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Albert my Cat   Messages from the Heart

Started Jan-10 by KNIMtheTOAD; 1290 views.
In reply toRe: msg 5



  Albert has healed well but he is still weak. Had to shave off his long hair on body because it was matted and he couldn't bend to clean himself and wouldn't let us.  Then his allergy's kicked in and had to get antibiotics/steroids'  which makes him silly and sleepy. He is such a good patient But has gotten crabby, and will curse  if he can't settle himself. He is sweet and when he wakes up will reach for me purring loudly.  Pats me on the cheek and arm. We are working on getting some weight on him. He eats a little bit every 3 hours and we keep a little bowl of treats next to him. Biggest problem is keeping his brother Tigger out of the food. Tigger has gained more lbs. than Albert has lost.

   My Physical Therapy was going well building strength in my legs and balance. Friday a week ago. Walked out of PT drove home and could not get out of car.  Really bad lower back pain.  Went to doctor on Tuesday. He poked and jabbed finding sore spots till I said no more. Gave me injection steroids sent downstairs for x rays.

No fracture but bone density is worse. Sent home to stay in bed.  Bobbie loaded me up with audio books and chocolate. Albert keeps patting me and laying as close to me as he can. Been filing and vitamin E on nails. Crying over politics and praying for our nation and rest of world.

Questions. What should I be doing on MC?  Was doing rounds of HO's and they seem to be giving less items. On scarecrow with crow on shoulder got 1 airship item an 20gold coins?  Puzzles I usually do well but not lately. Except on one , got Gem, crafted item mechanical heart, went for third item did not guess right won't pay for more. No thanks. The puzzle gave me gold coins Gem and Heart.  Which surprised me as  when you guess wrong they only give gold coins. Tried to play again and froze! Puzzle did not do that again.

Good wishes to all. Thank everyone for the gifts and kind thoughts. Love Love all my MC fellow players.


From: SharpEye1


Hi Rosalie,

I'm continuing my prayers for you and Albert!  I just finished physical therapy so I know what you mean.  But, the good news is that it's worth it in the end.  Are you on osteoporosis medicine for the bone density?  Don't worry too much about MC.  The Spring event will be here before you know it. LOL

Take care, my dear friend!






SharpEye1, not on bone density meds, Had allergic reactions. Am on high dose D3, Calcium mag and zinc, Biotin   also lots of 2%milk spinach brocc and greens etc. The PT also helps. Did not go yesterday as when I got up with Wind chill was 0 degrees and ice everywhere did not want to take the chance.

   Had some excitement they found a women's body in the water right in my view.  no ID. FBI called in. No other info yet.

Daughter bought me A live Rainbow Rose  and 3 different kinds of Fudge  from The 3 chicks Fudgery. Chocolate Cherry was so good almost needed a cigarette after!  LOL. Then we both had our hair done.

Love you my friend. Rosalie