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PC Egg Drop Off Points   Archives

Started 12/13/19 by April @ MC (April54321); 25747 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)

From: FlaFerret


Well, I just sent off my last eggs to consortium members... and it was a bummer, as I could only send two - I didn't have the 'right eggs' for the last two pick-up folks.   Did two more quests & only got one more egg that didn't work either LOL.     If the egg pick-up points are leaving eggs on their wish list a little bit longer, I can get the last eggs in my inventory sent out as soon as the gift-slots turn over for the next day .

Thanks for letting me take part in this - it got a little crazy here at the end, as eggs got rather scarce - the quests got really stingy with dropping eggs most of the time!  But overall, it was fun & I'm glad that the consortium is collecting stuff for people who weren't able to play in the event!   


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Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


I have switched to spring room two. I will leave the three eggs on my with list of Robert and Robert2 for a couple more days for people who still want  to get rid of an egg. I will continue to send eggs to the consort till my supply is gone for they change there wish list. The FORTH gifting slot is know a cheap item for friends who want to  gift. I will be going back to the ICE BREATH CHALLEGE by the end of the week. 


From: SharpEye1


Now that the WE is over, as I mentioned in my previous post (when I gave my final egg total stats) regarding Team Egg Roll players that were added to my game, I plan to start deleting those event players as I now have 191, which is too much to keep up with.  However, if any of you prefer to remain as a regular game friend, PM me, and I MAY be able to keep a few. 

Please, do not take this personally.....I enjoyed helping as long as I could but, now I need to get back to what is manageable for me.....especially as I also have had to drastically limit my time on the computer in order to help my shoulder/arm heal while going to physical therapy twice a week.

Thank you all for your support during Team Egg Roll and your understanding of my current situation.  I will keep all your names and ID's for the next event, if you want to join me then.


Hi FlaFerret,

Thank you so much for your contributions. I think the Consortium members will still have eggs on their Wishlists for a while yet, as all the egg drop players still need to forward their eggs on.

I’m so glad you enjoyed the event. It can get a bit tiresome and repetitive towards the end, so props to you for sticking with it to the last day.


From: katiek2


Hi April,

Please find attached below my Team Egg Roll report for the 2019 Christmas Event.  I was in Group 1.  

Wow KatieK! 

Fabulous work by you and all the fantastic (or should I say eggcellent) collectors. We still have a bit of work to do to get all the eggs to the consortium, but what a great team effort.

Thank you so much


From: GrannyBee


Hi, April and Debbie,

I couldn't figure out how to just make a new post so am attaching my Team EggRoll results here.

Thanks for letting me take part - I'm looking forward to helping with the Spring Event too! :)

GrannyBee (Ms. B.)

Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


 My PC games will continue to send eggs to the consort members till there gone or they change there wish list Between my two Pc games I have 4-snowman, 12 little white bear, 35 fire rooster, 21 penguin, 28 winter cat, and 30 sled dog.

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From: oiuoiu321


I ended the event with 15 eggs in my inventory.  I will gift them directly to Consortium members, which will take another couple of days.  Now that I don't have to get them off of my game ASAP, I decided that it would be silly to pass them on to the collectors.

But I want to thank all the Collectors, who helped me get so many eggs. Even though I often was prioritizing giving straight to the Consortium members, I still was able to gives tons to the Collectors.  Thank you so much for helping in this way!

I also want to thank everyone who gifted me event items, especially the Holiday Wands.  I went into this event with a fair amount in my inventory (mostly gifted from friends) and I was able to smash my total from last year.  This year's total...

446 eggs!

tada tada tada tada tada 

I plan to play again next year, and so will be collecting Winter Event items for quite a while to get stock for next year.  If you can help, I'd really appreciate it.  I may even collect Holiday Wands all year.  I thought I had plenty stockpiled this year, but I ended up needing way more than I could collect, even with everyone helping me, I ended up buying over 150 with diamonds. 


From: FlaFerret


Wow, 446 eggs?   That's amazing!!!   You did a fantastic job!!!

Thanks so much for the tip about collecting wands for next year!   I took it off my wishlist when the event ended, but I'm going to put it back on, so I'll be better prepared next year!!

One last note -- I just sent the last eggs out of my inventory to the collectors - so if you are one of those who needs to remove "excess" people from your friend list, you can remove me now - I totally understand & I appreciate all of you who helped out!!!   Of course, if you want to keep me on your list, that's wonderful too!   I don't always play regularly, kinda hit-and-miss during normal times, though I love the special events!!

   I just wanted to let you all know I don't have any further eggs to send you, so it's safe to remove me if you need to.   (Other than the white Stoat eggs, but I'm guessing anyone who played the private rooms at all ended up with tons of those, so is there any need for me to send those?  I missed a good many days playing the private rooms at all & I still ended up with over 400 of those eggs!)