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Roll Call!   Welcome!

Started 3/23/20 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 476796 views.

From: Maggie1947


HI Jenifer, 

I still live in Washington State, though not where the man with the funny hair is sunglasses

So far all is well though we are using  paper towels for toilet paper as there is none on the shelves...and my roommate works at Walmart...none available. My daughter was exposed to the virus as she is a caregiver in Vancouver, Wa and her patients were diagnosed positive. They were husband and wife and both died....Very sad story. She thought they had pneumonia and had them sent to the hospital...she is in quarantine, but so far so good it has been over 2 weeks. I stay indoors and hope that my roommate doesn't bring it in. But I am so thankful he is keeping us in food, I would say groceries but it is hit and miss at best. I don't type well so I am sure I am rambling without the proper protocal...

Hugs to everyone who is affected!by this horrible pandemic.


WeeSam (WeesamNZ)

From: WeeSam (WeesamNZ)


New Zealand goes in to lockdown at midnight tonight. We actually don't have many cases but the government believes this is the only way to make sure it doesn't get worse. We will be in lockdown for 4 weeks at least.

Everyone is running around like crazy today getting ready. I was actually on leave from work but had to go in today to collect a computer because as of next week I will be working from home. I also managed to nip to the chemist to get a supply of my perscriptions so I am set with them, and the chemist is attached to a supermarket so I nipped in there as well to collect a few things - their weren't many people at the supermarket which surprised me. Anyone, I'm good for cat food now. 

Working from home will be a good thing for me as I really really don't want to catch the disease. I am diabetic and therefore vulnerable to extreme case of it. And work doesn't expect us to put in a full days work. They say 2 or 3 hours a day is fine, but we are still on full pay so I don't need to worry about bills or the mortgage.

I am naturally a self-isolating type of person so as long as I don't get ill I should ride this out okay. And the cat is going to love having me at home all day to do its bidding.

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Myelle (Myelle01)

From: Myelle (Myelle01)


Checking in...

Still alive and kicking in the SF Bay Area. Luckily, I work for a company that offers an essential service so I am not stuck at home wondering about my job and money for now.

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Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Hi All  heart_eyes

How I wish it was only for 4 weeks, Wee Sam.  We have been told proactive measures are for 6 MONTHS.  Borders closed - essential travel only.  All pubs casinos, clubs, community centres, restaurants & cafes closed.  Restaurants & cafes can do take out but no dine in.  Small businesses can open if they can observe the social distancing required.  Larger businesses are encouraging people to work from home where possible - brother-in-law, an electrical engineer, staring to like working from home. Supermarkets, pharmacies, local council/ water services are considered essential as is the construction industry.   My oldest son, my grandsons & nephews are employed in these businesses.  Mining is continuing for now.  Two of my sisters are nurses while my 3rd sister is a domestic services person at aged care facility. All essential.  Only my youngest son is affected - now unemployed but the club where he was employed as a chef is having a meeting today to see if there is anything they can offer their employees.  The business where my daughter-in-law was doing work experience to get back into the workforce has closed so I guess my youngest son Ben & his family will end up on welfare!  To make matters worse, it is coinciding with our flu & cold season.

I live in Townsville Queensland Australia.  So far there have been several confirmed cases of COVID 19 here in Townsville but no deaths.  All cases come from travellers returning from overseas.  So I do live in an area affected. 

Testing drive through has been set up down the road.  Swabs tested onsite - Results take 24 hours. Only doing testing on those that fit a certain criteria.

Doctors doing consultation by phone if visit not essential - eg to get scripts, advice.  Nurses & receptionists doing phone calls to check on "vulnerable" clients.  Pharmacists will deliver if you have your scripts stored with them.  I usually go to the pharmacy - rethinking this now.  Hit a "big" issue 2days ago when I got my scripts filled.  One of my medications is unavailable - only the more expensive brand is available.  At 5 times the cost of my usual medication, I am hoping that the generic brand is back soon.  It is a supply issue from overseas.  Pharmacists can only dispense 30 days worth of medication & must report those sales.  The reports are collated & police have the power to investigate people suspected of stockpiling & seize those stockpiles.  Supermarkets slowly getting shelves restocked but still shortages & limits on many items.  Panic buying at its worse!   

