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Roll Call!   Welcome!

Started 3/23/20 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 373847 views.



   AEGram Help, I need some answers. Game manager update for Big Fish games. It states new rules and changes. Said they would no longer support Forum. Dose that mean no more of this forum? How will I talk to my friends? You and all the team of MC are my friends 

I am still Quarantined. And will be forever as not only can't take vaccines but allergies prevent me from any treatment for Covid.

Thanks for your help. Also if you get any news on Jennifer Z please update me.   KINMtheTOAD


Myelle (Myelle01)

From: Myelle (Myelle01)



I can answer this. It does not mean this forum. Before this forum was created, Big Fish had their own forum. However, they decided to stop using it but left it up for reference. I guess they are finally taking it down. No need to worry, we will be here a long time yet. Hope you feel better soon!

A big hug ((()))!




Thank you for info and concern. 



From: AEGram


KNIMtheTOAD said:

Thanks for your help. Also if you get any news on Jennifer Z please update me.   KINMtheTOAD

I have no news relative to Jenifer Z other than I noticed she posted in the Boycott MC thread on July 14 that she was locking the thread to additional posts.

I sent her a PM saying it was good to hear from her even in an indirect manner, but she has not replied to my PM.




    Thank you AEG sorry for delay just got home from hospital.

 Last week woke up with swelling on  left neck/ jaw with bright pink coloring. went to doc. they put me on antibiotics to watch and appointment for Monday. Got worse but didn't want to go to ER. Monday 7am at doc they look call for wheelchair rush me underground to ER for admit to hosp., tests, IVF, IV antibiotics with extra IV push , steroids' ,blood thinner injections in stomach to prevent clots. MRI, Cat scan. (because of history Cancers and possible  reup they checked ). took lots of blood. Came in with what looked like liquor bottles lined up and used more blood in them to check for things like SARS, MERSA, etc.

Saw so many doctors. double team RN's. Care was excellent. Place to be for exceptional service. Sixth floor with view of sunsets and off and on torrential rain storms. Anyway on road to recovery.  Glad to be home with cats in my own bed and PC next to me. 

Saying prayers for all my friends and for my full recovery. take care 



From: misstracy22


Just to let everyone know.

HRH Queen Elizabeth II has peacefully died today. At Balmoral Castle, Scotland. With her family around her.

Tracy disappointed_relieved

Just seeing it on the early morning news now.  6:48 Friday Morning here. Big shock.  


From: SharpEye1


I just got back from vacay Tuesday night and woke to this very sad news!  My condolences to all those who lost their beloved Queen!  I've been watching everything on CNN all day since it happened.


Msg 3250.1254 deleted

From: Gadget23Mom


Thoughts and prayers to the English People.

misstracy22, requesting your assistance about MC.  In the new castle challenge, it is requested to amass 700 coins "in the vicinity of the airship" do you or does anyone know how to accomplish this?