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Roll Call!   Welcome!

Started 3/23/20 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 393653 views.

Does 30-40 degrees at night and 40-50 degrees during the day qualify as cold…….LOL!! Here in northern Minnesota it’s called pre-winter!! Just getting us prepared for what’s to come. 


From: AEGram


Yep....when the day temperatures drop into the 40-50's and night temps get closer to freezing, it appears that Covid will again become more active.

Hopefully, there isn't a serious outbreak....but it just says that Covid is not finished with us yet.


From: PenWeb


Hurricane Ian has a possibility of coming my way in a few days.  I live in Fort Myers, Florida, which is on the right side of the cone of uncertainy. Which means we will be having at least strong winds and lots of rain for a couple of days, with possibility of electricity going out. 

Bad news is that my router went out, got it fixed today, so have not been able to play since Friday night, so I am a couple of days late on the CC. I may not be able to finish it in the remaining time. Rats!

I am prepared with food and water, and Sterno to fix coffee, but no internet is a depressing thought.

Penny B. -- Nell, GMA, PennyB


From: Energyworker


I too live in Ontario in the big city of Toronto. Covid has not gone away. I have a centenarian parent in a retirement residence. All visitors and staff are required to wear masks so I wear mine everywhere I go indoors. I just received an emailing saying 6 residents have tested positive for Covid plus 7 others have been placed in isolation due to contact mapping. They all had 4 shots long ago, all visitors have to have at least two, I have 4. Twice this summer (hot weather not cold) the residence was placed in quarantine due to residents acquiring Covid. And on it goes.

Please stay safe!  A good portion of Atlantic Canada here was devastated.  A cousin in Nova Scotia seemed to have missed the brunt of the storm, but it certainly was bad.  Good luck and keep in touch.



From: poolmwv


We just visited with some friends on a cruise from Quebec to Boston who live at Pleasant Point on Sturgeon Lake.

After 2-1/2 years of doing the right thing and escaping getting covid..... 3 out of 4 us got it this week.  Older son still testing negative so has to do as much as he can to help out.  Husband was eligible for 4th booster the rest of us not.  I certainly hope the newest booster comes out soon and we can get it when better!  This sucks to put it bluntly. At least I have MC to keep me company relaxed



From: AEGram


Phantommom (CampingMom16) said:

After 2-1/2 years of doing the right thing and escaping getting covid..... 3 out of 4 us got it this week. 

IF you've been going out more.....IF you've started to eat inside a restaurant.....IF the outside temperatures are starting to drop....IF you've slacked off wearing a mask.......then, it's inevitable. The virus is still out there looking for hosts. Omicron and it's subvariants have become incredibly contagious.

We're starting to see cases increase in south Texas now that the temperatures are dropping out of the "blast furnace" range. Southern hemisphere reports record cases of flu this year......probably because people have been so careful about being out over the last 2 years of Covid that they've started to lose their immunity.

In the US, the new Covid booster for Moderna and Pfizer have been approved for distribution. Pfizer can be administered to 12+ and Moderna was approved for 18+ so almost anyone in the US is eligible for it. However, a little less than 50% of the population has received boosters. Only about 4% have gotten the new Omicron booster. 

With a little over 400 deaths a day relative to Covid (and I'm sure not all places are diligent about reporting) in the US, it's proof that Covid is still very real and very much "alive and active."

I hope you're symptoms aren't very serious and that you (and family) are able to get the Omicron booster soon. 

Unfortunately all it took was my son going to lunch about a job with a former classmate of his and her boyfriend had covid (apparently he didn't know he had itconfused) All it took was once. As soon as our governments ok the omicron boosters we are getting it.  All of us have 3 doses so far. Masking, following all guidelines for two and a half years out the window.  Boosters of flu and covid for life now!