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PC Egg Drop Off Points   Archives

Started 12/13/19 by April @ MC (April54321); 34518 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)

From: Susanna502MC


On the value of eggs. Do you mean what they cost to buy or what you would get if sold?


From: Annemaree


Any idea how to keep my eggs fresh?

We are experiencing a horrible heat wave here and my eggs are accumulating.  Just worried they will start to rot before I get to send them out.

I also notice Robert2 and Robert12-15 are also helping collect eggs for the consortium (PC players) and thought you might like to add them to your list.

Also I would like to apologize to my regular friends that have been helping me before the event started.  I haven't forgotten you and will be gifting again after the events ends.  This is my reason for not posting any requests myself, I don't want to be selfish receiving your items without offering anything back in return.  Thank you for your understanding.

Hope everyone is having a great event 

I think you’ll have to build a really big nest using some of that dry grass and tinder lying around - hopefully this will help on the bushfire front as well. Then fill it up with lots of ice, and a couple of cold drinks for yourself incase you get thirsty with all this amazing work you are doing.

Thanks for the info on Roberts games. I will add them to the list.

Keep up the fabulous work! 

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


Hello my darling,

Can you please have a look at post one and put up the eggs that have been designated to your group in your wishlist?

Those are Baby Mammoth, Fire Rooster and Funny Yeti.

You have lovely elves with full sacks of eggs but you have different eggs up on all four of your games.

They have no place to drop them off.



Hi Jenifer,

Thanks for keeping an eye out on PC - love the community spirit on the forum.

I think this one is my fault as I accidentally cc’d the iOS Consortium in on an earlier post that was meant to go to the PC Consortium - my bad. 



CC to PenWeb

From: Annemaree1


wow just done the math on the eggs, since the event is officially 43 days, i will have sent out 645 eggs to the consortium member and friends.  That's one big omelette

Crystal;P (12earth45)

From: Crystal;P (12earth45)



amazing and a BIG thank you!. Is this because you have not crafted any of the pets yet?

I feel this is especially important, as many having issues with their games.

heart_eyesbouquetheart_eyes_cat You’re at Star!star2innocent


From: Annemaree1


Yes I have recently returned to the game and had to start over, so I don't have any of them crafted. 

I have crafted the other Christmas pets that don't require any eggs and also received a couple from the challenges, will probably do it again next time around but not as seriously, I would love to offer some of my other friends gift, I feel I am neglecting them.  I would also like to open my slots up to receive gifts also.


From: PenWeb


Hi Jenifer,

I have listed the eggs according to the group I was assigned for each game I have.

Nell is group 2

Nell2 group 3

OneCent group 1

GMA group 2 

So --- different eggs for different games.

If there is something wrong with this grouping, would someone please let me know?

If you are not on my friends list of any of these games and wish to give eggs, please send me a request.

PenWeb, playing as Nell, Nell2, OneCent, and GMA


From: TinyFaerie


Anne if at least open one item on your wish list for wands I can send those to you so you have plenty. I wouldn't worry about gifting to others. Most know you collecting eggs and won't miss gifting or mind Im sure.