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Started Feb-14 by Debbie (Debbie1845); 10718 views.
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From: misstracy22


Hi Bajon,

You fantastic innocent Giving so many gifts. To help others. Thank you so much. I’m trying to keep a record of how many you wanted to donate and how many you have so far. So I can change the items on my wish list for you and others who are also gifting the same items. Which is superbstar2tada
I also need to keep a stock of other items and other friends continue to donate some SE items. So I’m trying to balance what is on my list. So no worries about not having all those items kissing_closed_eyes

Please take care, 

Tracy bee

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Hi, bajon - I'm currently trying to catch up on gifting (!) but I'll add painted eggs to my list now.  If you still have others to donate, let us know.  Tracy and Debbie know where to find me! :) -Catheryne


From: bajon


Yes I have a lot of the painted eggs left.   Glad someone can use them.

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Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Please note a change has been made for those seeking help or wanting to donate...

If you require help or want to donate,  please either post here or send a Private Message to Debbie

If you are PMing please make sure your member to member email is enabled in your profile or Debbie will not be able to return your message.