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MORPHING   Gifts, Wishes and Random Pleas for Help

Started 7/11/20 by Gardenbird; 2132 views.

From: Susanna502MC


Morphs can be hard to see - harder in some locations than in others. You can adjust your lighting to make the screen easier to see. I have a pole lamp with two lights. I leave one on and then I can switch the other on and off. Less light seems to be better for morphs. They do Not appear in Hidden Object Scenes or Zoom Zones. Sometimes all 3 will appear at once, but usually 2 and then the third, or one at a time. I have found the easiest locations are the Castle Entry (where the Fortune Wheel is), Throne Hall, Town Square, and Rune Garden (where the Floating Boat is).  Once you have 3 in a location then there is a delay before they reset. It gets easier with practice. They rewards may seem small, but they add up.


From: AEGram


Gardenbird said:

It says in the Guide that flowers will appear on a screen and that you can click and they become a prize that can be won.   I have been playing nearly 4  months and in all that time I  have only seen about 10  of these flowers,  What am I missing?

It's very gratifying that you're reading the Guide for "guidance" in the game and its features. However, the questions you're asking about the Guide are also answered therein. This is what the Guide says about the morphs:

Morphing Flowers – On each location, you will be able to “capture” or “collect” 3 morphing flowers. They will pop up at random spots on the location…..they will NOT be in the HOSs or in the private rooms. When you have collected 5 of them, you will receive 10 coins, a diamond, or a stamp. During regular play (outside of the events), the coins are the most frequent; stamps come sometimes; diamonds are rare.  

It takes about 2 minutes for the morphs to “regenerate.” There are some achievements associated with collecting these morphing flowers. During the seasonal events, they change to some other object. So far, it has been as follows: 

Spring – eggs 
Fall – pumpkins 
Winter – snowflakes 

During the seasonal events, the coin amount you receive is doubled to 20 coins. The other items you receive for collecting 5 changes with each season. During the seasonal events you also receive diamonds at a much higher rate, so it is important to collect the morphing objects during the seasonal events because of the additional bounty received. 

Additional note: There are 2 achievements associated with collecting morphing objects (Morphing Power and Morphing Collector). Any morphing object collected (whether a flower or a seasonal morph) will counted toward these 2 achievements. HOWEVER, the rolling tally (on the left side of your achievement page) that shows the number of "flowers" collected is only increased 


From: oiuoiu321


Also, they appear over and over in the same dozen or so places in each room.  You could try to remember (or even write down) where you find one, because you will more easily see it there at another time.

Good luck!


From: AEGram


In addition to the above advice......yes, the morphs tend to show up in the same or similar places in a location.....there are flowers, pumpkins, snowflakes, eggs that can be used as morphs (the last 3 being during the seasons).

Since the eggs and pumpkins have a bit of animation as well as jumping a bit, they are usually easier to when the event is over, look in the places you saw the eggs or pumpkins and you will most likely see a morphing flower.

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From: Gardenbird


Thank you both for replying.

Since sending my note, I have still only seen one morphing flower whilst playing.  I guess I am missing something.  Will it help if I just stare at the room for 2 minutes (in hope of seeing a morph)  before I open a HOS? Or are they so spasmodic that I have to be lucky. 


From: LvlSlgr


Definitely give it a minute or two before opening an HOS. Also, move your eyes all around the scene as you're looking for them.

Just my opinion since you're having such a difficult time spotting the flowers, I would go ahead and play the HOSs first.  That way, nothing else is blinking or twinkling on the screen to distract you.  Eventually, you'll see them and it'll become second nature to spot them.

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From: datsalotta


The flower morphs used to be immobile, now they take a little leap. Years ago in the original forum when we could pm the mods, I pm'd one and asked if it's possible to make the flowers leap just like the eggs and snowflakes. Without any further ado the task was done 


I did the morph challenge a little different this year. (Just a side note I play 4 MCs - 3 on PC and 1 on ipad.) On my level 100 PC game I endeavoured to start at the Castle and work my way through all the Rooms until I completed the Titan Lands (from level 100) I took my time to find all 3 morphing flowers in each room.

This did not yield enough flowers to allow me to complete the Castle Challenge, so did all the rooms in Titan Lands again and still not enough morphs, so did all the Northern Islands Rooms again. Finally completed the Morph Castle Challenge. This took me 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Some of the rooms, especially the newer ones, I'm not so familiar with the location of the morphs. As well some of the morphs in several rooms were eluding me so I just took my time and perservered to get all 3 flowers in each room.

Yes I completed the morph challenge in all 4 games. So happy with my accomplishment.

Have fun with the Castle Challenge everyone



From: EllyV



it also makes a difference if you play with or without daylight.

at night the screen is brighter, daylight makes it harder to see everything.

give it a tryrelaxed.