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PC Egg Drop Off Points   Archives

Started 12/13/19 by April @ MC (April54321); 18782 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)

From: Annemaree1


Let me clarify!  I had previously told you I would participate in future egg collections and in my last PM to you I with drew that involvement

 "First, I wish to withdraw my intention from assisting in the future collection of the eggs".

As you have clearly told member to delete me from their friends list, it show how much you appreciate my efforts, I will continue to finish sending to those that are still with me through the event, but it is the first and only time I will focus so much time and energy on collecting eggs.


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From: oiuoiu321


Annemaree, I'm glad to hear you're not actually quitting Team Egg Roll this year.  I've heard that you've been doing a stellar job! Thanks!

Sorry you're finding it frustrating, and that there's been confusion about what you've written.  This happens to me all the time in e-mails, and drives me bonkers!

Remember to enjoy the game, that's what it's for.


From: SharpEye1


Hi all--I just finished gifting my remaining eggs to my wonderful Consortium friends!  In an effort to make bookkeeping easier, I've copied my first stats post here for easy reference.

For the Record--I will log on long enough to continue gifting the eggs I collected to the Consortium until all are sent.  Here's my stats as of today (12/25/2019):

Eggs Collected from my AWESOME friends!

BABY MAMMOTH--$500 (30 Eggs)--Randy (1), PTG (3), Fletcher (1), Susie Baker (2), Z*DHYANI (1), Z*JULES (2), JM (1), Valjune (1), Raven of GA (1), Nickie (5), Anne (6), Tap Dancer (5), Oiuoiu (1)

YETI--$650 (26 Eggs)--Charlie (1), Fletcher (1), TOAD (1), Z*GLOBE (2), Chrissie UK (1), Pete (3), Brynhrt (1), Nickie (3), Anne (5), Tap Dancer (2), Oiuoiu (3), Bedford (1), Lucky Lady (1), Xanadu (1)

FIRE ROOSTER--$800 (5 Eggs)--Ada (1), Randy (1), Charlie (1), Anne (1), OTTER (1)

Eggs Forwarded to Consortium Friends!

BABY MAMMOTH--$500 (14 Eggs so far)--Dotj (4), One Cent (3), DJ1 (2), Tiny Faerie (5)

YETI--$650 (10 Eggs so far)--One Cent (4), Tiny Faerie (2), Ree (4)

FIRE ROOSTER $800 (5 Eggs--Done)--Dot j (3), One Cent (2)

Other Eggs Forwarded to Consortium Friends!

SNOW WHITE--$25 (5 Eggs)--Jackie (3), DJ1 (2)

SNOWMAN--$400 (2 Eggs)--Nell2 (1), Jackie (1)

SLED DOG--$650 (1 Egg)--Nell2 (1)

So, if I've counted right, I've collected a TOTAL of 61 eggs assigned to me, and passed on a TOTAL of 29 eggs assigned to me, and will work on sending the remaining 32 eggs to my Consortium friends.  The "other" eggs are not counted here as they were extras I passed on (not "assigned").

Thank you to everyone for your awesome support!!  It's been fun while it lasted (for me)!! heart_eyes

Here's my final stats as of today (1/09/2020):

Eggs Forwarded to Consortium Friends!

BABY MAMMOTH--$500 (15 Eggs)--Dotj (5), One Cent (2), DJ1 (2), Tiny Faerie (1), Nell (2), GMA (1), Katiek (2)

YETI--$650 (14 Eggs)--One Cent (3), Katiek (2), Ree (4), Nell (2), GMA (3)

Lastly, I gifted 2 Baby Mammoth and 1 Yeti directly to 3 of my regular lower level friends who had them on their wish list.  FYI--I did this during the beginning of the event and forgot to mention it then, so I apologize that I didn't write down (or remember) who I gifted them to. 

So, if I've counted right, I have now passed on the remaining TOTAL of 32 eggs assigned to me.

Please feel free to let me know if I have miscalculated anything!  

Ada heart_eyes

P.S. Once the event ends I will be deleting those added for the event, as it put me at almost 200 friends, which is just not manageable for me.  If any of you want to remain game friends after the event, PM me and I'll see how many I can keep that's doable.  Thanks for understanding.

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From: SirePeteS


Hello Debbie:

Well, life take funny bounces from-time-to-time.

I was rushed back to hospital Tuesday. Now, is Friday evening. Just got released.

There were messages from you. And, something about a request. Thinking I missed whatever was.

Please re-send or clarify.


Wow Ada,

What a fantastic effort from you and all those busy egg collectors. Job very well done.

April : ) 

Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)



Oh my goodness!! flushed
Are you okay!! I am so sorry to hear that you needed another visit to the hospital. These visits must grow weary on you.  Hospitals are a place for fixing, mending, healing...but most times, when you leave them you are more exhausted than when you entered. 
What they are not, is a place for rest and rejuvenation.  So I do hope you are taking very good care of yourself!! 

No important messages were missed from me. So no worries!! wink
Please just feel better, and keep me posted as to how you are doing or anything you might need!! 


Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)


Attention ALL PC PLAYERS!! We Need Your 

                   HELP Please!!

The Consortium, is doing our once a year Special Event called Team Egg Roll!! 
What I would greatly appreciate some assistance with , is our Egg Collector’s on PC are running out of Holiday Wands for them to do the questing to get the Eggs. 
We have Consortium Members, Helpers, and Friends,  gifting them the Holiday Wands, but when you quest for WE Pet Eggs you go through Holiday Wands, like it is macaroni and cheese, or perhaps peanut & jelly, maybe chocolate and Cabernet may be more to your liking!! wink

You get the picture!! Please anyone on PC who would be able to join us and help with gifting Holiday Wands, we would be so very grateful !! snowflakesnowman

You may look in this thread and post to it...

Or look in this thread, or post to it. The Collectors are listed.

Or you may always PM me, and I will give you the game ID’s of those that are in great need of the Holiday Wands, as soon as possible!!

 We are so very thankful for lending us a hand when we need it!! 

Debbie kissing_heart

Consortium Co-ordinator 


From: GrannyBee


I've been giving wands to Nickie & oiu as often as I can and would be happy to help out anyone else who needs them. I play as Ms. B and my ID is 709731. :)


From: SirePeteS


Thanks ... back in the game! Ramping up slowly.


From: SirePeteS


Could use wands. Wonder how you get so many. Like Debbie implied - my wands disappear like hot was from a candle.

   Pete - ID: 822927