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Started 5/4/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 448021 views.

From: Energyworker


I have sent you an invite. I too have several 'red' friends and after awhile if they don't turn green again I too delete them. More people on the forum keep needing new friends. I have some of the ones I started out with yet not all of them. Some I know only play the events and then go red. In the beginning I'm sure I went red several times as I was playing another game.

I gift every day once or twice, sometimes 3 times and have less than 100 Friends. I play on a PC. relaxed


From: Azurina


thanks, i will keep an eye out for you.

i will wait for 2 weeks into the next event and if they don't turn green then i will delete them, but i have a feeling they have left the game given i could not find their names in the player list.

i go through my list each day and gift when i can if i have the supply, usually so long as people have a food or ship item, i can give.

with the bugs in the game, it is a game in itself trying to decipher the nuances of the programming! hahaha

I have tons of red friends as well.  Before I delete them, I check if they have a private room I can use for future events.   Currently red friends that are showing the Halloween or Christmas rooms, I will keep them.



From: Azurina


thanks,i will keep that in mind too.

they may change or come back to the game when the next event begins.

I have sent you PM re one of your red players. I can't find your original post now



From: Azurina


thanks, message received and returned.


From: Susanna502MC


Another way to keep track (but only if you are a compulsive list person like me). I make a note of each person's level. If they have been leveling up then I know they are still playing, just not gifting.


From: LvlSlgr


Susanna502MC said:

if you are a compulsive list person like me

I know what you mean. I also record their avatar to see if that changes.


From: Grimwald


On the other hand, if you play as slowly as I do, leveling up isn't an indicator either! I started in 2015, play daily, and I'm level 64 currently.


From: Azurina


yes, i thought about taking a note of their level, but so many have said not to rush the levels and game, so i too have been plodding along and trying not to raise my level too quickly, i think i have sat at my level for a month or more!

i think the events are a good indicator, if they are playing they will return to play the event.

they only turn red if they stop entering the game don't they? they don't turn red just because they don't gift you?

thanks Azurina

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