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BLUE KEY QUESTS   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started 12/14/19 by ARIZONA (ARIZONA9); 1475 views.
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As are we all!


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Not me!  LOL

I didn't do the level-up update we got with the FE because I was busy working on that. And then I decided not to it until after the WE. Soooo .... I'm just now working on that. And I'm really taking my time because I need to complete the challenge where you have to get inventory items from the Dice Game. I already had that one done (Lucky One) but when my game was hijacked I lost it. So now every time I need an inventory item I just wait until it appears at the Dice Table. I might be here for a while since we can only play 3 times every 12 hours. And even though I've got plenty of diamonds I'm not going that route. Why be in a hurry to just have to wait longer?? LOL