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Big Fish giving away CE games! (due to Covid)   Fun and Games

Started Mar-29 by Honeyphan; 1530 views.

From: Honeyphan


Just wanted to alert those who don't know already - Bigfish games (who puts out Midnight Castle)- is giving away CE versions of selected games for a limited time! (for both PC and MAC)

They are (HOPA games):

Mystery Case Files - Key to Ravenhurst (CE)

Hidden Expedition - Dawn of Prosperity (CE)

Awakening - The Golden Age (CE)

MAZE - Subject 360 (CE)

Rite of Passage - Heart of the Storm (CE)

League of Light - Silent Mountain (CE)

Immortal Love - Letters From the Past (CE)

Also shown are Midnight Castle, :) , Match-a-lot, and a game called Fetch.

I already own and have played - Awakening, Immortal Love, League of Light - and they are great!  I grabbed up the others, one of which was on my to buy list (others I played the demos and was interested, just had to budget) -  :)))

These are all FREE for a limited time (be sure and use the coupon), due to their outreach during these troubled times we are in, as a way to promote staying at home, etc.

Here is their page for this promotion:

Enjoy! :)

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From: Susanna502MC


Wow! Thanks for the notice. I just got 7. All of my games (except MC) are so old. It will be nice to have some new ones for a change.


From: TinyFaerie


Sweet I downloaded a couple of time myself.

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Cookie (GulfGuppy)

From: Cookie (GulfGuppy)


Thank you Honeyphan!

Don't forget...if you are not a BigFish member and do NOT want to be one, UNCHECK the box with the Gold crown. Otherwise you will be in a free trial membership and will need to remember to cancel it.

Unchecking the box also eliminates the need to enter any billing info :)

TJ (StarBlazes)

From: TJ (StarBlazes)


Is this just offers for pc or mobile devices? I saw pc & Mac but didn’t know if just apple PCs or other mobile devices?

CC to Honeyphan
Cookie (GulfGuppy)

From: Cookie (GulfGuppy)


I don't know much about mobile devices and BigFish, but I assume for now this offer is just for PCs, laptops, and Mac computers. From what I understand there is an approval process for mobile device apps.

Hopefully someone with more knowledge will step in.

Dhyani (Dhyaniland)

From: Dhyani (Dhyaniland)


Apparently Google Play is having backlogs in the approval of Updates . . . could this be affecting the availability of the Free CE Games for Android???


From: Honeyphan


Thank you - that's right!

I am a member, so that gold crown/box doesn't show on my form, and I'd forgotten about that!


From: Honeyphan


I'm also not sure, TJ - but according to their page of these games that I linked, it appears to only be PC and MAC at this time.