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PETS GONE WILD   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 5/7/18 by Dot (aussieDot1); 130541 views.
Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Dot's Home For Misfit Pets

I apologise that I have not got back & completed this tale.  I will return after my vacation.  

Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Dot's Home For Misfit Pets

 A Wind of Change Blows

Today the Pendant of Inevitability delivered its first jolt.

It all began as per normal.  A cacophony of sounds from growls and yowls to yaps and yips to screeches and caws could be heard at various points around the house.  Most were from the kitchen where a lot of the pets were busy having breakfast and preparing their water bottles and backpacks to take on another foray into the land of Midnight Castle to offer further assistance with the clean-up from the Great Earth Shake.  Over the noise could be heard a pounding on the front door.

Opening it, I found a doleful-looking Herbie Hippo.  Heather Hippo, who was coming down the stairs, spotted Herbie and with a squeal of delight she threw herself into his arms.  Herbie held Heather tightly and told me to telephone Miss TT urgently.  During that phone call, I found out that the Windmill had suffered severe damage from the Great Earth Shake and some of it was structural.  The place was no longer habitable.  The gnome builders had telephoned Miss TT who was away in her new home and told her that it may be some time before there was sufficient lumber supplies and builders to repair the Windmill. So Miss TT had made the only decision she could - she was recalling ALL pets home to where she now lived.  There was enough room for all her pets and her new lifestyle was much better for her and so she would not be returning to live in the Windmill.  

Herbie told us that Beau Bear had gone to inform PJ Pig, Homer Hedgehog and Lucky Lemur who were at Miss Linet's home.  They had stayed there since the judge had postponed the adoption process because of family concerns by Miss TT.   Beau informed the trio that they had to pack their belongings and get to the Windmill as soon as possible.  All hands/ paws were needed to salvage as much as possible so as to crate it before the pets left for their Final Destination.  Beau thanked Miss Linet for taking care of the trio.  Lucky Lemur dashed off to retrieve his Dancing Dice and other "lucky" paraphenalia.  Homer Hedgehog disappeared while PJ Pig said his goodbyes.

Homer called an urgent meeting of the Angels.  They were to meet in their favourite place (behind Salty's Inn) as as soon as they could get there - no Angel's gear needed.  Homer hoped they would not be long as he did not want to get into trouble with Beau.  Charlie and Alfie came racing in, puffing and panting.  Big Bill followed closely on their heels.  Freddy, who had obviously been in the bath at the time of the call for he had soap bubbles still in his quills, slipped and slid his way to the group.  There was a dismayed chorus of groans and denials when Homer told them he was leaving Midnight Castle and may never return.  Then they straightened their spines, gulped, puffed out their chests and shook hands with Homer and wished him well in his new life.  Then the little group disbanded.  Homer looked around.  Otis Cat stepped out of the shadows - dressed in a black track suit with the hood pulled up over his head so none of the Angels would recognise him.  Otis and Homer eyed each other solemnly, then gave each other a manly hug - words were not necessary to express their sorrow.  Otis, then, whispered his news into Homer's ear.  Homer started in surprise.  But time was of the essence so taking one long last look at each other, they turned to go their separate ways.  Maybe the Thread of Fate will have them crossing each other's path in the future.  They could only hope.  

Meanwhile, back at my home, Heather Hippo had let out a Piercing Shriek of "You can't go!" when Herbie Hippo told her he would be leaving with the rest of the pets.  Tears streamed down her face as her world - her Love Story - crumbled around her.  Herbie did not look any happier.  With a Heavy Sigh, he asked if she would return to the Windmill with him while he helped salvage and pack the belongings but he would understand if she could not.  With a Heavy Heart and a Subdued Mind, she said she would but just so she could have a little more time with him. 

In fact, several of the pets volunteered to help so I thought I had better go along to ensure no one went in the dangerous areas of the Windmill.  In a short Drop of Time, we had cleared as much debris as possible and packed up the pets.  A solemn group gathered on the Metro Station platform as the Train Car came to a stop at the station.  After the other passengers had alighted, the conductor called "All Aboard!".  Herbie hugged Heather one last time and placed a bracelet of Coloured Beads and dangling from it was a Melancholy Medallion shaped as an Ice Tear on Heather's wrist   "One Small Joy to remember me by" he said.  Then he boarded the Train Car and helped Beau Bear by counting the pets.  PANIC! There was one pet missing!  Lucky Lemur was still on the platform with Lenny Lemur.  They were giving high 5s and then low 5s until a heavy paw descended on Lucky's shoulder and a growl of a Bear's Fury echoed in his ear - "Get on the Train Car!"  Lucky mouthed "Bye!" and rushed to obey.  Forlorn faces pressed against the window panes and paws waved as the Train Car disappeared down the track.  