With my medical history - chronic severe Asthma with Chronic Obstructive Respiratory Disease (& 68 years old with limited mobility) - I am considered a "vulnerable" person.  So I am self-isolating as best I can.  I live with my youngest son, Ben & his family (wife Kayla; daughter Eleanor 5 years in 2 weeks time; son Grayson 2 years old).  Everyone has or has had a bad 'cold' - not COVID 19, thank goodness.  But it does means, coughing & runny noses & miserable grandchildren and adults.  Doing my best to limit symptoms.  Thank goodness it appears we may be heading out of the "cold" - appetites are back & so are some of the smiles.  TV, reading, doing art and craft & playing in the backyard is our life with the kids at the moment.  Eleanor has developmental (physical & physiological) issues so we have therapy we do with her including playing certain computer games.  Grandma is most patient with her so I do this.  My MC playing now restricted to when they are down for a nap or in bed at night.  Similarly my scrapbooking has moved to cyber classes but again I can't do until the grandkids are asleep.  Life is still busy - just with a different focus.

Missing the social contact.  I lunched every week with my sisters.  I went to craft once a week with one of my sisters - she is a quilter.  I went to scrapbooking once a week plus 2 Saturdays a month.  Went to performances at the Theatre plus other activities.  All cancelled for the time being. 

My youngest son, Ben has a "busted" shoulder - currently healing but being unemployed is driving him "nuts".  He had just returned to light duties at work after a month off - now this!  My oldest son, Mark, his wife, Ally & the three grandsons - Byron, Jayden & Reagan live close by so one or more (when not at work) has taken to coming to our place to play a game similar to Dungeons & Dragons.  At least he is occupied and he has time for his shoulder to heal.   Looking for silver linings here!

Wishing everyone safety and good health through this trying time.  Do take care everyone.  A big thank you to all working to help others during this time.   A special prayer that researchers will find a cure/ treatment that will end this nightmare.  Sincere sympathies to all with affected families/ friends. 

Take care.  Dot sunglasses  earth_asia

TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


Central WI. checking in. WI hasn't shut down everything.. yet. But tomorrow starts a stay safe at home warning. Not really sure what that means, but we've been staying home as much as possible. (very small town)

Husband working from home. Got his pay cut 50% today. The CEO says, hours will be cut 1/2 to 20 hours a week. THAT in itself is a joke. His normal week is 60-80 hours.

But they are picking up the insurance payments.

Alive and well down here in Tassie,  Shake my head at some of the strange items out of stock on the shelves.  Vegemite is one,  Ice cream topping is another.  Surprised at the run on meat.  My town has 5,000 people including the farms, one Woolworths supermarket, one IGA.  Son in Spain in total lock down, has to provide so much in the one of identification to get permission from the police to go to the supermarket, can't walk their dog.  He has no work.  Grandson in Sydney has no work and has had to shut down his business.   Pubs, all three are closed.  Cafes & restaurants can only do take away or home delivery.  Luckily I did a big cook up at the end of January so my freezer is full.  I used to do this when I worked full time in Sydney and was leaving home at 06:00 and getting back at 05:00, too tired to cook. Took meals to work and had them for lunch.  Get up the same procedure when I retired.  The elderly and vulnerable ( boy am I annoyed at that label) have a dedicated shopping hour between 07:00 and 08:00 but since I have finally, after 6 years of retirement, managed to sleep past 05:00, rarely get there then.  I have always had a well stocked pantry (legacy of being a single mum and shopping by the specials catalogue (wish we had coupons down here like you do in the U.S.A.) I am not worried about the food situation.  Can happily self isolate.  Have thousands of books and a heap of DVDs to watch.    Life as we knew it has changed and will never be the same again.  All of you keep safe & healthy


