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Anybody have a favorite pet?   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started Feb-6 by Woofbite; 819 views.

From: Woofbite


It seems to me the little Holiday Sphinx is the greatest pet in my collection.  He, (she?), doesn't eat much but pays off like a Las Vegas jackpot.

TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


Has to be any of the exclusive pets!

Wooley Paws is my fav because he's so cute and delivers lots of blue chests = air ship items. ;)


From: Woofbite


You're right.  I forgot about those pets at the lofty heights us mortals are still trying to achieve.  One of my old games had two dragons that ate unique food and gave blue chests and it was wonderful. 

Those were the only two I knew of.  Didn't know about Wooley Paws.  I also never knew pets could give crystal chests mentioned elsewhere on this forum.  Do you know anything about them?

TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


There are four exclusive pets.

Fire Dragon - eats 3 exc. food

Rainbow Dragon - eats 1 exc. food

Sea Serpent - eats 2 exc. food

Woolly-Paw - eats 4 exc. food.

Is this what you are asking? Those are the only 4 that give the blue/crystal chests.


From: Woofbite


Great.  Do you know when or how I can get one?


From: Woofbite


Thank you.  I can't believe how many years I've played this game without having a clue about what I was doing.


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Theo (TheoMC)

From: Theo (TheoMC)


If you are talking about efficiency, I like the spring pets. Baby Boy and Girl are very generous, Stargazer as well. I must admit I only feed pets when I am being asked to, so I'll try the Sphinx Cat next time! Exclusive pets have decided to bring me everything but blue chests recently, but I am not giving up!

But my favourite pets in terms of "looks" are the grumpy owl (grim eagle one), the little snow fairy, the jester bunny and the new stoat. Most of them are cute anyway, but I enjoy the quieter ones better, the ones jumping around are a bit too distractive (looks like I just invented a new word but I am sure you see what I mean!).

I also like the Champion (Ginge the Cat as Gandalf calls him!), but I would scream if I clicked on the little glutton by mistake, so I don't display him very often!


From: datsalotta


Glad you asked about favourite pets.

3 of my private rooms have themes

Game of Thrones - I use the Wise Raven and alternate with The Fire Dragon

Crystal Gazing Room has the Funny Wisp

Not John's Room - has the Treasured Phoenix

For acquiring items I feed the Pets who have only Silver and Gold Chests ie: Garden Bunny, Christmas Turkey, Spring Butterfly, Halloween Guinea Pig etc. for getting the most coins.

If I need pet medallions I feed the pets who are likely to drop the Rusty Chests - Pensive Spider, Baby Mammoth, Good Natured Hedgehog etc.