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Crazy Update   Technical Issues

Started 7/6/20 by RavenofGA; 1438 views.

From: RavenofGA


This afternoon I noticed that MC had an update so I downloaded it and went into the game to see if anything was new.  I signed out and immediately saw the update notice again.  I once again downloaded it.  I didn't immediately go into the game because it had taken so long to download before.  I finally got the time to go back into the game this evening.  It didn't take as long as before and no update notice when I quit.  Did anyone else run into this situation?


From: LadyAstra



     Not this particular issue, but for the first time since I started this game back in 2016, I had a problem downloading.  I pulled up the Game Manager, saw the download, and started it.  It finished the download, then immediately started downloading again.  It looped about 8 times, never going on to validate or install it.  I finally paused the download, and when I tried to restart it, it wanted me to log into my Big Fish account.  I haven't accessed that since the old forums shut down.  I didn't even remember my password!  I got a new one and restarted the download, and it finally went through.

     The scary thing was that when it was paused, the Game Manager acted like I no longer owned the game, even though I could go into the game files on my computer and launch it directly.  Very annoying, since as I said, I've never had any problems with the game, except for it getting stuck on the loading screen every once in a while.



From: hoggamer


What content got uploaded to Titan town?  I got the the Northern Island content in this new region. I've uninstalled the game and reinstalled and got the same. Confuse


From: LvlSlgr


When you click on "Titan Town" from the map it starts at the "Titan Town Gates". You can also get to the "Titan Town Gates" from the "Frosty Fort" in the "Northern Islands". That was added with the update before this one. My guess is they accidentally forgot to add the picture of "Titan Town" to the map with that update and it was added this time.


From: loopykaren


Hi i have came here first. To see if this update will be ok on my pc.

I dont fancy losing my game for a third time. Im on level 97. Did anyone have any probs with this? 

Thanks in advance.x

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


No problems if you have sufficient memory. The update took 25 minutes on my Windows 10 desktop.

Good luck


From: loopykaren


Ok thanks PTG. Fingers crossed here? lol

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From: loopykaren


Ok well that was a lot faster this time. Done it straight from the Ethernet cable. Took 

10 minutes. Phew and i didnt lose my game this time.


From: loopykaren


Heres another strange one that ive had on here before.

The Midnight castle icon always jumps from the left hand side on my desktop to another place on the screen???

It has happened again tonight with this update. PS.can some one plz tell me to step back from the comp as i will do this 

update to fast to do my nosey. To see whats nxt. lol x

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From: lilredhood51


that can be a problem on tablets that limited connection time before the screen blanks out. the longest that I can set mine to is 10 minutes. it doesn't have an option to set it any longer or not to do so.

right not it won't connect to the server after the small update. this is a lot more than it was doing the last few days. it was hung up totally and would load at all. will try again later when maybe not so many people are trying to get into the game.