From: katiek2


HI all, Katiek checking in from Las Vegas.  We're pretty much shut down; however being retired has its advantages.  At least we don't have to worry about our next paycheck.  Gov has put state on lockdown for all non-essential business.  Stores are hit and miss - depends on what you are looking for.  Luckily, we had just done a 2-week grocery run before all this happened, and for some insane reason, hubby brought home a bunch of TP and canned goods.  Doesn't seem so insane now - stopped by our local grocery store Friday morning - no rice, no bread, no TP, NO  paper products at all, no soups, chili.  In fact, thinking back on it now, there was very little in the way of canned goods.   We did luck into water, and they were well stocked with fruit, veges, meat, eggs, dairy.  So we are OK for the next few days.  If this goes on for weeks, it might get a little dicey.  

Prayers for all of us - be nice to each other.  Watch out for your neighbors.  This will end.

All of California is on lockdown right now and all non-essential businesses are supposed to stop operating or have their employees work from home. Lots of people are being furloughed from their jobs. It’s a scary time but so far my county has had less than 30 confirmed cases.

Since my husband and I both are high risk for complications, we are taking the stay at home order seriously. We both have a bit of cabin fever. My daughter has been laid off from her job and my grandsons aren’t allowed to go to school, so they are pretty bored at home. 

I’m proud of the way the people of my town have complied with the stay at home orders and have reached out to help vulnerable neighbors. I just wish they would stop panic-buying food and toilet paper! 

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Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


Home alone ! In the sunny Caribbean, where we have 245 infected, 3 deaths and two sent home today CURED. Only suspected cases are tested by both private and official labs. We have a “state of exception”, stay home as much as possible, and a 8:pm curfew. No public transport, dicey supermarket shopping. You buy what they have, not whats on your list. Obviously all cultural and sporting events cancelled. But being a fan of opera and classical music I go to where you can watch streaming. Plus 600 TV channels.
we still have quite a few delivery services, farmacy and some groceries as well as some foods. My maid now comes in only 3x a week to make it easier for her.

Talking to friends and family on the phone, reading and you all. What more do I need?

Stay safe all my friends and don’t forget to count your blessings every morning.

P.S. 11 year old and his sister belonging to the Mozart children’s orchestra composed this handwashing canon.

Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom)

From: Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom)


I live in northern Minnesota and we've had some disturbing news in the last couple of days.  Our Governor in in quarantine, our Lt. Governor lost her brother to Coronavirus and our Senator Amy Klobuchar's husband is in the hospital with coronavirus.  We currently have around 235 cases (mostly in the Twin Cities area) with 1 death.  The county I live in has only one case so far. We haven't yet gotten the official Stay at Home order, but we're expecting it since neighboring states have done it.  We have had only essential businesses open for about a week and 1/2.  

I work at a local nursing home, so I'm still working.  We haven't allowed visitors (except for hospice/end of life care) since March 13.  All workers and necessary people (pharmancy, doctors, etc) have to be screened before being allowed further than the front door.  We have no cases at our facility.  

Our local stores have had the same issues with out of stock items.  I hate to grocery shop so I've always been a "stock up" shopper.  Did manage to fine TP last week, but even my 2 cat's food was hard to find.  Have to go to the pharmacy this week and maybe one last run to the grocery store for a few things, but then I'll hunker down.  The only thing that sucks is that I was suppose to go to my sister's this Wed (she's my hairstylist and lives 3 hours south of me in the Twin Cities) to get my hair done, that is now out the window.  Haven't had long hair in a very long time so this should get interesting, may come out of this with a whole new look...…can't remember what my natural hair color is, but I guess I'll find out......LOL.

I belong to a couple of game sites, have DVD's I haven't watched and books I haven't read, guess I could also try and fit in some Spring cleaning (NOT!!) and of course there's MC and the MC forum to keep me busy and somewhat sane.

Stay safe everyone, keep and eye out on your family, friends and neighbors and support the bars/restaurants (that are open) if you can.