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Android Tablet Died   Technical Issues

Started May-17 by Woofbite; 197 views.

From: Woofbite


Lost my tablet and too expensive to resurrect so I need to bury my player id as well except I don't have it.

Any way to find it?  (I have anther Android game which is alive and well as Roldo, a1312830 which I do not want

to delete).


From: lilredhood51


you can look it up by either the player name or the player number. if your roldo game had the one that died as a friend that name and number should be on your friend list. if anyone on the forum was a friend they could also tell you what your game number was. once you have that then when you get a new tablet start a new game. you can play it until you get to level 10 or so where you can add friends. 

contact customer service at big fish and ask to have your game transferred. you may have to bug them a few times. in know that I did when I got a new tablet.