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How to transfer MC to a new PC   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 5/3/18 by AEGram; 6232 views.

From: THEdella


why do you not want to copy the "contents" folder?

when I did it, I got all of my friends and everything else


From: mlacomb


how do you set up one than one castle


From: AEGram


THEdella said:

why do you not want to copy the "contents" folder? when I did it, I got all of my friends and everything else

Originally, when copying the relative MC files, one would choose the entire contents of the Midnight Castle folder. However, the game was changed, and copying the content folder resulted in game corruption.

If I remember what TazRuby told me correctly, the logfile.txt and save.db files have all the information relative to your specific game. The content folder is more the "heart" of the program.

When installing MC on a new PC, the logfile.txt and save.db files are what sets the game to the beginning. The content folder has all the quests and how the game runs. 

When you replace that original logfile.txt and save.db file with your saved files, it also causes the content folder to download and install the game relevant info to bring you to that level.

I'm not sure I'm explaining this well enough. So, if you have additional questions, please post and I'll try to clarify.


From: AEGram


mlacomb said:

how do you set up one than one castle

1. First you download and install the game on your regular user ID that you use to log into the computer. (I assume you've already done that and have advanced some of the levels.

2. Then you create another user account on the same computer. (A Google search will explain how to do this based on your operating system.)

3. When you create that account, you're required to create a password.

4. Be sure Midnight Castle is not running in your regular ID. Then, click on your Windows icon in the lower left corner. From that page, you will see your regular user account (that you're currently logged into). Click on it and it will display that second user account for you to log into.

5. Log into that second user account with the password you created. When the account loads, the Midnight Castle icon will be on the desktop for your to launch the game. It will begin a new game for this new user account.