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Need PC friends   Friends

Started 6/8/20 by Nanakool; 3279 views.

From: Nanakool


I need some PC friends please. I lost so manycry when my lappy died and i had to get  new IDS for my 4 games.

Now the few friends i have seen to have gone red. Trying to build up before the next event as I will need

your private rooms. Please send invites pretty please Thanks

*carrot 855540  *Bean 856525  *Sprout  856540  *Pea 855513

I play daily and gift 15 from each game most days. 


From: oiuoiu321


So glad you're back!  Invitations sent.


From: LadyDiFL


Hi! Greetings from soggy Florida!  I'll send invites from my 5 games...LadyDiFL, Wench, Shade, KC and Rory.  Lately I have not played each game every day...I think I'm bored with all the same/same of each day.  However, I do gift and love the game.  A couple of my games do not have a wish list up because I'm behind in gifting, but they'll be open again soon.   I'll see you all around the castle halls!  Diane


From: SpazzyBunny


Welcome back! I was wondering were you went. I've sent invites.  relaxed

Posie (morningcrow)

From: Posie (morningcrow)


So happy to invite your games back! I was so happy to see your rooms during the Spring event!

Welcome back!  I was one of your renters for your Nanakool, Missy, Gem, Ann, and Pippa rooms and actually just used your Gem game because it had the Spring Rm 2 showing.  Hopefully will be able to use your other rooms for the Anniv/Summer Event because that is the room they're stuck on. I'm not in my game right now but will send you invites in the morning.  Once again Welcome Back!!


From: Cajaco


Hi! Greetings from B.C. I am looking for more friends especially for events. I do try to gift every day and will send an invite. I play as Dona2 .



From: Honeyphan


Hi! And welcome back! :)

I'm fixing to launch my game now and will send invites when I get on. I go by Honey there.

Happy hunting!

In reply toRe: msg 8

From: Nanakool


Thanks very much for the invites please keep them coming lol


From: datsalotta


Hi nanakool !!

so happy to invite you back to my game(s) I wondered why all your games went red so have deleted all your old id. no.s - Glad I checked this post in the forum

So far you will have an invite from datsalotta in your new games. tomorrow will do the same for datsdat and *piesy

Take care, be safe, happy gaming