I gathered my pets and headed for home.  Heather was crying brokenly and Petunia was comforting her BFF as best she can.  The tears rolled down her face as well.  I can only hope that the Influence of Time will help to heal Heather's Broken Heart.  Lenny Lemur trailed our downcast group as we trudged homeward.  I don't mind, I knew he must be hurting too.  BUT the Wheel of Sorrow had not finished trundling through our lives as I discovered when I got home ............

Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Dot's Home For Misfit Pets

Halloween Mayhem  (Part 1)

It wasn't the beautiful gold & reds of the autumn leaves that had excited the pets.  Nor was it the crunch of the leaves beneath their paws/ hooves as they played among the leaf piles.   The weather was cooler but it wasn't that.  It wasn't even that All Hallows Jack was back & that the Halloween feast was in full swing with lots of candy on offer.  It wasn't  the presence of new ghostly shapes.  Besides whoever heard of a flying Haunted House? 

No, it was that All Hallows jack had bought his own Haunted Manor - Hallows Haunted Hall (HHH as it would become known) -  to Midnight Castle.  He settled it near the Dark Tower.  But it was still a mysterious place as the residents of HHH rarely set foot outside the manor.  So it was with great delight & much excitement that we accepted All Hallows Jack's invitation to visit Hallows Haunted Hall. 

You would think, being an adult, I would remember that All Hallows Jack is the embodiment of Halloween - a time when ghostly & ghastly creatures roamed; when pumpkins came to life & skeletons rattled their bones; when witches cackled & eerie, scary things happened.  That caution should be exercised.  But I didn't.   Instead the pets & I set off  for our visit.

The Dark Tower cast a black shadow over the  gloomy, slightly crooked, 3 steepled manor house.   Lights winked on & off in  the windows.  Otherwise the house was shrouded in darkness.  The door creaked as we opened it.  The pets' eyes popped & their jaws dropped as we took in the  Great Hall.

High up on a wall, ghosts - green ones & red ones & yellow ones & blue ones & violet ones & an azure coloured one - zoomed in & out of a gold fronted book held by a gargoyle.

The Ghost Bride entered through the photo frame to see how the preparations for her wedding were going.  She was just in time to see Witchy Woo cut a huge slice out of her wedding cake.  She screamed & fled in tears.  Witchy Woo cackled.  Out of the cake flew bats - Vampire Bats.  Their red eyes glowing.  They hissed & gnashed their teeth.  They terrified poor Ding Bat.  He tried to fly up to the ceiling but all he managed to do was knock Harl-E-Quinn off her swing.   This caused the pirate, Captain Black Bones, to appear brandishing his cutlass & roaring "I'll run you thru, you landlubber, for hurting my lady fair!"   Gunnar Grim Eagle Owl grabbed Ding Bat & beat a hasty exit through the creaking doors.  They did not stop until they were home safe & sound in the Sanctum. 

Gigi Guinea Pig, on the other hand, decided to confront Witchy Woo for her part in frightening her sibling.  They shouted & growled until it turned into "wands at 10 paces!!!"  Back to back they faced each other& took very slow paces apart.  Just at that moment, Humpty Dumpty fell off the pet seat he had found.  Decorations quickly followed him to the floor.  Humpty broke his crown.  Hadlee Snow Fairy said "not to worry she would fix him up!"  So Yowla Yeti loaded Humpty on to Pedro Pony's back & then picked up the top of Humpty's head (his crown) .  Then the four of them proceeded home where Hadlee did, indeed, mend Humpty's head  - with vinegar and brown paper & a few spells.   All the commotion was enough to cool the duelling duo's tempers.  So Witchy Woo & Gigi Guinea Pig snarled at each other and Gigi followed Humpty & Co back home.

Meanwhile Pepito Pumpkin had gone up to visit with the Jack-O-Lantern hanging from the ceiling.  But once the shouting & screaming began, the Jack-O-Lantern's smile turned evil & he gave a sinister laugh.  Pepito did not see anything funny in what was happening & told the Jack-O-Lantern so.  But this only made the Jack-O-Lantern laugh harder.  So Pepito tried to hit him with his leafy limbs.  That was when the Jack-O-Lantern morphed into a 3 pumpkin high being that scared Pepito who decided discretion was the better part of valour & beat a hasty retreat.

Now Petunia Pig & Heather Hippo, loving all things girly, took a look at the Halloween Dolls.  But these were not "girly" dolls.  The skeleton dolls clattered their jaws together making a horrible din.  While the pumpkin dolls were outright rude!  One even stuck his tongue out at Petunia.  The witch doll seemed okay but Petunia decided to keep an eye on her just in case she was going to stick pins in a Voodoo Doll representing Petunia & Heather. 

Now all these goings-on woke the skeleton who tossed back the lid of his coffin & bellowed "What is all the infernal racquet?"  Pup Puppy, along with the rest of the Dog Squad - Oki Sled Dog, Itchi Woolly Paw & Radar Hounder - had been sniffing around the bones but when they came to life, they took off deeper into HHH. 

