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Welcome!!! Get your FAQs answered HERE!   Welcome!

Started 5/4/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 691535 views.

From: LvlSlgr


poolmwv - How long have you been playing Midnight Castle?

Since you're new to the forum, you might find some of the discussions here useful. Be sure to check the list of folders and threads on the left-hand side of your screen. 

Some of these are "sticky" threads so that they're easier to find. 

You might want to add some extra friends before the next event so that you can play more of the HOS in the private rooms and accumulate even more coins. But that's totally up to you. If you're interested, you can find under the "Friends" folder a thread (discussion) for the type of platform you play on. Just open the appropriate thread and post that you're looking for new friends and include your MC game ID number. If your game name is different from your name here in the post, it helps to include that also. That way when someone is looking up your game ID to send you an invitation, they will know they have the correct player.

Good luck with the game!


From: poolmwv


I guess I have been playing for about 3 years now. My wife and I like doing the Hidden Object Games together (she is much better than I am) and we didn't realize a lot of the nuances as we went. I went into the profile the other day and it said something like 144 days, 12 hours and so many minutes - a ridiculous amount,

Hopefully I will be able to find my way around the message boards.


From: HulioT


New update today, anyone game to try it?


From: Lisadengel


I haven't been on you know anything about it?????

Posie (morningcrow)

From: Posie (morningcrow)


I just downloaded it. It's new ranks. It worked for me!


From: Magiemagaluf


It disappeared off my game manager, so I wasn't able to click into it. 


From: Magiemagaluf


I am heart afraid to uninstall Midnight Castle as I lost my whole game, losing 572,200 gold coins and 2070 diamonds, along with numerous pets, eggs and inventory.  I did email Elephant Games and they said they would restore it as best they could.  That was November 2021 and I'm still waiting.  Having to start again from the beginning and having now reached level 73, there is no way whatsoever that I will uninstall this game.  I absolutely couldn't bear to have to start all over again for the 3rd time.  I'll just have to do without the upgrade.


From: Magiemagaluf


Would you believe - I don't actually know how to?  Technophobe!

TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


There is a thread here -- somewhere  that tells how to do it. Sorry can't find it right now.

I have cc'd Aegram on this post, she should know where it is and get back to you.

Thanks AEgram if you can help!

CC to AEGram