half of the alphabet.  got a friend request from one of the disappeared friends, accepted, and the list reappeared.  However, the rest of my gifts allotment  was gone after only 2 gifts.  Continued to play for a while, signed off, and later started again.  Half the friends list has once again disappeared.  Anyone have the same problem? 

Dhyani (Dhyaniland)

From: Dhyani (Dhyaniland)


I play on PC )I have 13 Castles going) and although I occasionally get the Please Wait thing, it usually clears itself if I wait a while, but I have NOT seen my Friends disappear on ANY of my 13 Games. I don't close the affected game, I just wait.

If this keeps happening, you could contact Elephant Games:

or (for a faster response) send a Msg. through Facebook:

Are you on PC, iOS or Android?

XXOO ~ Dhyaniboom


From: Imtired2


I have sometimes had to open the friend several times to see all my friends. Never thought much about it.  I play on an iPad. 


From: CindyK65


This happens all the time on my iPad. I found if I go to the private rooms and click thru 2 or 3 and then go back to the gifting tab, they are all there. If not, I click on the icon and the rest will usually reappear.


From: Manxcat419


What I've noticed is that the game just takes a while to load all your friends when you first log in.  So if the first thing you did was go to your "social" tab as the game started up, you'll only see some of your friends initially.  If you either wait a few minutes before going to the social tab or click on and off your friends list a few times, you'll see them load gradually until everyone is there.


From: Abel123


For the time being the friends have stopped disappearing.  However I have about 8 friends who have nothing in showing in their gift list but who gift me regularly so I can't gift back.  Is this a glitch or do they just not want any gifts?

Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom)

From: Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom)


If your friends card has no arrow on it then they don't have a wish list, so you won't be able to gift them back.  Some players take down their wish list to catch up on gifting, taking a break, etc.  Some players feel they don't need anything but will continue to gift others.