Into the chaos strode All Hallows Jack.  He roared "Stop!" and miraculously the noise stopped.  He went about the Great Hall asking what had happened.  To the morphing pumpkins, he said "Begone!" & in their place was a pumpkin cat with its fur tied back in a long ponytail.  To the Halloween Dolls, he slashed his hand downwards & their actions were suspended.  He said he would release them later.  "Time Out" he called it.  He ordered Captain Black Bones to take Harl-E_Quin up to her room for a rest.  He put up a scarecrow in their place.  He did not do or say anything to the skeleton because he had already subsided into his coffin.  Meanwhile the gargoyle has slammed the book shut keeping all the ghosts inside. 

All that left was Witchy Woo.  But before All Hallows Jack could deal with her, a bellow came from inside.  "Bring that back here !!" and an inner door flew open ----- -------

To be continued ............................

Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Dot's Home For Misfit Pets 

Halloween Mayhem   (Part 2)    

Through it  raced 3 furry bundles & 1 ghostly one.   Through the Great Hall they dashed & out the creaking front door.  The Dog Squad disappeared from view - each with their pilfered bone firmly clenched between it's teeth.  Into the Great Hall lumbered Creepy Carlos, the Butler.  His face screwed up into a picture of fury.  His voice set to the Volume of Fury.  His actions - pitching the skull he had been carrying in his hands at the disappearing miscreants - were definitely actions of fury! 

Carlos was followed by a scary vision.  He would have been tall if he stood up straight.  Instead he stooped with his head lower than his shoulders so from the back, he appeared headless.  He wore a tattered coat so dusty & torn it appeared as if he was wearing cobwebs.  His arms flailed about as he shambled into the room.  His hair stuck straight up in the air & he was RED - absolutely livid! 

I looked askance at All Hallows Jack.  Jack replied "It is the Scientist from the basement.  I had forgotten he was there.  It is so long since I last saw him.  I think his name is Mad  or something like that! "

The Mad Scientist screeched & ranted "They have ruined it!  Ruined it completely!  Years of work - all for nothing!!"

Again I looked askance at All Hallows Jack who just shrugged his thin shoulders .

"It was almost complete.  My greatest creation.  My masterpiece!  And, and those (flinging his arms toward the creaking front door, he gestured at the long-gone Dog Squad)- - - - - -ruined it!" 

Finally All Hallows Jack got the story out of him.  The Dog Squad had found the Scientist's laboratory  & snatched bones (carefully laid out on a table).  The Scientist had tried to chase them (to get the bones back) but he fell.  He hit a button on his experimental machine and ------.  Instead of turning the bones into a gigantic, scary T-Rex,  it turned the bones into a miniature T-Rex and worse, it was cute! 

All Hallows jack scowled at me when a pint-size, bright green T-Rex wandered into the Great Hall.  I understood that scowl - the pint-size would-be terror was now my responsibility.  I decided to call him Chomper when he kept chomping at the dragonfly & any other flying insect/ object that came within range of his teeth.   I tried calling & coaxing  him but to no avail.  Then Cerise Butterfly used herself as bait to lure the newest member of my menagerie home. The rest of the pets followed.

I made our apologies & was set to leave when I noticed I was 1 pet short.

To be continued .........................

Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Dot's Home For Misfit Pets

Halloween Mayhem   (Part 3)

"Koko!" I yelled.  "Koko!"  I asked the other pets & they had seen Koko Monkey.  All I got was "no!".   Now Koko Monkey had grown but he was still the baby of my menagerie.  He even still carried his pacifier which he used when he was confused or afraid.  I raced around the Great Hall calling.  All Hallows Jack organised his minions - disgruntled though they were - to check all nooks & crannies in the Great Hall. 

The open inner door drew Hoppy Tiger's eye so he headed through it.  Next thing I know, Hoppy is pulling on my hand & making "Shh!" gestures with his paw.  Intrigued I followed Hoppy to a scene to both warm & break any mother's heart.

Koko Monkey sat on the floor outside a steel cage.  His arm was through the bars offering his pacifier to another ape inside the cage.  A very sad looking ape. 

All Hallows Jack had noticed our exit from the Great Hall & strolled after us.  When he saw what we were looking at, he grew angry.  He turned on Mad the Scientist who had entered from the other end.  "I told you 'no experimenting on animals'!" he roared.  Mad blustered that he wasn't experimenting on the little creature.  The mother of the little creature had been both an experiment & a friend but she had died.  Mad did not know what to do with the baby so he kept it in a cage. 

Meanwhile the baby and Koko were bonding - touching one another, making grunting noises & trying to play with one another although the bars kept getting in the way. 

All Hallows Jack asked if I would have the baby.  When I nodded, he turned to the Scientist & said "I will deal with you later!"  Then he opened the cage & enticed the baby to leave it.  The Scientist said that the baby liked bananas.  So I offered a banana.  Koko came to sit beside the baby which turned out to be a gorilla - a little girl gorilla.  I called her Honey. 

With Honey on my hip & Koko holding my hand . the rest of the pets & I went home.