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deleting lost friends   Friends

Started Apr-5 by Robert (amf368); 1060 views.
Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


I like to accept all friends and will continue to do so,  I rarly delete friends and only during events becasue that is a good way to tell who is playing and not playing if they do not have the correct event room open. I am deleteing any friends who do not have the current event room open. I WILL NOT DELETE ANY PLAYER UNDER LEVEL 13, becasue you can not open your private room till level 13. 

I will also delete any friend who has SPRING ROOM THREE open. There are no HOS  in that room and it is not fair to give you HOS to play if you do not give me one's to play back. I HAVE DELETED the fowllowing players from FRED AND CUTIEPIE-FG WALBRIDGE, NEELIX, AND KAW.  From Robert i have deleted- katiek-. I have not deleted anyone(yet) from Wendy1, pretty2 or Robert2.

I you want to remain a  event friend you need to diplay SPRING ROOM 1, 2 OR 4. I know there are still players who can not display Srping room four.  At day Change tonight I will be dispalying Spring room one on all games for the CC.


From: Playbelle


Just wanted to say that I absolutely agree!  If you're an active player above Level 18 (I give them a few extra levels to open more than 1 room) then you should have an event room with an HOS open for the ENTIRE event.  Preferably the most recent room with an HOS for that event.  It is just so inconsiderate when active players at top levels don't have any of the rooms with an event HOS open.  Happens quite a lot actually and I just don't get why some players would be that rude.  Several of my active-playing friends have Spring Room 3 open too, and rooms for other seasons.   

Nice of you to give them an explanation.  It would be so much easier if we could message our friends inside the game.

Bingo (manybears)

From: Bingo (manybears)


Hello Robert,

I am truly baffled as to why there are players hanging on to rm 3.  I didn't understand it last year and it's even more puzzling this year.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you have to have rooms 1 and 2 before you get 3?  So why aren't they in them?  Sadly, as with yourself I'm probably going to shuffle these players to the delete list, but thanks for bringing it up.


TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


I just thought of that glitch we have.. that when you change rooms you should make a small change to your room, or your friends don't see your current room.

Does anyone know if that is still a problem?

I have friends that I know are currently playing and are still displaying the christmas, original, halloween, etc rooms. And especially the spring room 3. And the anniversary room.

Bingo (manybears)

From: Bingo (manybears)


Are you having trouble with my room?  I've never made changes to any of my rooms in all the time I've been playing, so I wasn't aware of the problem.  Like you I have several players who are all over the place on their rooms. Halloween, Christmas, name it.  I'm not sure if any of them are aware of a problem, so I don't know how to make them change.


From: WelshShelley


Hi Robert,

Please consider this...................

I and probably others (who do not come to the Forum) cannot download the Spring Event, so are stuck.

I have found out, from my Friends, (because I am now stuck in Limbo) that I am in Spring Room 3. 

The reason for this............before the update, I switched from Xmas Room to the Spring Terrace (No 1), then the Corona went Pandemic (so for real I went self Isolating), I switched to Room 3, and put in the message box at the top "Isolating".

Then the Update happened, and I cannot get into the game at all. So everything is frozen in time, especially my Spring Room.

I have a great set of Friends, who have contacted me, saying no probs we have your back etc, and will see you when you finally get here.


Welsh Shelley


From: Playbelle


TLB2, I think the old glitch is still active.  I don't have any friends with the "Your friend doesn't have a private room yet" message (when I know they actually have several) right now, but I did see that message with a few of them during the Christmas event.  Right now I do have several friends with no gift list (the glitch also included making your gift list invisible to your friends).  Hard to believe that many of them don't want any gifts, especially during an event.

Best practice for everyone is to make a small change to your private room and make a change to your gift list after each update.  You can change it right back to what is was if you want to, it just needs the reset.  I view this as part of  the update process and do that every time.  


From: KatieAn56


I play on IPad and I have 3 friends that have had the "Your friend doesn't have a private room yet" message for the last 3 events.  :( Nothing is by their name, they are members of the forum but have never posted a message about not being able to update.  I did notice one of my active friends opened the new SR4 and the next day the Player Room 1 was opened and then it switched back to SR2.  So I think the glitch is still there.  :)


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Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


I guess there is no perfect method for deleting lost friends. the red/green indictors are worthless.  The event cleaning is the best solution I have found. I accept all friends and refriends, so if I delete someone because there game is broken and they get it fixed just send me a new friends request and I will accept. If you get your game back with a new id send me a friends request I will accept. I have two PC games and four Android games.

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


I deleted 2 who had xmas room up! And, as you say, if and when they want back in, all it takes is a holler.