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Started 12/11/19 by jack7242; 1247 views.

From: jack7242


I only have a few friends and only on level 33, but I understand that there are achievements for gifting Christmas presents. I gift what I can (low inventory) but would appreciate more friends. ID a782780


From: Annemaree


You may need to check your number, I tried to send you an invite but the number came up as empty


From: Imtired2


Are you on an android platform?

Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Hi jack!! 

I sent an invite to the above number on my android tablet.  It came up with the game name of Kali level 33.  I hope this is right.

Good luck with the coming Winter Event. 

That Christmas gift giving Achievement involves the pink gift boxes that the HOS drop every so often.  The amount of pink gift boxes you have to gift can be found in the same folder as your stamps, plain, rare, etc).  The gifts do not come out of your regular inventory.  The wording can be a bit misleading.  You can leave 1 gift under the tree (Christmas Room 1) or in the big stocking (Christmas Room 2) for each player once a day. You can also get extra pink boxes by trading Christmas decorations with the kiddies during the Event - 5 decorations for a gift box.

You can only do the HOS (in Room 2) once a day also.  There are 3 of them.  If the HOS is maxed, then you get 250 coins per completed HOS.  A good way to boost your coin supply.  Plus I have a feeling that the pet components for the new Christmas pets will be in those HOS. 

Have fun in the castle. 

Dot earth_asia


From: jack7242


Thanks Dot, Yup I'm Kali, got over 100 pressies to give away, now just need the event to start. I see there are new items to catch. Should be fun.


From: missihMC


Hi Jack,

Sent you an invite...  missih, level 70.  If /when I gift you from your wishlist, there is *no* need to gift back.  I know how precious inventory and coins are in the levels you're working on...  

Have fun with the Christmas event and I hope you get lots of coin from visiting the Christmas rooms and presents under your tree!  

- missih


From: jack7242


Thanks missih, will send presents until I run out.