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Roll Call!   Welcome!

Started 3/23/20 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 391549 views.



    Thank you AEG sorry for delay just got home from hospital.

 Last week woke up with swelling on  left neck/ jaw with bright pink coloring. went to doc. they put me on antibiotics to watch and appointment for Monday. Got worse but didn't want to go to ER. Monday 7am at doc they look call for wheelchair rush me underground to ER for admit to hosp., tests, IVF, IV antibiotics with extra IV push , steroids' ,blood thinner injections in stomach to prevent clots. MRI, Cat scan. (because of history Cancers and possible  reup they checked ). took lots of blood. Came in with what looked like liquor bottles lined up and used more blood in them to check for things like SARS, MERSA, etc.

Saw so many doctors. double team RN's. Care was excellent. Place to be for exceptional service. Sixth floor with view of sunsets and off and on torrential rain storms. Anyway on road to recovery.  Glad to be home with cats in my own bed and PC next to me. 

Saying prayers for all my friends and for my full recovery. take care 



From: misstracy22


Just to let everyone know.

HRH Queen Elizabeth II has peacefully died today. At Balmoral Castle, Scotland. With her family around her.

Tracy disappointed_relieved

Just seeing it on the early morning news now.  6:48 Friday Morning here. Big shock.  


From: SharpEye1


I just got back from vacay Tuesday night and woke to this very sad news!  My condolences to all those who lost their beloved Queen!  I've been watching everything on CNN all day since it happened.


Msg 3250.1254 deleted

From: Gadget23Mom


Thoughts and prayers to the English People.

misstracy22, requesting your assistance about MC.  In the new castle challenge, it is requested to amass 700 coins "in the vicinity of the airship" do you or does anyone know how to accomplish this?


From: LvlSlgr


Gadget23Mom said:

In the new castle challenge, it is requested to amass 700 coins "in the vicinity of the airship" do you or does anyone know how to accomplish this?

You receive 15 coins for each item packed into the airship before sending it. So if it wants 30 scrolls, you will receive 450 coins when you pack and send the airship.


From: Gadget23Mom


Thank you. I was mystified about this. Thank you for clearing it up

Well here's an unfortunate reality update..........................

Got a call this morning that they had to activate the Covid Unit where I work. All residents will be tested tomorrow and all staff on Monday. Staff that aren't vaccinated or aren't up-to-date with boosters will also be tested on Thursday (these staff members are still tested twice a week whether we have Covid in our facility or not). We will have to have 2 weeks of negative tests to go back to only testing non vaccinated/up-to-date staff twice a week.

At this time we only have 2 residents in the Covid Unit and hopefully that will be all we have. I will know more tomorrow when I go to work (been off for 3 days). 

Stay safe everyone.........................


From: LvlSlgr


It's just crazy! But this is the reason that every time they say we need another booster, I go get it. So far, I've had the 2 shots for the original vaccine and 2 boosters. Just recently they announced a new booster to help fight the omicron variant. As soon as I'm able (still recuperating from back surgery) I'll go get that one. I'll also get my flu vaccine at that time.