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NEW CASTLE CHALLENGE 7-7   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started 7/7/20 by Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom); 1708 views.

From: Honeyphan


Yay! A new castle challenge! :) I hope this means the Anniversary room will be opening up soon too...

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A new CC that features:

-feeding pets in 4 different tasks, including 2 that try for silver and iron chests so there is really no telling how many pet foods will need to be wasted

- crafting 50 items spread out over 3 tasks

- play dice in 4 tasks which may or may not prove costly

- send the airship/airships in 3 different tasks with the potential for more in the tasks that call for daily quests (2 of those)

- 3 zoom zone tasks (give up different amounts)

- 3 morphing object searches

So that is 22 of the tasks, all of which (along with the others not listed) have been seen over and over and over and over ---- shows absolutely zero imagination and are a boring time waster of a "challenge". These same old tasks are nothing but busy work resource grabbers.

I have said elsewhere that the update is stunningly gorgeous with fantastic new scenery and very clever story development and is presented magnificently ---- but this CC  does not measure up to the rest of the game due to its redundancy and repetition. (and the so-so avatars). It is long past time to rethink the CCs and come up with different tasks and different awards. (Surely 147 avatars are enough ---- along with 48 puzzles). 

All I am saying is that it is time to change things up a bit so the game's CCs don't get so stale. And when you play the story content it is easy to see that the devs are capable of so much more than "throwaway" CCs like this one. Or replace the CCs with something else. What happened to the mini-events? And, for that matter, are the tournaments just complete history? Anything but these dreadfully boring, same old, same old CCs.

Kudos on the silver fox, btw ---- very nice.

And, as I said, the update is stupendous ---- which makes the CC look even worse. (wish I weren't bothered by the ocd completist bug or I could skip the thing)

Everyone please stay safe and stay well.

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


It is perhaps worth mentioning in defence of our CC format that these Challenges are for ALL players, whether at Level 6 or 100!. Can you even remember how exciting it was when you were just beginning and faced with such CHALLENGES?

I see your point for sure.

But to be totally truthful, I never thought CCs were exciting, interesting, or fun in the least. They have always been resource grabbers ---- even in the beginning. For a short while, they were ok because it was a way to gather new avatars. (now up to 147 avatars ---- a bit overboard) But then they even started to get careless with the avatars, offering pure junk as avatar "awards" (I recall snowboarder, bunny girl, and bunny boy, to name a few). And that is when I began to wonder why the devs could not seem to show a bit more imagination in the tasks and awards. It's not the concept or the format of the Castle Challenge, it's the use of the same tasks over and over, again and again. Why not use some of the other aspects of the game for tasking when so many are available ---- and why not give awards other than avatars (many, many choices there as well).And new tasks could be designed to be doable for all players, beginners and long time players alike.

But Elephant Games (like virtually ALL game developers) gets into a rut too easily in that they do the same things repeatedly ---- just look at the HOPAs all devs make. The same mechanics will show up in game after game (remember when every developer in creation had to have a "helper" in their HOPAs?) And this is not something exclusive to Elephant Games ---- all devs are guilty.

But the difference with Elephant Games (and what they should very proud of) is their level of skill and creativity in the other areas of their games. Their stories are brilliant, their artwork and created scenery is beyond breathtakingly beautiful, and their ideas for games in general is, IMO, unmatched. We are lucky to have Elephant Games, and doubly lucky to have this masterpiece of a game to play.

But these antiquated, boring CCs are completely out of sync with the quality of the rest of the game and really need attention. (Of course, we have no way of knowing where they are in development in normal times, much less during these trying times. I have been told by an EG dev I email back and forth that what is normally being planned is usually months away from actually being in the current game. I guess we will see.) The "send the airships, feed the pets, craft the items, go to the ZZs, find the morphs, get the same items over and over" has to go ---- it's a square-eyed bore with completely meaningless "awards". And I know for a fact that the pachyderm is capable of so much better ---- the rest of the game proves it. As I said, it's a modern masterpiece.

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From: AEGram


I, for one, would like to see the requirement to play x number of puzzles. There should be NO requirement, though, to actually get a specific item from one of the puzzles.

The puzzle(s) chosen should be those of the players' own choosing because not everyone has unlocked every puzzle and completed it.


Indeed, you can change that final avatar to one offered in a previous CC.....HOWEVER.....if you then decide you really do want that final avatar in the current CC, it will NOT show up for selection within the CC.

You can apparently only win an avatar from a PREVIOUS CC.......sooooooo....everyone considering a change should think very, very long/seriously before actually making the change on that final avatar. Because once selected, the only change that can be made is to another previously offered CC avatar. You will not be offered the chance to change it back to that final avatar of the current CC.

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Using the puzzles is an excellent suggestion for inclusion in the CCs! And there are so many other ways the CCs could be worked on to add some variety.

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TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


Thanks to Cookie, I finally see this AEG! 

Did anyone notify BF or EG of this back when it was first noticed?


From: Honeyphan


Oh- I agree!  I would love to see puzzles included in the castle challenges!  That would be so cool... :)

Perhaps.... collecting X amount of butterflies from the private rooms could be another (though that would be harder for newbies not having the rooms yet)

Accomplishing  a Trina task to get a key would be a good one - but again, those that haven't reached that level couldn't do it.

I guess they have to keep it simple to be all-inclusive to all-level players. :) Those that have reached the ability of getting the castle challenge icon.


From: AEGram


TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd) said:

Did anyone notify BF or EG of this back when it was first noticed?

To my knowledge, no one has notified BF or EG that when changing the final avatar in the current CC to a previous avatar, you cannot change your mind to put back that original final avatar.

One person apparently contacted BF and BF kindly unlocked the final avatar for her/him, but I don't think someone specifically explained to them that no player can change back to the current final avatar if they change their mind.