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New Trina   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started May-24 by Jenny MC (cbtx) (cbtx1); 763 views.

OK, I know Trina is requiring fewer ZZs, fewer HOS scenes to search, and fewer wheels for the airship (which doesn't help upper level players one bit since the number of items to pack to send the airship is still outrageously high. ) ---- but am I seeing the reward for completing her quests correctly? The current one is a golden key and 16 gold. 16?? What's that about? 16? astonished

Despite the changes, the devs still don't appear to see that the Trina quests are just a waste of resources, unless you are at a rather low level in the game.


From: mdpetdoc


You've just received a glitch probably with the diamond offer download. Overall the Quests haven't changed but yours has reset to a beginning level game. If it happens to me, I will contact Big Fish and ask them to locate and make a back up of my game for possible transfer. 

So are you referencing only reward, or the lowered requirements?

I have seen lower requirements for a long time before the diamond offer download ---- just never noticed the meager rewards till today.

Generally speaking, I don't do Trina quests anyway because the goal for the achievement is unreasonable. But if I fall into them I collect the keys! But I almost never send the airship for Trina ---- just too wasteful (for me).

Thanks for replying ---- I'm really interested to know if it is the reward, requirements, or both.

(You know, as I think about it, the lowered requirements were there all during the Spring Event ---- but, as I said, I just never noticed the reward not being 300)

sent you a pm


From: mdpetdoc


Both rewards and requirements.

WeeSam (WeesamNZ)

From: WeeSam (WeesamNZ)


I just completed a Trina quest - 12 HOS, 12 ZZ - got a reward of 63 coins plus a key.

I also have the glitch, which I got back in November last year I think. The number of items required by Trina has been slowly creeping up a bit at a time.

You're right that the airship one makes no difference. Doesn't matter if it wants 20 wheels or 200, you still have to pack the same number of airship items.