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Started 5/4/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 258210 views.

TF is spot on as usual!! kissing_heart
TY is an acronym for Thank You.

In MC Lingo we have so many acronyms that we use it is bound to be confusing!! 
Most especially next to our Game Name Avatars where space is very limited!! 
TY for the excellent question as well as being a wonderful Game Friend!! wink

Hugs~ Debbie two_hearts

CC to TinyFaerie

From: GrandpaJim


I have great success playing puzzles I always use the same pattern right hand then left then right . If you get the first item you selected take it . This absolutely true if you have used your free play. I can finish a puzzle in less than a minute to get some objects in this game you have to find 5 or 6 items and use them to get the object and there is no guarantee but with the puzzle you always get the prize. I have a complete set of objects and I think if would taken forever to do with out using the puzzle.