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Odd egg - curiosity    Welcome!

Started Mar-23 by Moonki; 714 views.

From: Moonki


Hi This is a weird question. I have 1 “odd” egg - the description says that this egg has never hatched. Does anyone know if it has a use? Will I need. It at some point? Moonki 

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At this time you can't hatch the Odd Egg...……..who know what the developers have in mind for it.  For now in just sits in incubation.

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You're welcome!!

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I think something got mixed up a very long time ago.  The Snow Griffin is a free pet given by the game.  Yet there are Snow Griffin Eggs.  Then there used to be something called the Weird Egg which we all thought was for the Winged Cat.  But then the Winged Cat didn't need an egg and the Weird Egg became the Odd Egg.  And since the beginning of time it's had no known use.  Just another one of those darling little MC quirks.   LOL


From: MrsFletcher


If anyone of you dear Friends want one I have two or three of these somewhere around "The Special Tea Room Hatchery" looking for a new home???

Love and gently given hugs,

Linda/Mrs Fletcher

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From: datsalotta


Hey Moonki = It's the age old question LOL. I've been playing for over 5 years and kept all my odd eggs on the off-chance that the devs will find a Really Good Odd Pet or something like that. Came to your Folder about Odd eggs thinking maybe someone's go the answer finally ! No such luck.