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Problems Acessing HOS in Friends Rooms on Android Game   Technical Issues

Started Apr-5 by Dot (aussieDot1); 671 views.
Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


I have the Spring Event on my android games.  I can play all parts EXCEPT in my friends Rooms.  I can open & play the HOS in my rooms & switch rooms so no problem with my room.  BUT when I open one of my friends Rooms, my game freezes especially if I click on the HOS in the room.  The only way out is too manually exit - shut down my tablet. 

I had this problem during the Winter Event and ended up not playing friends rooms at all.  I had hoped that the issue would have been resolved by now.  But it is still there!!  Other players had similar issues back at the Winter Event.  Have those players had their issues resolved?? 

I am going to write a ticket to BF or EG but wanted to know if anyone had suggestions or knew of a solution first.

Thanking you in advance. 

Dot sunglasses  earth_asia


From: BJApple


I do not have event.  Android/Kindle.  Not in the app store.  More than a few of my friend's have not gotten it either.  Pretty discouraged at this point.


From: P1tbull


You're the second person I have seen with this problem. Someone else posted in another group exactly the same thing. Mine freezes temporarily and started with the Winter Event also. It freezes upon entering a friends room for about 10-20 seconds. I didn't play many rooms during that event because it was painful and I spent more time waiting to enter rooms or go between friends rooms than playing. I too was hoping it would be sorted by now but no such luck. If you submit a ticket, I would be interested to know whether it gets fixed or not.

Riddler (Riddler01)

From: Riddler (Riddler01)


Hey Dot, I have the same problem, so most. None of my friends HOW in the spring event will register on he events calender we're supposed to do ten, and just noticed after doinmany, it just registered two. Does any body else have this problem? And scond, since we had the OLD forum, I don't even know how to write a ticker, or where to go for HELP!


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Riddler (Riddler01)

From: Riddler (Riddler01)


That should say HOS, and doing many, and second. Guess I should proof read first! Oops

Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Hi Riddler,

Jenifer showed me where to look for the links to both BF (Big Fish) & EG (Elephant Games).  Go to the Start Page - has the Wise Dragon on it.  (Click on The Midnight Castle Forum on Delphi headline to bring the page up.).  Towards the bottom of the page is the links for BF & EG.  Good luck writing the ticket. 

I have sent you a PM detailing the hassles I am having.  Let's keep each other updated.

Good luck.

Dot sunglasses earth_asia

TJ (StarBlazes)

From: TJ (StarBlazes)


Hi Riddler, I play on iOS but if I’m reading your post correctly your referring to the castle challenge (event calendar) and the 10 Hos that your supposed to do are from the Spring room 1 titled “Spring Terrace”  only those hos’s will count towards finishing that task of the challenge. So no need to contact BF there is no glitch just miss interpretation of what the task wants.

I would put Need Rm 1 for CC next to your name and hopefully your friends will change their rooms to help you complete the challenge.

Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Hi Riddler,

Need a little clarification here.  Are you saying that you did the Spring Terrace HOS in a lot of your friends rooms but only 2 of them counted?  The Spring Terrace can only be found in Room 1 (that is the first Spring Room we ever got - got the bunnies in it).  Or did you do the HOS in your friends rooms but only 2 of those HOS were in the Spring Terrace?  I can change my room to Room 1 if it is the latter - just need to know if this is the issue.

Good luck, Dot sunglasses  earth_asia

Riddler (Riddler01)

From: Riddler (Riddler01)


Thank you one and all, now I get it, I just thought all the spring rooms countertop guys are great! Thanks again, and see on at the castle!!