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Started 5/4/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 379306 views.

From: mnmmomma


Question... is it just me or is everyone’s game in a storm? It actually looks like some of the locations are burning down. The castle looks like lava is all over. In the town the church is burning. I’m on level 83. Should I hurry and go to 84 - will it stop? I don’t want everything to burn down!


From: LvlSlgr


No, it's not just you. This is something that happens at Level 83. I copied the following from AEGram's thread "MC Game Guide". For more information about this level and the following levels here's a link -

Level 83 starts at msg 188.

Messenger - Spirit Animal (2500) & Chamberlain's Power Scepter (2500)
Messenger - Gnome's Soul (3000) & Diadem of Worship (3000) -- Messenger's name is now Adrian 
Messenger/Adrian - Dearest Wish (2500) & Magic Caster (2500) 
Messenger/Adrian - Ominous Trophy (2000) & Eternal Life (3000) 
Note:  When you click on the next task, several things happen to the Castle and outlying areas. I will not list what happens because it would spoil things for the players. However, the changes occur in the Tavern, Castle Vicinity, Castle Entry, Ice Rock, Throne Hall, Temple of Justice, Chapel, Dark Tower Gates, Dark Tower Hall, Fairy Tale Forest, Enchanted Creek, and Palace Square

If you really want to know why the castle and grounds are burning, read the Spoiler Alert below (just hold your mouse down and highlight the text).  I didn't include too much detail, but still, please read only if you really want to know:

SPOILER ALERT:  Adrian, the Ghostly Messenger, was abandoned and orphaned as a baby.  He derives his strength from hatred and malice and his goal is to make Midnight Castle his own so the Mystery Chamber will fulfill his wishes alone.  Also, Adrian wants to kill Drake and implores the citizens of Midnight Castle to turn  him over.  They refuse and the Ghostly Messenger's (Adrian's) corruption begins destroying the Castle.


From: Energyworker


I see you wrote in invisible ink. What a great idea! Am not at that level yet, Level 78.


From: Azurina


Q - i see that different pets offer different odds on chests. From what i am reading that also goes for avatars? So, different avatars will be 'luckier' at dice than others? and that also depends on who they go up against? and the dealer has 'tells' also? and jumping in/out of the table may create better luck?

(damn, but who would have thought throwing a couple of dice could be so complex!)

LOL, love the idea of invisible ink.  But nothing so cloak-and-dagger...just white text.


From: oiuoiu321


Well then, I guess I won't rub my screen with lemon juice wink

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From: mnmmomma


Thank you for the help. I decided to speed through to 84 and couldn’t stop until 85. Back to normal..


From: RITA965


ITA965|Yesterday at 2:06 pm

Hi Debbie (copy of my post to Jennifer)

Have been a member since 2000 (?), love the game, and posted some on the old forum. Moving to Delphi was a bit overwhelming so this is my first time here....still somewhat overwhelming. 
That being said, I have a dilemma and hope I am directing it to the right person?
AMULETS... I have ample of 2
1. Cuts HOS cool down in half
2. Cuts HOS cool down for 60 minutes 
But there are 2 other icons of amulets available and I cannot figure out how to secure any of either of them.
Would you be able to help? 
Thanks in advance...Rita i 2052767