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CC vs Achievements Quandary   Achievements and Musings

Started 11/16/19 by alliebdive; 2745 views.

From: butch53


I try to double up on the number of "hits" I can accomplish at one time.  If the CC is running, AND the DQ asked for airships items, I will only do those IF Trina also needs 300 airships wheels.  I always pass on DQ if they need airships and Trins does not.  probably has extended my getting the achievements, but, it is a marathon, not a sprint.

On another note.  I have maxed out at 100 level, but I have several friends that are at 101, or even 102 level.  Since I am stuck at 100 until the next update, I am wondering how that was accomplished?

There was an update on Sept 17, check your Game Manager if on PC.


From: butch53


I had to hard recycle the ipad, to locate that there was an upgrade to the game.  It has now been downloaded.  Time to get the flute working!

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From: butch53


Now the game will not start.  I get the big fish screen, the the elephant games, then a black screen, and nothing more.