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Update   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started 12/8/19 by ShaSha (Myhashen); 1285 views.
ShaSha (Myhashen)

From: ShaSha (Myhashen)


Just noticed an available update for MC.  There are 2 new winter pets, but I didn't notice any changes in appearance to winter and my Christmas HOS weren't  available to play so I guess this is just a "get ready" update?   Looking forward to it!   Myhashen/ShaSha

Dhyani (Dhyaniland)

From: Dhyani (Dhyaniland)


This Update hit Dec 5th.

Here's a comprehensive Discussion about it:

ShaSha (Myhashen)

From: ShaSha (Myhashen)


Thanks.  Obviously, I have been off MC for a few days.  


From: Imtired2


Please repost in correct discussion if not here. 

I have not been prompted to download any updates.  I play on an iPad.  I saw a new Christmas room on a new friends room.  Any suggestions?

Rose-no gifts.....



From: P1tbull


This copied from April @ MC's post.

To find an update in the App Store, you have to click on the little person in blue on the top right hand side of screen. Then a window will pop up and you have to do a drag down motion. Any apps requiring an update will appear in this widow.

This seems to be the new format, since the last iOS update.

With regards to a new Christmas room, the winter event hasn't started yet so I think what you are possibly seeing is either Christmas Room 1 or Christmas Room 2. Seeing as we were given Spring Room 3 this year, I'm wondering if we will get a Christmas Room 3 LOL


From: Imtired2


Thanks.  Had to go to big fish to get download. 


From: AEGram


Imtired2 said:

 I saw a new Christmas room on a new friends room.  Any suggestions?

Just as a clarification........we currently have 9 private rooms:

Original Room
Christmas Room 1
Spring Room 1
Christmas Room 2
Spring Room 2
Halloween Room 1
Spring Room 3
Anniversary Room
Halloween Room 2

There was no new Christmas room created during this most recent pre-Christmas download.