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UPDATE   Friends

Started Feb-12 by boombangboom; 1711 views.

From: boombangboom


12/02 2020 when is midnight castle getting an up date, still on level 95 with no progress till update


From: MrsFletcher


In the past, as well as i can remember....blush...  the next update came closer and closer we got to Spring then before.   I suppose there will be at least one more Challenge before the next Update....wink


From: AEGram


boombangboom said:

12/02 2020 when is midnight castle getting an up date, still on level 95 with no progress till update

Ah, the $64,000 question rears its ugly head once again....must be a newbie.... LOL

1. No one on this forum will ever have advance knowledge of update releases.....not admins, not players who've played in like forever, not no one

2. The Devs never, never, never, never give a "press release" to announce the coming of an update on such and such day. That said, sometimes they do post teasers on their Facebook site.But that's just to say a new update is coming.......when, is anyone's guess.

3. How we find out??? Someone, somewhere, sometime checks the Game Manager at just the right time and notices there's a game update.....they come to the forum and post a message.....then it spreads like wild fire.

4. Even though we never have advanced warning/info, there are speculations based on the frequency of updates in the past......recently we were getting them about every 3 months. It's now approaching 4 months from our last update.......we can hope one will come soon.

5. And regarding the updates.......they take time. The Devs must come up with the ideas, create the software for 3 different platforms, and test it before releasing it. In the past, when they released it "in a hurry," there were significant bugs in the programming. Some people were unable to download/install the update; sometimes things are missing (like the blacksmith's head during one update); glitches and other problems happened. I prefer to have them take their time and do some significant testing so fewer players will experience problems.

6. And.....when the update DOES will probably only advance players into Level 97 at the max (because they're generally about a level and a half in content) will take all of a few hours to fly through the new material......then we'll all be waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting for the next update.

Notice the game is selling diamonds again so hopefully an update, event or something is coming soon wink

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From: misstracy22



Now you mention it, I remember the blacksmith being headless. Seemed to still managed to breath. Brought a smile to me. Thanks.

Myelle (Myelle01)

From: Myelle (Myelle01)


I remember that. I was amused by it.

I keep wondering if he will ever wake up.


From: misstracy22



Me thinks we should leave him to wake on his own accord. Gentle giant he may be, only I’m not going to try. wink