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Roll Call!   Welcome!

Started 3/23/20 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 286916 views.

Looks like I can get my booster this Wed!!!


From: mdpetdoc


SARS-CoV-2 behaves more like tuberculosis than influenza with regard to transmission. In congregate settings, workers should wear respirators or better with an organism that demonstrates superspreading epidemiology.

I agree that mask wearing by most of the population has reduced the incidence of influenza. 

Wear whatever mask you like. I'll wear the most protective mask I can get and right now I have no trouble getting N95 or related masks. 


From: PlayerTerry


Any cloth masks I use are triple layer with a nonwoven middle layer. I have made them myself to ensure this. In my opinion, a general statement that cloth masks are worthless cannot be made except for single-layer, double-layer and gaiter masks. 

There are many places in my area, both stores and health care sites, that have signs specifically prohibiting cloth masks.  I'm sure the ones you make are safer, but there is no uniform safety with cloth masks.  Especially those home-made.  Many places require N95 masks or surgical masks with ties, not stretchy loops.  Employees enforcing the rules won't be interested in hearing how a cloth mask's unique construction makes it safe when the rules are no cloth masks.

Got my booster this morning, sore arm but nothing else at this time. Still waiting on results of Covid testing done in our facility on Tues.


From: Susanna502MC


One of the reasons I love living in an apartment. Earlier this afternoon got a major leak under my kitchen sink. Called the office, they sent over the maintenance man. In the meantime I cleaned everything out from under the sink and mopped up the water. Diagnosed in minutes. Who knew garbage disposals could get holes from rust? He went over to his shop and got a new disposal, came back and installed.  All working great now. Stuff put back under the sink. Less than an hour and a half from first call to completion. No charge.

I've been here almost 4 years - which is the longest I've ever lived anyplace - but I had already planned to move north when my lease is up. I've lived in apartments all over the US for most of my adult life. Never had any problem finding a place.

Looks like we may be able to open up a bit more and resume "normal" activities on Monday. We've had 2 straight weeks of negative tests among resident and staff. 


From: GaviTn


I do so wish that this would work


From: TinyFaerie


Well it works with who posted. We hardly get any spam in this forum and I'm usually on top of them very quickly. It's easy enough to maintain a pretty spam free forum.