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PC Egg Drop Off Points   Archives

Started 12/13/19 by April @ MC (April54321); 21635 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)

From: TinyFaerie


Pete I have you for a friend and can send them


From: GrannyBee


Hi, Pete,

I've only used them to get the new "ghosts" and to do the CC so I've been able to build up a few. So send me an invite or else when I log back into the game for midday gifting I'll send you one. :)


From: GrannyBee


Gosh, Pete - have you as a friend now but can't send you any wands because you don't have them on your wish list?


From: FlaFerret


And I appreciate that so much!!   Thank you!

Same to each & every one of you who so kindly have been sending me wands - I've really enjoyed collecting eggs for Team Egg Roll - and the wands you send are a big help!



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From: GinnyTLC



I have you as a friend but don't see wands on your wish list.

Haven't been doing DQs so have plenty to send, also red yarn balls and Snow white eggs for the new pets. 

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From: FlaFerret


Well, I just sent off my last eggs to consortium members... and it was a bummer, as I could only send two - I didn't have the 'right eggs' for the last two pick-up folks.   Did two more quests & only got one more egg that didn't work either LOL.     If the egg pick-up points are leaving eggs on their wish list a little bit longer, I can get the last eggs in my inventory sent out as soon as the gift-slots turn over for the next day .

Thanks for letting me take part in this - it got a little crazy here at the end, as eggs got rather scarce - the quests got really stingy with dropping eggs most of the time!  But overall, it was fun & I'm glad that the consortium is collecting stuff for people who weren't able to play in the event!   


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Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


I have switched to spring room two. I will leave the three eggs on my with list of Robert and Robert2 for a couple more days for people who still want  to get rid of an egg. I will continue to send eggs to the consort till my supply is gone for they change there wish list. The FORTH gifting slot is know a cheap item for friends who want to  gift. I will be going back to the ICE BREATH CHALLEGE by the end of the week. 


From: SharpEye1


Now that the WE is over, as I mentioned in my previous post (when I gave my final egg total stats) regarding Team Egg Roll players that were added to my game, I plan to start deleting those event players as I now have 191, which is too much to keep up with.  However, if any of you prefer to remain as a regular game friend, PM me, and I MAY be able to keep a few. 

Please, do not take this personally.....I enjoyed helping as long as I could but, now I need to get back to what is manageable for me.....especially as I also have had to drastically limit my time on the computer in order to help my shoulder/arm heal while going to physical therapy twice a week.

Thank you all for your support during Team Egg Roll and your understanding of my current situation.  I will keep all your names and ID's for the next event, if you want to join me then.


Hi FlaFerret,

Thank you so much for your contributions. I think the Consortium members will still have eggs on their Wishlists for a while yet, as all the egg drop players still need to forward their eggs on.

I’m so glad you enjoyed the event. It can get a bit tiresome and repetitive towards the end, so props to you for sticking with it to the last day.


From: katiek2


Hi April,

Please find attached below my Team Egg Roll report for the 2019 Christmas Event.  I was in Group 1.