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Unique stamps   Technical Issues

Started 7/10/20 by connie33919; 657 views.

From: connie33919


For almost a week now I have been trying to get five unique stamps and am unable to do so going through the entire game over and over and over. What rooms do you have to get into to get the unique stamps?


From: mdpetdoc


They fall from any HOS, collecting morphing objects, feeding pets, spinning the wheel in Trina's room, spinning the fortune wheel, chests in the private rooms, the airship and from friends if you put it on your wish list. The game is very stingy with stamps if you let yourself get below 20. It's pretty generous if you have more than 100. Try to keep collecting them and never let yourself fall below 20. Wait to craft or progress if you need to so that you stay over 20 of each stamp. 

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From: LvlSlgr



As mdpetdoc indicated, you can also add the unique stamp to your wish list. Friends are usually willing to help out.

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From: Moonki


If you put them on your wish list and your friends do the same,you can swap them. As soon as you get the stamp t counts. You can immediately give it away and have your friend give it back to count again. Moonki 


From: AEGram


If you still need the unique stamps for progressing in the game, I strongly recommend to not swap unique stamps........they are too precious for you to give as a gift only to not receive one in return.

Interesting thing about the unique stamps.................IF you totally run out, the game can be very stingy and unforgiving. When I first started out, I learned that if I crafted the Ancestor's Spirit that I could get coins by selling it (which helped me to progress in the game). However, I then had to craft an item that required multiple Unique Stamps and I had none...........................I was working then, so each evening after supper, I played several hours through just the HOSs to try to get those stamps. 

I played for 3 full days before I got even the first one! It took several more HOS visits to get that second one. As I gained more in inventory, I found the game gave them more frequently. Hence, the reason why mdpetdoc said to maintain a minimum of 20, but work up to at least 100 in inventory.

Then, if you need to craft an item that requests 3 Unique Stamps.....and you have only 20 in inventory, be sure to get those additional 3 rather than use from your stash.