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Roll Call!   Welcome!

Started 3/23/20 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 347367 views.

You're welcome!!

So an update...................On Jan 7 my employer sent out a text notifying employees that two staff members had tested positive for covid (right now all non-vaccinated staff are tested twice a week, vaccinated staff aren't). This triggered the addition of testing all staff and residents on a weekly basis (except non-vaccinate are still twice a week) until we have 2 weeks of negative results. Well from the Jan 10 testing, we had one additional staff member and one volunteer (who self-reported) test positive. Today I got a text with results from the Jan 17 testing...................9 staff have tested positive. Thankfully we still have no residents test positive. This is never going to end.....................


From: LvlSlgr


Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom) said:

9 staff have tested positive

Oh my!! And I agree, thankfully no residents have tested positive. They say this Omicron variant is highly contagious. 

Oh! I almost forgot ... When I was talking with my son Sunday he told me his younger son tested positive and was pretty sick the first day. I was surprised because my son has been very strict about what and where they all go and they have to wear a mask if they're around others who they don't know their status. But he said his wife had let Carson go to a birthday party at one those bouncy-type centers. He was against it but his wife gave in. BTW, Carson is 13 years old and has had both vaccine shots but not the booster. He and his older brother were scheduled to get the booster the day after he tested positive. My son said they confined him to his room (it has its own bathroom off of it) and he's not allowed to come out. They are taking his meals to him. My son and daughter-in-law have both had their booster shot and their older son Andrew went ahead and got his booster.

Jefferson County/Louisville schools ... They're doing NTI again this week. They have even more teachers/staff out sick this week than last week. On the news I noticed we had several counties that surround the Louisville metro area doing the same thing this week. 

Folks, it's really bad here in KY. I feel just like Tammy ... This is never going to end.

I had to go to the dentist today and the hygienist told me a story about her mother. Her mother was complaining of feeling dizzy (has an issue iron in blood) but really didn't want to do anything but eventually called to see a doctor and was told she couldn't see one until next month. However the sons who live nearby decided to call an ambulance to get her in to be seen because she wasn't getting better. To make a long story short she was treated at Urgent Care, given a prescription for antibiotics (had a bladder infection) and told to go home. She asked if she could stay overnight for observation and was told no because they had 30 people waiting in the hallway. Oh, and when they called to get the prescription filled they were told it would be a few days.

So it's bad here in MN too..................


From: LvlSlgr


Here's an example of how bad it is now. These are the "numbers" from yesterday Wednesday -

12,583 new cases

25 new deaths

30.77% positivity rate

That's crazy!! A month ago on Dec. 19th - before Christmas get-togethers and before Omicron was so bad - these were the numbers -

3,388 new cases

27 new deaths

8.58% positivity rate

Also, this doesn't include anyone testing at home unless they call it in. And I seriously doubt that many people do that.


From: Citrine238


So sorry to read that so many of the staff have tested positive. It is really sad the way this just keeps going on and on. I have to agree it feels like this is never going to end. Every time there is even a little bit of hope.... a new wave of Covid hits.




Small pox , Chicken pox, measles, polio, Diphtheria and so much more. Research  into Aids has brought out medications to make it no longer a death threat. When I was a child so many kids caught Polio then disappeared. 25 years later I found out they had been sent to Arizona to live with thousands of others in Iron Lung community.  That community  is no longer needed. Research has been ongoing since Civil war. The Sar's attacks sent research into overdrive. Search for vaccines without having to use cells of the disease has been in research for over 50 years. They didn't just make these overnight! Researchers' around the world share findings and work together even when the governments  don't. 

To let you know about CDC I remember  being in Hospital with rash all over my body naked in a tent with my right leg sutures removed so the bone was exposed in two 8in scars up in a sling in a special fully  scrubbed room special mattress at 11pm when a man with suitcase tie un done hair messed phone in hand talking. He handed me a card stating he was doctor from CDC. then ran along side my gurney as they rushed me to X-ray and scan. Fearing I might have flesh eating disease. He stayed with me holding my hand telling me everything they were doing and could do for me. He cried right along with me when told it was not. Said he would follow my case until it was resolved. Which he did. Then asked if we could pray together. He called me every week (8) until released from hospital and every month (3) until was able to go back to work. He told me how dedicated everyone he worked with was and they always asked each other about cases and gave each other support. ON advice from coworker he cried in some situations because it released stress so he can last longer in his job. He always asks if he could pray with his cases to let them know they got advice from everyone. 

In my Job as a medical auditor I worked with CDC on several cases. And in every one they were kind professional  dedicated and outstanding in their field.

The world is in a scary place but thousands and thousands of doctors labs researchers in every continent are working on ways to cure and/or control diseases all the time.





President Obama had set up new  moneys for a department of research for vaccines as well as extra support for CDC and WHO that was handed to him from previous President. That was thrown out by Trump. Not even reading information on what to do if Pandemic and what supplies would be needed. Don Junior sold stock pile machines supplies masks etc. to other countries. If the handover of information had been followed by Trump  think of the miserly loss of life and and spread of disease that could have been spared. Other countries follow US on how to react to situations.  Loss of US confidence  is world wide and will take years if not decades to repair.

It is a time when our Government offices  should be working with each other and  other countries to control, block spread, and yes defeat Pandemic and other illnesses. As well as talk with each other to stop conflicts without war and who has the most firepower. The monies spent on negative comments lies and Attorneys  could be used to regain health and confidence to be proud of our World.



From: PenWeb


Spot on! 

You have put into words I wish I could have said to everyone.

Penny B.


From: LvlSlgr


What an amazing story. astonished Thanks for sharing. heart_eyes


From: kthreads


I totally agree and very well said, KNIMtheTOAD.