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Not getting items won from Fortune Wheel?   Technical Issues

Started 2/13/20 by Brad the Impala (OtterQueen); 641 views.

Well this is weird.  I was spinning the Wheel, and received two Panda eggs.  I also got three gold stars, two Creations of the World, and a couple of purple stamps.  I was on a roll!  However, when I looked in my inventory, I had only one Panda egg.  I had one Panda egg before I spun the Wheel, so I thought this was very odd.  Curious, I spun the Wheel again, and got two more Panda eggs!  (How lucky am I?)  But when I looked in my inventory, I still had just the single Panda egg I started off with.  Has anyone else experienced this?

Theo (TheoMC)

From: Theo (TheoMC)


Hi there!

Mmhh... that never happened to me on the wheel, but I had the issue when playing dice during CCs. Won three times in a row (this never happens to me!!), had the quest marked as done, got out of the game and it was gone when I came back (all the rest was fine, HOS done, pets asleep, etc.). And the dice game was available to play as if I hadn't opened it (of course, I then lost three times in a row!). And that happened 3-4 times, so I've learnt not to get overly excited when winning three times at dice during CCs.

Frustrating isn't it??!?! disappointed_relieved