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Like a Phoenix rising from the Dust!   Technical Issues

Started May-21 by LadyDiFL; 513 views.

From: LadyDiFL


This post is directly connected to "Another one bit the dust".  Elephant Games has restored RORY #813503 to almost 100% health!!! I don't know when it happened...I looked at the game on May 20th and couldn't believe my eyes!  Even the amulet power balls were there!  Some things missing, but I am SO VERY APPRECIATIVE of the Elephant Games customer service team.  If you have problems, don't bother with BFG...go to the experts: EG all the way!!  WooHoo!!  Diane

So happy to hear this, welcome back!!!


From: LvlSlgr


Did this include all or most of your inventory? Your achievements, etc.??

They did it for me in February too wink


From: Honeyphan


So happy for you! :) That is awesome!


From: LadyDiFL


I had to compare my "want" list with each catagory and this is the result:  I received two avatars that I didn't have (Frog Witch and Elf Girl), but the other 62 were restored!  Remember that Rory was only on Level 41 or so.  29 of the pets I had were NOT restored, but 48 of them were...not bad, except my favorite Baby Raven from the Anniversary Event is among the missing (and it took 70 eggs!).  NO medallions or pet food was restored.  ALL Stamps, postcards and gifts were restored!  ALL crafted items were restored!  ALL airship items were restored!  Energy balls on the amulets were restored.  ALL event items restored except Raven eggs and Shark Fins.  ALL my regular inventory items were restored!   ALL my achievements (completed and partially completed) were restored, ie: Magic Miser 4256 of 50,000  or 3/10 You're a Ten.  So, all in all, I am VERY HAPPY.  Of course Rory did not finish the Spring Event because of this, but there's always next year.  I also got back my magic wands and snowflakes for WE, my pumpkins and ghost traps for FE, and some carrots for next Spring.  The answer really is to have a good idea of what you have before you lose it and when (not if)  you do lose it, to go directly to Elephant Games for help.  I like the idea some have presented about taking phone photos of your progress...I don't have a phone like that, though.  Screen shots should be adequate.  Anyhow, thanks for listening to me through all this.  I hope we have learned something.  See you in the castle halls!  Di